Did global warming cause the economic meltdown?


Because you can bet your bottom dollar (actually, someone already bet your bottom dollar, this is kind of the point) it sure as hell wasn’t the “credit crunch”.

From day one the credit crunch stank. The odour merely intensifies with every unfurling part of the scam.

Bank-roller of the war against the Iraqi people, Garden Broom, said the other day, that borrowing was the right thing to do. Borrow, In a credit crunch Mr Brrroon?

Where is this ‘borrowed money’ coming from? Why is the govt buying commercial companies when it has to borrow so heavily? Where is this money coming from? Why are you doing all you can to bring back to lfe a zombie of a financial system that quite literally eats the brains of increasing large portions of the earths population.

Down with your sham Garrrdun Brroon. Down with you, down with this runt of an eCONomic system.




Update (only a few hours later):

Update at the end of gamb play:




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