This “war on terror”; what was it about again?

Shortly after 9-11, the Taliban said they would hand over Tim Osman – oops, sorry, that was his CIA name, I mean Osama bin Laden, if the US provided proof of his guilt. No proof was ever given and to this day, Osama bin Laden still hasn’t been charged with the 9-11 attacks.


Instead George ‘hotline to God’ Bush and sadist Tony Bliar spearheaded an illegal invasion of a country which, like its defacto administration, had nothing whatsoever to do with 9-11, killing many Afghani people, labelled Taliban, who also had nothing to do with 9-11 either.


The occidentals are still there today, almost 7 years after, longer than world war II, butchering and torturing away, dissolving families and other good people, some of who are simply exercising their right to try and repel a white coloured plague intent on stealing and toxifying their ancestral lands. The utterly innocent Afghani people and the Taliban are paying the price for someone other than themselves for flying two jets into the word trade centre buildings, rammed some strange object into the pentagon and made another plane vanish – by chance, into a deep underground mine.


As soon as the first US bombing began dispersing Afghani body parts across their own country, the Taliban have been designate ‘fair game’ – nowhere more so than in the western media, which the slavish media in countries trying to ‘westernise’ themselves follow out of stupidity.

Today the miserable self obsessed BBC continues its purge of the Taliban in the latest propaganda piece entitled “Crucial battle on Pakistan’s frontline” by apologist for crimes against humanity, Barbara Plett.

BBC correspondents never make mention of the facts I make above, i.e. that they have nothing to do with 9-11.

The Beeb almost never reports from that region, that established cultures and clans in and around Waziristan(for example), far outdate someone’s decision to draw a line on a map demarcating what Pakistan is or what Afghanistan is, always portray those people as being violement elements which must be excised from society because they don’t kow-to to being ruled by elements in Islamabad or the ‘Afghan green zone’ (no, not the heroin poppy fields) of Kabul who were never gifted the power to adminstration over them.

There is absolutely NO reason why the people in the North West frontier should conform to the notion of the Pakistani state. If they share culture, flavour of culture and faith with their ‘Afghani’ clan, then nobody has the right to try and Pakistani-ise them and call ‘illegitimate’ their attempt to throw off the Islamabad yoke or that of the US and NATO killers.

For the poor Afghani people, the Palestinians, the Iraqis and countless other people around the would I am 100% proud to be utterly ashamed and disgused with my country.

{I’ve modified the last few paragraphs slightly 1st Nov 08, but the meaning is the same}


Victory to the oppressed across the world!

2 Responses to “This “war on terror”; what was it about again?”

  1. 1 antireptilian October 31, 2008 at 11:12 pm


    Correct. The Taliban acted as negotiators for OBL. Twice they offered to get OBL to an international tribunal to assess his involvement in 911. This, of course, was turned down by the US, probably because it would screw up their oil ambitions in the region.

    Another interseting point is that Karzai is a UNOCAL oil pipeline advisor.

  2. 2 lwtc247 November 1, 2008 at 6:27 am

    Dear antireptilian.

    For some reason my comments weren’t able to make it onto your blog, which is a shame because I value each of your articles highly. I owe you a reply about your suggestions which can change this dreadful way of life we have right now. I’ve got a wee draught in a text file, just haven’t finished it off yet.

    Thanks for giving more info about Taliban ‘mediation’. I also think Bush rejected anything other than military destruction becasue that was the plan. We also have information now that the Bush administration drew up plans to invade Afghanistan weeks BEFORE 9-11. (I’ll try and post links later for any anyone whose interested in following this up).

    This same thing is actually visible in the savage murder of Jean Charles deMenezes. The assassins said they shouted warnings. All eyewitnesses contradict this. The reason why they didn’t shout a warning, is because if they did, then it opens up the strong possibility that they will be denied the kill!. i.e. as JC was a totally innocent man, it’s almost a given that JC would have completely complied completely comply with the warning, and be seen by multiple witnesses to comply, therefore the marauding killers would be very unlikely to get away with murder.

    Critical analysis of the current JCdM is very sparse. The antagonist being one of the exceptions, providing some links to where one can get transcripts of the case. {Perhaps I should spend some time on it} Nobody, including Mr. Mansfield QC, seems to be asking the right questions. A similar thing happened at the “health and safety” JCdM case, but admittedly the trial judge was likely to allow a broadening of the case into anything wider. However in this case, the coroner’s inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, the case has a wider scope.

    Getting back to the Taliban, that the corporate media quickly buried the innocent and largely neurtal stance of the Taliban, and put them on a par with those who did 9-11, is in my books tantamount to a serious crime – conspiracy to aid and abet the genocide of the Afghan people.

    If I had my way, I’d fund a media channel which highlights injustice and importantly, organise a justifiable response to it. Even Al Jazeera(English) which goes further than most TV stations in broadcasting many hours of documentaries and discussions highlight oppression and injustice, leaves a gaping vacuum of follow-up action by concerned viewers. They pull your heart-strings and then leave you high and dry. They may argue their duty is just to inform, but there is no reason why they should stick to such a position simply because someone coined that phrase. Ability for me to offer ‘follow-up’ isn’t really effective on this blog as my average daily readership in 2008 is only 126, and that figure is inflated due to the torch and pitchfork Northsquad, which descended en masse and that continue to roam around my site for criticism of Rachel North. While I’m appreciative of the ‘126’ daily readers, most readers are those already of sceptical persuasion, and I’m not sure if my worlds have ever persuaded anyone to see what is going on, nor am I sure I’ve persuaded people to do something to resist. But I can’t stop trying that’s for sure.

    This is one way that the web (which can pool people together – and this happens on the bigger sites, especially some of the Alex Jones sites) is slowly eating into the traditional corporate media as it not only informs but encourages follow up, either by more research or some type of activism.

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