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What is fascism?(movie) – An American perspective.

For most loons, the video contains some familiar information. The initial part involving the suffering of the African American population [e.g. Fred Hampton] in the US may be new, as may some of the parts of “verichip” in the last section of part two, but there might the other gems in there too.

Note: There are some out there who, for reasons they must surely be aware of, will only focus on the negative aspects of such productions, for example there is slight “Christian” element when focusing on the verichip and a quote from the Book of Revelations. It’s quite amazing how people latch on to things like that, to virtually ignore every other bit of information, no matter how salient, contained within  So please look upon such ‘resistance’ movies for their positives. Such negativism isn’t productive. In other words… Cherrypick!
Begins with a praiseworthy look at the historical actions against African Americans.
Go Alex Go! – Alex interrupts a fake news broadcast. And has a quality look of self satisfaction upon him afterwards. Last section of part two discusses the verichip.

Here’s another clip showing you why we need more Alex Jones’s. He just blows the idiots away with well researched and authenticared evidence. Hear him in full flow.
Alex Jones On The Richard Bacon Show pt 1/4 – 10m27s

Alex Jones On The Richard Bacon Show pt 2/4 – 10m29s

Alex Jones On The Richard Bacon Show pt 3/4 – 10m29s

Alex Jones On The Richard Bacon Show pt 4/4 – 10m29s

 Rather scummy and insulting performance by Mr. Bacon at the end, and did anyone else find it weird the way they were discussing “what people like Alex Jones believed” when they had Alex on the phone but had him faded out.

Anyway, as usual Alex you did good.


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God bless the kween and her fascist regime

thanks to

We Are Change UK – Notting Hill Carnival 2008

We Are Change UK – SOCPA Arrest



The China syndrome

The urban legend is that if a nuclear reactor got so out of control, the heat would be so great the core would melt its way through the earth all the way to China. It’s a good analogy to the financial meltdown.

The dead cat bounce aint bouncin no more.

Even as the fraudulent purchasing of bank shares was being announced, the stockmarkets were falling…



There are two last tricks up their sleeves.

  1. Confiscation of gold
  2. e-money

And the scummy govt is harpin on about databasing us all, it’s got easier access to out financial records now what with its “bailouts” it has access to the banks. Now what ‘product’ could the government push throught commercial banks. Hummmm…

Moves to extend the period police could hold suspects without charge were defeated in Britain’s House of Lords Monday night. But Tuesday morning the government announced it would rush through emergency legislation to reverse that decision  – source

Why? Whats the big rush?

Oh. By the way, there’s another grave terrr plot brewing…

UK faces major terror plot, warns minister – just hours after Government ditches 42-day detention plansource (do try and stay awake will you)

But the government has been trying to force 42 days through for ages. Their terror planners must have been working on this plot for a long long time alread.

 And the “tellyban” are winning (i.e. Afghani civillians tired of having white scum slaughter their people)

Weah, we need a database with fingerprints, eyescans, gait analysis and DNA to save us. That data will allow e-money too.

The future’s bright. The future’s orange.

Word has it, this is very close to a military bombadment of Iran.

Lets pray that word is wrong.


Brown: Use This Crisis To Create New Financial World Order

This from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet 9please read full article there)

…”Speaking at Thomson Reuters’ editorial headquarters, Brown called for “a new financial architecture for the global age”

…”This crisis demonstrates beyond doubt that a global capital market requires much stronger global cooperation and supervision. And we need to ensure that we have an effective global early warning system to alert us across continents to economic and financial risk.”

etc. etc.

Sounds creepily like the big e-money plan just waiting for the big announced

Well I just had to laugh

Guess what I saw on the front page of yesterdays (13/Oct/08) Malaysian newspaper called the “New Straits Times” (NST) whilst killing time in the lobby.

Can the global financial crisis be contianed?
‘Yes, bold action is needed,’ says the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
It’s ready to lend to countries in dire need of capital.

OH I BET IT IS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh heh! I managed to get a scan! :) …





When pondering upon the IMF’s ‘heart’, this ‘ol favourite came to mind…

mp3 here

Here’s the NST article (from their online content) about the IMF. The difference in reporting is interesting, but extra bland. Nobody is to blame. It’s happening because

“[banks are] paralysed for now by fear and distrust.”

Asian newz generally, really really stinks. At least in the quazi-fascist UK, there are still (some) hard hitting journalistic reports out there pointing (on occasions) fingers (occasionally at the right targets).


In the kindgom of the blind, the one eyed man is King.

Ho ho!

Open this file and sing along

Si-ilent night, Ho-oly night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon virgin Mother and child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Silent night, holy night
Shepherds quake at the sight
Glories stream from heaven afar
Heav’nly hosts sing Allelujah
Christ the Savior is born
Christ the Savior is born
Sleep in heavenly peace






That’s right. There’s nowt to worry about now! Brown’s has taking us by the hand, and guided us across the bridge over troubled water with his Churchillian cry that Britain is leading the way by doing…. ummmm…. well…. errrr I’m sure he’s done something.

Suddenly those nasty bets and gambles that amounted to $600 trillion US dollars no longer matter. The toxic debt governments spent your money on no longer matters, the manipulatable fiat currency hoax printed into near astronomical figures (although nobody really knows as they stopped telling us how many US dollars there are these days) matters not, the usurous system which every day generates more and more debt that will far exceed that mountain of worthless money and actual amount of valuable commoditied no longer matter either.

Yip. The whole system that inevitably leads us to economic armageddon has instantly vapourised. We can go back to sucking the blood from the worlds poor and stealing their resources without suffering any pain ourselves, for ever and ever. Amen.


Si-ilent night, Ho-oly night…

Chomsky does Bretton Woods


Chomsky revealed something that I believe he himself falls foul of.  He indicated that journalists had been ‘systemized’ into automatic self-censorship believing they were somehow warriors of truth when in fact they were just stooges playing their bit-part in the wider scheme of things. No doubt Adam Curtis would have a lot to say on this one.

Chomsky shows the same failings in finance:

“Bretton Woods was the system of global financial management set up at the end of the second World War to ensure the interests of capital did not smother wider social concerns in post-war democracies. It was hated by the US neoliberals – the very people who created the banking crisis”  writes Noam Chomsky –

Oh, so Bretton Woods wasn’t to cement the establishment of the new boy US as the leading power in the world, succeeding its previous master: (not so)great Britain, and to prevent a counter-culture outside of government control using gold as a effective means of independent trade, largely free of manipulation. Sounds like terrorism to me!

The following is benign then and the source of my miscomprehension, when Bretton Woods declaration that:

1) Only US dollars were redeemable for gold and

2) Only governments could redeem their dollars for gold

Not only that, but in ’71, the UK knocked on their greatest allies door and Tricky Dicky’s answered it, telling the Brits where to go with their stupid American fiat dollars, thereby instigating a further round of detachment from the gold standard. Wow Noam. I’m so happy you’ve told us the now despised neoliberals hate Bretton Woods and that B/W policy was drawn up from the soothing waters of altruism, totally free of wealthy bankers and industrialists to ensure ‘big money’ didn’t jostle ‘democracy’.

Such advocacy almost makes me think a 21st century Bretton Woods is just what we need. That’s right. Close down the old traditional ‘powerhouse’ economies, get everyone on the fascists dream of biometric DNA database and give us this electronic money. Please – no doubt that will will hailed as bringing ‘stabilization’ and protecting democracy too.

“In a functioning democratic society, a political campaign would address such fundamental issues, looking into root causes and cures, and proposing the means by which people suffering the consequences can take effective control.” – ibid

Ummm. Yeah, but really the issues are simple. The greatest device we have for maintaining stable economics (and virtually prevents multinational megalithic monsters) and that is gold, but B/W took that mechanism away from us, and actually creates Mussolini identified fascism:

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”Mussolini (Round Italian dude)

B/W forced us away from gold, and on to use this pretend money, which can breed or be burnt (‘burnt’ also by excessive breeding) seemingly as rapidly as bacteria. Those are the issues Noam.

Perhaps I’m being unkind to Mr. Chomsky, as immediately after, he raises the issue of risk management. This is one of the key factors which has brought the system into collapse. Risk is minimised using derivative trading, often through hedge funds, but Noam falls flat again, saying it’s a result of the failure of B/W in ’71. No Noam.

Chomsky also links B/W to “the public will” and even “democracy”. Ho ho! It was so democratic only a handful of abstract economists, many already effectively puppets of the US agreed this policy at Bretton Woods, new Hampshire.

“Investors and lenders can “vote” by capital flight, attacks on currencies and other devices offered by financial liberalisation.”source 1.

Again Noam, all this is a symptom of the disease; Bretton Woods or not, so sorry mate, your self-censorship on what exactly macroeconomics is, what it used for and what it will be used for has been visibly displayed.



A deadly deception


Update 4a: 6th Nov 08. [updates 1-3 and 6 onwards below]. What I wrote about here has finally been supported by the mainstream media (MSM). “ Pakistan’s secret cooperation with America By David Ignatius of the Daily Star UK.
This shouldn’t be taken the wrong way, the MSM is corrupt in may ways, but gems of truth do appear in it, in amongst all the falsity and textual psyops of course. I am happy this appeared in the MSM simply because more people will get to see that what’s going on is a sham. But I think it’s plain to see the masses, 20 seconds after reading the article, will mostly completely forget about it.
11/Nov/2008:  Here’s another one: “Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda in Many Countries” – by By Eric Schmitt and Mark Mazzetti
— end of update —
end of update —


Yet more American missiles rein down on Pakistan and more Pakistani people will slaughtered. When Iraqi Bomber Barak Obama becomes the next president of crumbling American empire, that butchery rate will increase.

But people are being killed right now. But Asif Ali Zardari, that man saddled with allegations of corruption, who benefited from the strange death of his own wife, gave strong sounding speeches that US forces will not be allowed to conduct military operations in Pakistan, and didn’t seek to punishment those responsible in the destrution of Pakistani’s bodies. He did pretend a few weeks ago to “punish” the US by publicising (one) NATO supply routes being shut down – but only for a day or so – while not mentioning that other routes remain open and in free flow. Soon after those rarefactions of deception left his little mouth, to the unfounded support of anti-bushites, more Pakistani people are killed. Zardari has another cup of tea.


Does Zardari care? Of course not! The leaders of Pakistan, like the leaders of Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq etc. don ‘t care a crumb about you. All they care about is themselves and the cosy little criminal group that surround them. Zardari, Mubarak, Erdogan, Hussein of Jordan, Abdullah of Arabia don’t feel the pain of seething hot metal penetrate their soft bodies, nor the unrelenting corrosive dissolution ones nasal passages, lungs and eyeballs under an american white phosphorous attack, or the sickening dizzyness consequential of living with depleted uraniu. As each day that passes proves, Zardaries decption unfurls.


Here’s the ‘master trick’ – Zardari is riding the coat-tails of the previous president, Perverse Mooseshaft (otherwise known as Pervez Musharraf) , and has used one of his nine lives in making speeches relating to sovereignty so curtail the majority of the Pakistani people from realing there being sold a sham. So they place some trust in Mr. Zardari, but that trust decays with every fractured and scorched body produced as the result of US policy ‘shoot first, don’t bother to ask questions later’.


Not only do the hands of Asif Ali Zardari tainted with the ink of financial corruption, but they are sticky with the blood of Pakistani people. Watch as If the hand of Zion which rocks US foreign policy determines, that a US invasion of Pakistan is necessary, then those mean baddies Al-Q will just happen to give Pakistan the terror incidents it needs to have the excuse of inviting the US in.

UPDATE: “lwtc247, You are wrong, Zaradari is a good leader. His anti-US action in Pakistan speech was a meaningful and susbstantive one.” Oh, that’s why yesterday, more US missiles flew into pakistan and killed six more Pakistani people? What idiots people are for listening to fools like Zaradi, Bliar, Bush, little jonnie coward, Aznar and so on. How many times do you need to be slapped in the face before you understand the political process has become a sham? An at of mass deception? Truth is, who gives a crap? It’s not our flesh and blood that is being blown to pieces. And if you do care, there are things peaceful (some of which are physical) things that you can do to show you care.


UPDATE2: Thursday 23rd October 2008. Now it’s becoming public that the shitty US and allies are bombing schools killing yet more local innocent civillians. If such acts arn’t a good recruiter for any fictional terror group, I don’t what what is.


UPDATE3: 31st Oct 2008: ‘US strikes’ on Pakistan villages…More than 20 people have been killed… source

What is Asif doing about it? Absolutely NOTHING. He’s not supposed to do anything about it. Haven’t you learned that by now?  He is president precisely so that it CAN happen! But it’s not just Asif, its many of the slime that slither through parliament in Islamabad. The same problem that infests the US and UK is sucking on the juices of vitalism that run through Pakistan too. I have nothing for repsect for any person who turns around and tries to halt the mercyless satanic slaughter of innocent people. May God deliver the just rewards.
UPDATE 4a(above)

UPDATE 5:  13 killed in US missile strike in Pakistan. Fri, 07 Nov 2008 07:55:46 GMT – source and this comes a few days after CENTCOM David Betrayus met with Pakistani officials and the issue of these missile strikes was mentioned. Yeah I bet it was “How many more killings do you think we can get away with?” said the Pakistani delegate to Betrayus.

UPDATE 6:  Just waiting…
Tue 11th Nov. It didn’t take long to wait becasue Press TV reports that on Sunday 9th November US jets pound Pakistan, kill civilians. At least seven civilians are killed and several others injured after US fighter jets pounded Pakistan’s Tirah valley near the Afghan border. The fighter jets on Sunday night targeted a group of 40 civilian pedestrians on the Morga mountains in Tirah valley near the Khyber region, the Frontier Post reported on early Monday. Press TV goes on to say: The US has carried out more than 45 strikes and intrusions into Pakistan.

UPDATE 7:  Friday, 14 November 2008. Missiles fired by a suspected US drone have killed at least nine people in a Pakistani tribal region. – source

Note: Why is it so many bombings take place on or near fridays? There is a small chance that they are taking place on Fiday but slow reportage means they don’t reach the newswires until a day or so later. If they are all taking place on friday my guess is that it’s related to the communal compulsion of Muslims to pray together for friday prayers and the US with Pakistani government help, is using that to kill many people in an ‘efficient’ (disgusting word in this context I know) manner.

Update 8:

pakistan-works-with-nato-in-operations-inside-pakistanSOURCE HERE

Update 9:   “‘US missiles’ hit Pakistan target” – (report filed Wed 19th Nov, regardng ‘overnight’ bombing likely on tuesday 18th Nov 09)  At least four people have been killed after a suspected US missile attack struck the North West… – source

Update 10: Friday March 13th 2009: There were more attacks which I didn’t add here. But this one is extra bad. 24 dead, 30 injured, so says the BBC HERE. The death toll is probably underreported and I can’t believe anything else that was said. It stinks of the same bullshit lies that the BBC always and willingly pushed into your mind when there’s no independent vertification.  In the BBC article they say “Correspondents say this is the fifth drone attack on Pakistani territory since Barack Obama became US president.” Showing how many strikes I missed out. In fact a few weeks ago, the Pakistan leadership were moaning about the US attacks – not because they were killing people, but because Pakistan wanted to pull the trigger. Unbelievable! Well… actually it’s not. one MSNBC source says “There have been 38 drone attacks in Pakistan since August 2008“. Of course the Pakistan government are involved. The drones are taking off from bases in Pakistan. In fact read this: Pakistan Partners With U.S. on Killer Drone Strikes.

Update 11:  60 drone hits kill 14 al-Qaeda men, 687 civilians Dated Friday, April 10, 2009  By Amir Mir.  Thanks to Durans on Postman Patels blog for pointing the way to that article.


Update 12:

Update 13:

Update 14:

Update 15:

Update 16:

Update 17:

Update 18:

Update 19

Update 20:


Deasai and I

Marx wannabe?  Not as unlikely as you may first think.

Desai has the answer (strangely Paulson seems to have said the same thing)…

The way to solve the financial scam meltdown is for governments to buy the banks. That’s right, you read it properly, the government is being urged to purchase bank shares.

So they made millions by persuading people to buy a home only to be repossessed. They will make millions selling property if the rubbish system is resuscitated. They got millions from gambling in derivatives, they got billions in from our money, now we are going to get billions again by having their crappy shares purchased from the government.

What a tosser.

You solve the crisis by
1) Killing it – giving all fraudulently acquired assets to the govt or distributed to the people. 
2) Setting up a system not employing usury.
3) Having a non-inflationary system of money.

But they won’t do it. you know why.

Desai on Panorma. Desai on Wiki

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