Preemptive strikes swing one way?

George Jackass II Bush and filth meister general Tony bLiar, believe pre-emptive strikes are a valid course of action.


Given the illegal sanctions and boycotts along with blatant threats of war against it, doesn’t Iran have the right to launch pre-emptive strikes against the 60 year occupation of Palestine otherwise known as Israyhell? If you were stupid enough to believe Bush and bLiar and believed/supported  their 1 million slaughter fest in Iraq, then you must support Iran. That is, if you don’t mind being a hypocrite.


Don’t a dozen countries have the ‘right’ to attack the US and UK? After all, these states are involved in dreadful acts against numerous countries across the globe. Doesn’t anyone have the right to attack anyone even when there is no evidence of anything, as indeed shit bLiar did?


Here’s a report from Haaretz that mentions just such a thing: (copy and paste it – the link as it’s not active)

1 Response to “Preemptive strikes swing one way?”

  1. 1 Ahmad Mokhzani October 23, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Bro Mike,

    First of all, thanks for the 911 Missing Links info that you sent me via sms; I had not adequate credit on my mobile to reply.

    There is doubt on my part that pre-emptive strikes will be launched on Iran primarily because of the large Jewish population in Isfahan, Iran and also because of the historical assistance given by Iran to the USA, in invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Please surf:
    Ed: — Dear Ahmad. I’ve adjusted the link and removed the other. Sorry for the delay in this post appearing. It was caught in the spam bin. I don’t know why – it only contained one URL! I still haven’t worked out how to play with the spam filter properly to allow welcomed comments through. It normally works quite well though.

    Thanks for the comment. I have cetain reservations about your central thesis but there is a reasonable possibility, in my estimation, that what you say may be true, but when it comes to USans not bombing Iran because there are Jews there, I don’t think the Zionists – the would be issuers of the command to bomb, care much about Jews. We both know Zionism is a Godless and evil philosophy with a particular fondness for murdering and maiming children. Also, Zionists have bombed Jewish synagoges in Iraq and other places before in false flag operations. See this Henry Markow article. Jasim Azzawi (Presenter of Al Jazeera’s (English) program “Inside Iraq” also refered to it. Further reference here too.

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