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How to defecate (poo) outdoors due to having to live in your car

How to Live in Your Car & How to Defecate Outdoors

It may sound amusing at first, and one may laugh, but when you realise that such advice is becoming increasingly valuable to many in ‘developed’ countries who have lost their jobs and homes, your laughter may well give way to guilt.

While he who plays with fire should expect burnt fingers, many people born and raised in such societies have little choice, and the carbonised remains of the fire game settles upon them. They may not be culpable, and it’s likely that people who resisted the insane death fetish of Bush, are probably marginalised in society and in employment. It’s not so hard to tell which poor ‘team players’ will be ejected from the game first.

When I read tales of destitution caused by this cancerous financial system that gratifies mostly greed, it never fails to surprize me how they seem to have nobody to turn to, like a relative or a friend, who can put them up until they get on their feet again.

If you get to know a worthy person who has fallen victim to the meltdown, It would be rejuvenating to hear of those more fortunate offering the dispossessed a place to stay until they found their feet.  Yeah you’ll be inconvenienced, yes you may well regret it at times, but to help a person in such a plight is one of the things that life should be about – with displays of compassion and help. Let the human spirit of goodness once again burn brightly.

I”m sure we’d all like to imagine our fellow humans would do the same for us, especially in rough times.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

P.S. If you do help a n unfortunate fellow human being, it would be a good opportunity to show them your collection { know you have} of matieral revealing how the whole financial scam works. Only with education will things ever change.


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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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