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Max, dont give in to the dark side.

Oh dear…

“BBC World News is working with Max Keiser… BBC World News Head of Programmes, Paul Gibbs, says: ‘If Max had been on our screens a year ago the current global financial crisis would not have been a surprise. It might not even have happened.”source

Yeah Mr Gibbs. I know you’ve got a proggy to sell, but I didn’t give you permission to pollute my eyes with that utter drivvel, as though if Max hath spake, then the years of fraud and gamblings would retrospectively never have happened and everything would be peachy. Stupid prat! And I’m prety sure Max WAS on our screens a year ago, just not BBC screens! That is so typical of the BBC! – overinflating it’s importance as if ‘if Max aint on ‘BBC screens’, then he aint on any screens!. Yeah Mr Tibbs, like I said, I know you’ve got a program to sell, but get out of my eyescan. You don’t have to lie you know, or are you fishing for a position in the Newz department?


Speaking of dark sides and media pants… I managed to get another look at that Malaysian newspaper ‘The New Straits times’ which I mentioned a couple of days ago. Dear Lord it is an embarassingly pathetic excuse of a newzpaper. Barely a fig leaf disguises its propaganda. It’s a pure government mouthpiece. Two things caught my eye from it.

One was about the plummet in major stock exchanges. Here’s what it said, and on the front page too!:

“Asian and European stock markets mostly fell back yesterday after a two day rally amid profit taking.”

Eeeeww. Notice the language – how the negatives are minimised, presenting them as minor, and in fact, is mentioned in a positive fashion; “amid profit(good) taking”. I’m not saying some people aren’t selling again after a rise in share price to make some profit, but that paper has no idea of the majority motive of mostspeculators. Not only that, but the ‘rally’ was only a partial crawlback due to previous historic plunges. This paper is deliberately trying to stop people from selling shares by painting a non-serious picture of what’s happening. As far as i know, the Malaysia’s biggest trading partner is the Unites States not only that, but it pegs its currency to the USD. By doing so of course, it yields sovereignty over the value of its currency to the US. Given the trading status relationship between the two there may be good reasons for it, but if the US economy goes down the sinkhole (and it shows every sign of doing so) then Malaysia which seems to use similar finance ‘strategies’ is going to have a very bumpy ride.

The other thing that caught my eye was about the melamine in Chinese milk supplies scandal. The paper on page 18 of the Thursday 16th edition reported the Malaysian (un)health minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai as saying:

“Items will not be banned until the results from the ministry are obained”

Geezzzz, nothing like erring on the side of caution to protect you population huh? What a guy. Is that what they mean by “asian values” Mr Liow? i.e. the same slavery to corporate profits as happens in the west. Where the hell is your sense of civic responsibility? Ah ha! I get it, Asian values are Western values but implemented by Asians, that’s it! I bet you’ve cautioned your family NOT to eat those products. I didn’t really have time to look in more detail, but I am pretty sure that ministerial statement wasn’t challenged in the paper.

If you’re in Asia, avoid this rag.

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