What is fascism?(movie) – An American perspective.

For most loons, the video contains some familiar information. The initial part involving the suffering of the African American population [e.g. Fred Hampton] in the US may be new, as may some of the parts of “verichip” in the last section of part two, but there might the other gems in there too.

Note: There are some out there who, for reasons they must surely be aware of, will only focus on the negative aspects of such productions, for example there is slight “Christian” element when focusing on the verichip and a quote from the Book of Revelations. It’s quite amazing how people latch on to things like that, to virtually ignore every other bit of information, no matter how salient, contained within  So please look upon such ‘resistance’ movies for their positives. Such negativism isn’t productive. In other words… Cherrypick!

Begins with a praiseworthy look at the historical actions against African Americans.

Go Alex Go! – Alex interrupts a fake news broadcast. And has a quality look of self satisfaction upon him afterwards. Last section of part two discusses the verichip.

Here’s another clip showing you why we need more Alex Jones’s. He just blows the idiots away with well researched and authenticared evidence. Hear him in full flow.
Alex Jones On The Richard Bacon Show pt 1/4 – 10m27s

Alex Jones On The Richard Bacon Show pt 2/4 – 10m29s

Alex Jones On The Richard Bacon Show pt 3/4 – 10m29s

Alex Jones On The Richard Bacon Show pt 4/4 – 10m29s

 Rather scummy and insulting performance by Mr. Bacon at the end, and did anyone else find it weird the way they were discussing “what people like Alex Jones believed” when they had Alex on the phone but had him faded out.

Anyway, as usual Alex you did good.


6 Responses to “What is fascism?(movie) – An American perspective.”

  1. 1 omgdidisaythat October 17, 2008 at 12:24 am

    Could you post those links again, just open on 404’s for me :(

  2. 2 lwtc247 October 17, 2008 at 4:46 am

    I tried all the links and they all streamed correctly.

    But I’ve had a look and come across this:
    – care of http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=38235.0

    Hope it helps.

    I should say although annoying Bacon did go further than many MSM presenters, but of course not nearly as much as I would like. Pehraps there coy as they dont look forward to a fate similar to Rosey O’Donnell?

  3. 4 omgdidisaythat October 17, 2008 at 9:45 am

    thanks lwtc247,

    FYI it’s the first two links (nw0) that are not working

  4. 5 lwtc247 October 17, 2008 at 9:50 am

    OK. I’ll have a look

  5. 6 lwtc247 October 17, 2008 at 9:58 am

    I’ve condensed my replies – and accidentally deleted one in the process :(.
    reply 1:

    The video is a production of irate cinema.
    Here’s their blog: http://iratecinemaug.blogspot.com/
    Here’s an extract from their blog:

    Friday, September 23, 2005
    What Is Fascism?
    The new ICU documentary is being previewed on Undergroundfilm.org. There are two videos and so far are in the top ten highest rated. The links are…
    What Is Fascism? Part 5A- Fear: http://www.undergroundfilm.org/films/detail.tcl?wid=1020169
    What Is Fascism? Part 5B & C- Agenda & Verichip: http://www.undergroundfilm.org/films/detail.tcl?wid=1020253
    If what you see interests you, please pass it on and keep the info moving.

    later reply (#2):
    Sadly it looks like nw0.info has bitten the dust :(
    It had a great collection of documents, e-books and videos.
    I know they used to appeal for donations to keep going.
    It’s a great los of centralised “resistance” information.
    Lets try and ensure informationclearinghouse.info doesn’t go the same way.
    Dig my friends, dig! Not necessarily deeply, but do dig into those pockets.
    even later reply (#3):
    I’ve had a look at undergroundfilm.org and it’s not there either.!! (and on Google you can see a trace of it but the video itself isn’t there.
    It can be seen here http://www.joost.com/home?playNow=238000m
    Note: buffering for me is slow, but it is slowly coming down my old adsl cable.
    You will have to register first (easy to do so)
    I do have a local copy. If you want I could ‘rapidshare’ it for you but it will be some days before i could do that. Regs…
    even more later reply (#4):
    or you could try this (mov extensions playable in Apple Quicktime player or VLC – vlc may need some visual format adjustment)
    http://gridfarm1.undergroundfilm.org/media/2005/1022102_lar.movIt seems to be the real deal but the first few seconds are missing I think. file size = 73.36 MB

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