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How to defecate (poo) outdoors due to having to live in your car

How to Live in Your Car & How to Defecate Outdoors

It may sound amusing at first, and one may laugh, but when you realise that such advice is becoming increasingly valuable to many in ‘developed’ countries who have lost their jobs and homes, your laughter may well give way to guilt.

While he who plays with fire should expect burnt fingers, many people born and raised in such societies have little choice, and the carbonised remains of the fire game settles upon them. They may not be culpable, and it’s likely that people who resisted the insane death fetish of Bush, are probably marginalised in society and in employment. It’s not so hard to tell which poor ‘team players’ will be ejected from the game first.

When I read tales of destitution caused by this cancerous financial system that gratifies mostly greed, it never fails to surprize me how they seem to have nobody to turn to, like a relative or a friend, who can put them up until they get on their feet again.

If you get to know a worthy person who has fallen victim to the meltdown, It would be rejuvenating to hear of those more fortunate offering the dispossessed a place to stay until they found their feet.  Yeah you’ll be inconvenienced, yes you may well regret it at times, but to help a person in such a plight is one of the things that life should be about – with displays of compassion and help. Let the human spirit of goodness once again burn brightly.

I”m sure we’d all like to imagine our fellow humans would do the same for us, especially in rough times.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

P.S. If you do help a n unfortunate fellow human being, it would be a good opportunity to show them your collection { know you have} of matieral revealing how the whole financial scam works. Only with education will things ever change.



Clearly the persons taking these snaps are traitors.

Did global warming cause the economic meltdown?


Because you can bet your bottom dollar (actually, someone already bet your bottom dollar, this is kind of the point) it sure as hell wasn’t the “credit crunch”.

From day one the credit crunch stank. The odour merely intensifies with every unfurling part of the scam.

Bank-roller of the war against the Iraqi people, Garden Broom, said the other day, that borrowing was the right thing to do. Borrow, In a credit crunch Mr Brrroon?

Where is this ‘borrowed money’ coming from? Why is the govt buying commercial companies when it has to borrow so heavily? Where is this money coming from? Why are you doing all you can to bring back to lfe a zombie of a financial system that quite literally eats the brains of increasing large portions of the earths population.

Down with your sham Garrrdun Brroon. Down with you, down with this runt of an eCONomic system.




Update (only a few hours later):

Update at the end of gamb play:




Preemptive strikes swing one way?

George Jackass II Bush and filth meister general Tony bLiar, believe pre-emptive strikes are a valid course of action.


Given the illegal sanctions and boycotts along with blatant threats of war against it, doesn’t Iran have the right to launch pre-emptive strikes against the 60 year occupation of Palestine otherwise known as Israyhell? If you were stupid enough to believe Bush and bLiar and believed/supported  their 1 million slaughter fest in Iraq, then you must support Iran. That is, if you don’t mind being a hypocrite.


Don’t a dozen countries have the ‘right’ to attack the US and UK? After all, these states are involved in dreadful acts against numerous countries across the globe. Doesn’t anyone have the right to attack anyone even when there is no evidence of anything, as indeed shit bLiar did?


Here’s a report from Haaretz that mentions just such a thing: (copy and paste it – the link as it’s not active)

And here is the newz Wed 22 Oct 08

And here is the newz in more detail:
Page last updated at 04:01 GMT, Wednesday, 22 October 2008 05:01

LATEST: Up to 30 threatening letters containing white powder sent to US banks.
Unhapy at overdraught caps, Chelsea mishears Dads advice to include “something profane” in envelope addressed to managers.


US rivals trade blows on economy
Obama happy McCain chose a woman, McCain happy Obama chose a man.

Yahoo to cut 10% of its workforce
Yahoo tech support off line for 4 hours as both employees rush out for medical insurance.

Security fears ‘erode free press’
Says the BBC! Ah hahahahahaha. Woo hohohohoho. Heehehehehe…

More banks may fail, IMF warns
IMF ready to supply unlimited credit to help the world.

S Lanka ships attacked by Tigers
8 out of 10 tigers preferred it

Bid to end Italy’s lotto fever
Prize-winner to lick Barelustonly’s head before collecting loot.

Loon alert: BBC subliminal pro-Palin/McCain hypothesis.


Fellow loons have probably noticed the BBC has a specific logo for the unfurling economic meltdown scam.


When I first saw it, I thought it looked like blood trails splattering across the world. But today they have a zoom-in on their “business” page. {Actually now I’ve seen to two side by side, they are actually different, but there consistent in the ‘theme’}






Aaaah. So the trails of blood were just blood coloured graphs. Any loon worthy of the title will always look ‘around’ such logos and charts for the usual deceptions that successfully program 90% of the people 90% of the time.


Hummm… Africa had a massive dip in the trend line, as does South America. Europe ‘middles out’. North America has the greatest uptrend. Hummm.. So maybe if the logo is engineered, then perhaps it’s to reinforce the myth that the US is the ‘leader’ – or perhaps not.


But then something else struck me. The greatest part of the spike is Alaska. Not only that but Alaska features strangely enough TWICE on the image.


Alaska is famous for

1) Snow, bears, trout and being cold.

2) Showing how easily the Russians could be bought off

3) More snow

4) The Exxon Valdese


which are in their own little ways important to some degree, but now one thing instantly jumps to mind when the word Alaska appears and that is…


5) Sarah Palin.


The hypothesis then, is, if the image is not put together randomly, then it is a subliminal message that Uncle Sam rulez ok, and Sarah Palin is is the best thing since errrm, George Formby.


— end of loon alert —


I love child pornography

said an Al Qaeda member as he opened up his latest e-mail. After taking n the visual treat for 10 minutes or so, he clicked ‘Start, programs and then AQ 2008(SE).

After importing the inage, seconds later some text appears on the Screen:

“Tim wants you to activate sleeper cell #8493(Naesby)
so they can the disperse some ricin at London heathrow.
This must be done before Tim leaves Tehran tomorrow,
ss they don’t have telephones in most of North Korea.”

“No problem” says the Islamic fundamentalist snorting the remains of a line previously hoovered up while  reading the message. Abdul Mohammad then telephones “streakies” – a bacon rasher processing plant on the outskirts of Naesby.

“Iqbal man, tell ya what man, we’s gotta do what God wants us to do like today man” Iqbal replied “Today? I wuz planning to go to that new gothic gay lap dancing club ‘Bram Strokers’ – oh well bruv. Ok, we;ve got like 600,000 litres of the stuff. How much do we need?”  …


Max, dont give in to the dark side.

Oh dear…

“BBC World News is working with Max Keiser… BBC World News Head of Programmes, Paul Gibbs, says: ‘If Max had been on our screens a year ago the current global financial crisis would not have been a surprise. It might not even have happened.”source

Yeah Mr Gibbs. I know you’ve got a proggy to sell, but I didn’t give you permission to pollute my eyes with that utter drivvel, as though if Max hath spake, then the years of fraud and gamblings would retrospectively never have happened and everything would be peachy. Stupid prat! And I’m prety sure Max WAS on our screens a year ago, just not BBC screens! That is so typical of the BBC! – overinflating it’s importance as if ‘if Max aint on ‘BBC screens’, then he aint on any screens!. Yeah Mr Tibbs, like I said, I know you’ve got a program to sell, but get out of my eyescan. You don’t have to lie you know, or are you fishing for a position in the Newz department?


Speaking of dark sides and media pants… I managed to get another look at that Malaysian newspaper ‘The New Straits times’ which I mentioned a couple of days ago. Dear Lord it is an embarassingly pathetic excuse of a newzpaper. Barely a fig leaf disguises its propaganda. It’s a pure government mouthpiece. Two things caught my eye from it.

One was about the plummet in major stock exchanges. Here’s what it said, and on the front page too!:

“Asian and European stock markets mostly fell back yesterday after a two day rally amid profit taking.”

Eeeeww. Notice the language – how the negatives are minimised, presenting them as minor, and in fact, is mentioned in a positive fashion; “amid profit(good) taking”. I’m not saying some people aren’t selling again after a rise in share price to make some profit, but that paper has no idea of the majority motive of mostspeculators. Not only that, but the ‘rally’ was only a partial crawlback due to previous historic plunges. This paper is deliberately trying to stop people from selling shares by painting a non-serious picture of what’s happening. As far as i know, the Malaysia’s biggest trading partner is the Unites States not only that, but it pegs its currency to the USD. By doing so of course, it yields sovereignty over the value of its currency to the US. Given the trading status relationship between the two there may be good reasons for it, but if the US economy goes down the sinkhole (and it shows every sign of doing so) then Malaysia which seems to use similar finance ‘strategies’ is going to have a very bumpy ride.

The other thing that caught my eye was about the melamine in Chinese milk supplies scandal. The paper on page 18 of the Thursday 16th edition reported the Malaysian (un)health minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai as saying:

“Items will not be banned until the results from the ministry are obained”

Geezzzz, nothing like erring on the side of caution to protect you population huh? What a guy. Is that what they mean by “asian values” Mr Liow? i.e. the same slavery to corporate profits as happens in the west. Where the hell is your sense of civic responsibility? Ah ha! I get it, Asian values are Western values but implemented by Asians, that’s it! I bet you’ve cautioned your family NOT to eat those products. I didn’t really have time to look in more detail, but I am pretty sure that ministerial statement wasn’t challenged in the paper.

If you’re in Asia, avoid this rag.

Sheridan & Galloway ask PM to Drop Bank Charges

Thanks to another great news hub, spiderednews, I got to know about the above request by Messers Sheridan & Galloway.

Tommy Sheridan said:

Gordon Brown has the shares, and therefore the clout, to demand an end to this practice in HBOS, RBS and Northern Rock”source

While GG said:

“The government is pouring hundreds of billions of pounds into the banks, at the very least we, the public, must have a say in how these part-public-owned banks operate.”

Dear Tommy and George.

BrNWO isn’t going to use his share power for reasons of virtue. That suggestion is laughable. Buying shares iin banks as a way to stop the stock market from sliding was always a deeple sspect solution. That the government somehow ‘forgot’ that it could use that stakeholding to force banks to ease up on their vacuum sucking of money from the poor, is extremely unlikely.


Update (29th Oct 08): Michael Hudson says the US government buy-out, involves no right to control bank policy. If this is the same for the UK banks I’m not sure but as it’s AGAINST the public interest, it probably would be the case. Hudson writes in Counterpunch 21st October 2008, (reprinted at

Paulson depicted the government’s purchase of special non-voting stock as a European-style nationalization. But government’s appointed public representatives to the boards of European banks being bailed out. This has not happened in America. Bank lobbyists are reported to have approached Treasury to express their worry that their shareholdings might be diluted. But the Treasury-Democratic Party plan invests $250 billion in government credit in non-voting shares. If a recipient of this credit goes broke, the government is left the end of the line behind other creditors. Its “shares” are not real loans, but “preferred stock.” As  Paulson explained on Monday: “Government owning a stake in any private U.S. company is objectionable to most Americans – me included.” So the government’s shares are not even real stock, but a special “non-voting” issue. The public stock investment will not even have voting power! So the government gets the worst of both worlds: Its “preferred stock” issue lacks the voting power that common stock has, while also lacking the standing for repayment in case of bankruptcy that bondholders enjoy. Instead of leading to more public oversight and regulation, the crisis thus has the opposite effect here: a capitulation to Wall Street, along lines that pave the ground for a much deeper debt crisis to come as the banks “earn their way out of debt” at the expense of the rest of the economy, which is receiving no debt relief!

End of update.


Brown, and the NWO puppet who follows him, is going to use share power to:

1) Force ID upon us – biometric ID and
2) foist e-money upon is.

I really look forward to be proved wrong, as I cannot think of no other practical steps which pose as serious a threat for the killing what little freedom we have left.

Words constantly get added to the OED. Perhaps anonymity will be the first to be removed?

Elizardbeth II Regina

(please see update below)

Google’s got a new stylized logo out today. Here’s a quick one I made earlier.

Please participate in my poll…

Update:  The Beeb decided to run a story of the not majestic kween, who as it turns out was actually visiting Google in London. Read about it here in a strory called “Queen has fit of Google giggles

In the article, the kween is shown a video clip of a baby with an infectious laugh. Here is what  the BBC quotes Elizardbeth II Regina as saying (my emphasis added):

“Lovely little thing isn’t it. Amazing a child would laugh like that.”

Thing? it? I don’t believe mad lizzie is actually a reptile, but the way she is speaking about a child certianly gives the appearance that she regards children, human children, as something very alien to her. As for the second part of the sentence… one could be cruel and say she’s unfamiliar with laughing children, as her most common experience with children is to have them crying their eyes out while…. I’ll let your library of ‘royal scandals’ fill in the nightmare on the rest of that one.

And why is that racist slop, unprincely Phillip, carrying a bloody sword around with him? For heavens sake. Is the old tosser going to use it? Maybe to pick his nose? but these royal imposters are barking mad and have flesh constituted from the suffering and deaths of millions of ordinary people across the planet (read about the exploits of one of their companies Royal Dutch Shell), so the daft idiot may well fancy having a chop/stab/slash at some innocent passer by.

“He asked the Google worker, who was dressed casually in a hooded top, chinos and trainers: “Just come back from jogging?”

To which the Google worker should have replied “Yes. Have you just returned from the battlefield war operations room having killed yet more innocent people?”

Take back all their money. Give it to people who are poor and are far more deserving than frauline Herr mudjesty.


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