Elizardbeth II Regina

(please see update below)

Google’s got a new stylized logo out today. Here’s a quick one I made earlier.

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Update:  The Beeb decided to run a story of the not majestic kween, who as it turns out was actually visiting Google in London. Read about it here in a strory called “Queen has fit of Google giggles

In the article, the kween is shown a video clip of a baby with an infectious laugh. Here is what  the BBC quotes Elizardbeth II Regina as saying (my emphasis added):

“Lovely little thing isn’t it. Amazing a child would laugh like that.”

Thing? it? I don’t believe mad lizzie is actually a reptile, but the way she is speaking about a child certianly gives the appearance that she regards children, human children, as something very alien to her. As for the second part of the sentence… one could be cruel and say she’s unfamiliar with laughing children, as her most common experience with children is to have them crying their eyes out while…. I’ll let your library of ‘royal scandals’ fill in the nightmare on the rest of that one.

And why is that racist slop, unprincely Phillip, carrying a bloody sword around with him? For heavens sake. Is the old tosser going to use it? Maybe to pick his nose? but these royal imposters are barking mad and have flesh constituted from the suffering and deaths of millions of ordinary people across the planet (read about the exploits of one of their companies Royal Dutch Shell), so the daft idiot may well fancy having a chop/stab/slash at some innocent passer by.

“He asked the Google worker, who was dressed casually in a hooded top, chinos and trainers: “Just come back from jogging?”

To which the Google worker should have replied “Yes. Have you just returned from the battlefield war operations room having killed yet more innocent people?”

Take back all their money. Give it to people who are poor and are far more deserving than frauline Herr mudjesty.


2 Responses to “Elizardbeth II Regina”

  1. 1 Rufus December 15, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    Her ‘Majesty’, the Queen, is a sick parasite who has presided over the destruction of the British Nation. She is no mere figurehead. She has immense wealth and is tied by blood to the true rulers of Britain, and indeed the world. The only solution to the Royal problem is for the entire family to be treated in the same manner as their victims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalis, Gaza (Israel is a Zionist creation of the Monarchy) and many other places.

    As the Germans say ‘Tod durch dem strang’

  2. 2 lwtc247 December 15, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Yeah Elizardbeth has a lot to answer for. Some regard her and her ilk as being at the top of the pyramid. Some say she’s just a puppet. Whatever, as head of state, her hands are dripping with the blood of innocents.

    It’s a while since we’ve had a bit of regicide. The millions of grieving people across the planet may think that’s a bit too long.

    Strip them of all money and wealth is what I say. I really don’t like the kween and what she represents one bit.

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