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Where on earth did the earth come from?

Small problem:


In the words of the great Rolf Harris…
    Can you tell what it is yet?

More clues…

Jupiter: 90% hydrogen and 10% helium

Saturn: hydrogen (75%) with much smaller amounts of helium (25%)

Uranus: Uranus is a planet composed mainly of rock and ice, with much smaller amounts of gasses such as hydrogen and helium.

Neptune: The atmosphere or outermost layer is a mixture of heated gases, mainly hydrogen, helium, water and methane. The middle layer, which comprises about two-thirds of Neptune’s mass is a heterogeneous combination of water, liquid ammonia, rock and methane.



1) Sun and earth =


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I’m going up update this later with some paraphrases from Dr Iain Stewart about the age of the earth and the oxygen rich atmosphere, but I’m too busy right now.


BBC supports scorched earth

In its continuing propaganda frenzy, the BBC this time, spends effort to support a scorched earth policy and to beguile you into condoning it too: the ‘scorched earth policy’ is that being carried out by the slimy and corrupt US puppet Pakistani “leadership”.

With tanks, artillery and airstrikes, the army is trying to clear villages, towns and roads of militants, attempting to drive the Taleban from the sanctuaries they have occupied.

Once each village or town is taken, bulldozers move in, flattening houses so the Taleban cannot sneak back and occupy them again.”source

Do you see the mind games at play here? Well, can you? Read it again if you didn’t notice it. Go on, it’s important! The BBC ‘only’ mentions “villages” and “towns (via use of the word ‘each’)” – yes! towns, not a few houses in a town, not a few streets in a town, not even a town, but complete and whole “towns”. It does so in the context with what it calls ‘the Taleban’. The other association links ‘Taliban’ with ‘sneaking’, inculcating a picture of Taleban and malevolence. And the icing on the cake of all these dangling carrots is, the use of the word ‘again’. Slam dunk! because it is hoped in your mind now you have the impression ONLY the Taliban occupy buildings/villages/towns initially, and that if these villages and towns were not destroyed, the Taleban would return.

It is an outrageous and hideous lie. An example of the most appalling standards of journalism I have ever witnessed from this deplorable and deceitful corporation, although Saddams Bomb is perhaps its equal. The inhabitants of villages are most likely to comprise mostly of women and children compared to men and far outweigh Taliban men. That a whole town, let alone village, is made up of Taliban is a disgraceful conspiracy.

What complete bastards!

Thousands of poor people, likely to be far better human beings than you or I, have already been displaced by Pakistani puppets who wait for their next 10% pay cheque, and many of them have been killed (see

If you don’t feel angry and ashamed at what they wrote, you seriously need to examine your sense of justice and fair play.

And when people are killed, either by US airstrikes or puppet Pakistani troops killing fellow Muslims – again far worthier then themselves, the BBC doesn’t relent; automatically issuing reports that ‘Al Qaeda/Militants’ were killed. They know this becasue the slain Taliban carries an ID card that says “If I die, this is just to let you know I am an Al Qaeda militant – don’t ya know”

Just before the Beeb sanctions the destrictuon of villages and towns, it said:

“Bit by bit, and at huge cost, territory is being seized back”

Yet again we witness the total non-questioning methodology of  “BBC journalism”. This time spoon fed by the Pakistani department of war and propaganda. The BBC clearly sees its role to act as a mouthpiece for a unified moral-less hegemonic fascism, largely going under the recognisible umbrella of globalisation. it also synthesises the false impression that that Pakistan ‘lost’ the territory in the first place.

Again outrageous.

If you don’t think the BBC is pumping sewage into your brain, aren’t you just a little bit flummoxed at how there are numerous reports from Afghanistan, whereby the Taliban are said to have successfully pushed the invading vermin (Coalition of the killing) into relatively small restricted areas, yet the Pakistani army (which drains money away from the countries economy leaving millions hungry, homeless and on the edge of life itself) somehow is achieving unique success???

The ooze simply doesn’t stop…

“First they have struck back near the Khyber Pass, hijacking and burning trucks driving towards the Afghan border.”

“trucks” huh? What kind of trucks? Trucks owned by Iqbal the rice merchant? Trucks containing medical supplies carried by the Red Crescent? Trucks carrying a family of refugees feeling from the Pakistani army who have just destroyed their, sorry, ‘a Taleban town’? Trucks carrying supplies for the US military? Do you really think ALL trucks are being targeted (along with the tactical pitfalls such persistent operations would entail) or do you think it is certain trucks? Come on THINK FOR YOURSELF. The BBC creates the impression any truck is game.

The BBC plays another card, telling us of one trucker, “Haji Haghaley” who the beeb says was hit by the Taliban. This is possible, but I refuse to discount the possibility that the Pakistani army or even US/NATO forces themselves were the ones who fired upon him. We know the US (and it’s wannabe’s) shoot-to-kill first, then try to cover up later. How is it known the bullet came from a “Taliban” and not someone else – like a common bunch of nomadic criminals trying to steal the goods? And they had to pick a Haji didn’t they? (A Muslim that has done the Hajj – one of the 5 central rituals every Muslim must try and do, and is generally regarded as being a ‘devout Muslim’). “Haji Haghaley” is there to give the appearance that pious Muslims are trucking US supplies through Pakistan, and therefore, it’s what ‘good Muslims’ do. You are supposed to get from all this that the Taliban are a bunch of mean killers who shoot at other Muslims, therefore, Muslims of the world: the Taleban are YOUR enemy too!

Anyway, who determines what a Taleban is or isn’t, naturally enough, this question isn’t qualified because it’s simply a tool to be used for the purposes of fear and propaganda. They don’t never show mercenaries driving these trucks and pointing to ambiguous holes and they NEVER describe those killed alleged Taleban as being Haji’s.

I am running out of negative words to describe the BBC, such is the frequency of its brainwashing output, of which I only have limited amounts of time to point out.

Sadly the mindless Zombies populating the UK swallow much of what at vile newz (newz ‘cos it aint no news!) organisation spews out. I am ashamed to be British – a title people thoght meant something respectable, but, I am immensely proud to be ashamed.

The propaganda level in that “report” would put Goebbels to shame,
Dear people, reject this toxic spittle that enters your eyes, ears and brain. We can be something better, we just need to wake up see the monster dancing in front of us, taunting us in our blindness. This current path of hegemonic domination and oppression is madness. It’s not the way things are supposed to be.

Life should be an adventure of discovery, happyness and love. Why are we letting it be anything but?

Murder in Mumbai

Once again more senseless killing  is happening across the world.

And before you ask, yes there are sensible killings – for example the killing of Mr. BuSh or Tony bLiar by an Iraqi (and a few others besides), A native Indian killing General Custer, A Russian peasent killing Stalin, A Cambodian civillian killing Poll Pot, A Palestinian killing Ehud Olmert, a Jew killing Hitler, an Incan killing Pizarro, An Aztec killing Cortes – you get the picture.

The BBC loves this kind of event because it serves to strengthen its propaganda agenda. That Agenda is to strengthen support for the War OF Terror.

Just the other day the Indian Government comitted state sponsored terrorism against about 20 fishermen in the Gulf of Aden (or Indian Ocean as I called it previously). The BBC never criticised it once and NEVER reported on the human side of that illegal crime. They never sought interviews with the familes of those murdered fishermen, they never reported on the massive hole left in the lives of the mens children (assuming they had children that is – the scumbag BBC didn’t even bother to try and find out! QED!) and they never mentione the financial impact on the fishermens grieving loved ones.

Yet now that some different scum is mowing innocent people down in Mumbai, the BBC goes bang slap into human impact mode, to one-sidedly tweak your sence of anger and resentment towards the latest killers to running rampant causing more misery.

State sponsored terrorism and death is OK in the BBC’s eyes, non-state sponsored terrorism isn’t.


Page last updated at 07:11 GMT, Thursday, 27 November 2008
‘Those men killed so many people’

Not only that of course, but as I type, the 1.5 million or so civillian prisoners in Gaza are being starved to death. The BBC has a great yet another excuse not to point out about this most massive utterly perverse evil crime.

The BBC Newz and current affairs management stink to high heaven!

UPDATE: Here’s the latest rubbish from the what the BBC

“This [the shooting in mumbai] points to either a major shift in strategy by an existing group or the influence or direction of outside parties, perhaps even al-Qaeda, whose style of attacks this mimics.” source Timestamp: 11:32 GMT, Thursday, 27 November 2008)

Becasue we all remember the last time “Al Qaeda” did this dont we? Remember it was… ummmm…..

Interestingly, they say the ‘rebels’ speak Hindi and are of South Asian appearance (Indian/Indian sub-continent according to the BBC’s world map)

And just like the Jackass idiot George Bush who should have said in the hours after 9-11, (assuming 9-11 was what Bush cracks it out to be) “We will examine why people hate us so much that they would do such a thing” but didn’t, instead did the only thing braindead denialists like him do – bring more suffering, now Mr Manmohan Singh does the same thing, saying:

“We will take the strongest possible measures to ensure that there is no repition of such terrorist acts. We are determined to take whatever measures are necessary to ensure the safety and security of our citizens.”source Timestamp: 12:14 GMT, Thursday, 27 November 2008

In other words India, like it’s navy just over a week ago will break the law and norms of international law as it sees fit, for whatever purpose it wants, all under the guise of fighting terrorism. I’ve heard words akin that many times, this is the first time I’ve heard the Indian accent version.

Mr. Singh also says these people came from outside the country. How on earth can he know that? It’s simple: He cannot.

And that brings me to another point. The BBC LIES again. On that very page, the BBC says:

“India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has vowed to take “whatever measures are necessary” to track down those responsible for the Mumbai attacks.”ibid Timestamp: 12:14 GMT, Thursday, 27 November 2008

But if you read my rush transcript or even better watch Mr. Singh’s statement you will realise he NEVER said it was to track down those responsible, as the BBC is claiming.

I wonder if Mr. Singh will also say “an investigation into the killings will be a ‘ludicrous diversion'”

ut €-

BBC Newz fictional news bulletins…

Fancy a laugh? Here ya go…

The BBC reports this… [Download the pdf here]

“Increasingly, programme makers in drama and documentary are seeking to use fictitious news bulletins as part of their story telling.

“This calls for judgment on two levels. First, is the proposed use likely to undermine the BBC News brand and its reputation for accuracy and impartiality, or carry risks for the credibility of the presenter? Second, is it likely to cause confusion or even anxiety in the audience?”

Well, you couldn’t really get much worse than this…


Now you’ve had your laugh,

Indian murder fest on the high seas.

About a week ago, It seemed the world was celebrating the Indian attack on what was called a pirate ‘mothership’. The attack sank a ship and most of its crew were killed.

 Here’s what I wrote 6 days ago {poor spelling corrected}:

“…we have Indian warships trying to kill people (to the cheers of the international community) accused of being pirates, no investigation, no trial, no fine, no jail time, Just death.”source (scroll down)

 Of course the BBC media supported this illegal extra judicial force, hailing it as a success, and as the BBC does so well, it failed to enquire as to whether the information they were fed was true or not, and it didn’t publically condemn the illegitimate sentence of death some captain saw fit to pronounce.

The BBC wasn’t alone. Many corporate mainstream “news” outlets followed suite, publishing the words of leeches who are an integral part of this rotten ‘money first’ global politico/economic system, leeches from organisations like maritime organisations in London and Asia, some of whom said things like ‘force is the only way to deal with pirates’ as if the old ‘repeat until accepted’ trick was being played upon us again.

Today, the very organisation that cheered the murder of people courteously of the Indian warship, is forced to reveal something closer to the truth:

The Indian warship attacked a Thai fishing trawler and killed its crew.- Read it HERE {Update 3: BBC help the Indian Navy try and cover up it’s crime with this latest unquestioning uncondemning apologist piece}

Indian warship. Lets K I double L them fishermen. Don’t worry, we wont face prosecution afterwards.

 So to all of you who believed without question the propaganda spewed out by the BBC; You have blood on your hands. You may as wall have been with the REAL pirates that day, pulling the trigger unleashing volleys of subsonic burning hot slugs of metal into the bodies of innocent fishermen and not bothering to search for survivors afterwards – a crime under International Marine Law if I am not mistaken.

Be proud of yourself and those like you, for it is your kind that describe the worst of human kind.

Rot in hell.

Update: I look at the ‘Rot in hell’ damnation with elements of regret, but I was very angry. Actually I am still angry. Angry at the large amount of people still fail to commandeer their own mind, who fail to question the utter rubbish filling their mind every day, and to see the criminal injustice plainly in front of their nose.

Picture hall of shame:

lwtc247: Map: the BBC hasn’t corrected its rubbish
e.g. by putting an asterisk beside the “Pirate ship sunk”
label and clarifying at the bottom of the graphic
that actually it wasn’t actually a pirate ship at all.

lwtc247: The BBC doesn’t challenge the old and tired
“we killed in self defence” lobbox here, exactly
as it deliberately fails to do so in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Note: Now that we know it wasn’t a pirate ship
it makes these claims look even more like a lie.
I don’t think the fishermen would have been firing
on an Indian navy vessel.

lwtc247: Once again the BBC reports without
question that the fishing boat (called a pirate ship)
actually threatened the Indian warship. Notice
the picture seems to indicate that the Indian
navy took it upon themselves to kill people
at night. I wonder if this factor will reveal even more
lies by the Indian Navy.

Now that “Piracy” has become an accepted “factual threat” in the minds of the unthinking public – thanks to Oracles of “truth” like the BBC, the Pandora’s box of shoot first, say ‘we acted in self defence against pirates’ later has been well and truly opened. Before it was really only the Brits, Yanks and French that would try this on, but “I wanna play whitey” India is displaying its ugly side too.

It doesn’t take a genius to predict that “piracy” on the seas, like “terrorism” on land, is the excuse herelding a second front of the War OF Terror. What lies in store for countes that don’t yield to the attempt of global hegemony of the Zionist created New World Order, is exemplified by the IN here.

Iran has recently declared it too will fend off ‘pirates’ – clearly a warning that they will treat US’s ‘anti-piracy’ actions as acts of ’piracy’ itself.

Oh Joy.

Remember the last set of US lies about the Iranian ‘threats’ about a year ago? Ho Ho.

Second update: Based on Al Jazeera’s (English site) report (here)

Navy ’sunk Thai trawler by mistake’

An Indian warship sank a Thai trawler in the Gulf of Aden last week after wrongly assuming  it to be a Somali pirate “mother ship”, an international maritime agency has said.

Ed: Note the complete lack of any suggestion that multiple acts of manslaughter were perpetrated by the Indian Navy. The IMB is supporting lawless and deadly behaviour.

The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) said the trawler had just been taken over by pirates when the navy attacked, a move that was initially hailed as a blow to Somali pirates preying on the region’s shipping lanes.

Ed: This was the ‘internation’ celebration I mentioned. I’m pretty sure it was one of the IMB affiliates who said ‘the only solution is force’. Who the hell is he to determine that? And who said the ‘pirates’ were Somali? They may well have been Somali but how do they know? Were they sporting T-shirts saying “I’m a Solami pirate don’t ya know?”

India’s defence ministry, which earlier released pictures of the ship on fire after the incident, has admitted that it was a Thai fishing boat but said it fired in self-defence.

Ed: The Indian Navy obviously thinks people the world over are as stupid as the people heading the Indian Navy itself. Imagine you’re a ‘pirate’. You see a huge vessel (or if at night as was probably the case, you see it on radar, and it probably launches a few flares, semaphores or tries to contact the trawler on Radio. What do you do?

a) Fire upon the ship that has the potential to blast a hundred trawlers out of the water?

b) Attempt to flee?

c) Surrender?

d) Something else.

I think on the balance of probabilities you can discount option a)

One Thai crew member is confirmed to have died when the Indian frigate, INS Tabar, fired on the boat on November 18. Fourteen others are still missing.

Ed: like I mentioned earlier, it’s likely the Indian navy didn’t give a toss about trying to look for survivors.

A Cambodian sailor from the trawler, which was headed from Oman to Yemen to deliver fishing equipment when it was hijacked, was rescued four days later by passing fishermen.

Ed: Oh Dear! The Indian Navy slipped up. You see, if you kill everyone, there’s nobody to expose your lies. The Crew of the USS Liberty nearly suffered the same fate. I bet the Indian Navy were furious when they heard someone was left alive. It seems the Indian Navy only admitted its act of slaughter because of this man who escaped their death clutch.

Noel Choong, who heads the IMB’s piracy reporting center in Kuala Lumpur, said the IMB received a report on the mistake late on Tuesday from Bangkok-based Sirichai Fisheries, which owned the Ekawat Nava5 vessel.

Ed: Aaah. That may be the death fetish person who I heard say ‘force was the only action’

“We fired in self-defense. There were gun-toting guys with RPGs on it” Commander Nirad Sinha, Indian navy spokesman

Ed: What if the supposed guys who were supposed to be carrying guns and RPG’s had them to DEFEND against a pirate attack? And how was it determined they had guns and RPG’s? Did the attack take place in the day or was it at night? How was it the Indian Navy know exactly that guns and RPG’s were being wielded?
He said the company discovered the deadly mistake after speaking to the Cambodian sailor who was recuperating in a hospital in Yemen.

Ed: Ah ha! there we have it. If the poor fisherman was murdered too, nobody would be any the wiser and the Indian Navy would have stuck to its lie, like it did until they found out their lie was exposed.

“The Indian navy assumed it was a pirate vessel because they may have seen armed pirates on board the boat which has been hijacked earlier,” said Choong.

Ed: They MAY have seen it earlier? And how did they know it was being hijacked EARLIER? And if it was hijacked earlier, why didn’t they do anything about it then? This story stinks. Is Donald Rumsfeld advising the Indian Navy by any chance?

“We are saddened with what has happened. We hope that this incident won’t affect the anti-piracy operation by the multi-coalition navies there.”

Ed: Saddened my toe nails. You were trying to get away with the lie. They don’t give a toss. Saddened perhaps that they got found out. Show us your sadness, put the Captain on charges of multiple counts of manslaughter.

In New Delhi, Commander Nirad Sinha, an Indian navy spokesman, said the ship had apparently been hijacked by pirates and that the frigate was responding to the threat to attack.

Ed: Again how do they know it wsa being hijacked?

“In so far as we are concerned, both its description and its intent were that of a pirate ship,” he said on Wednesday.

Ed: What?? – They were flying the Jolly Roger, had one wooden leg, wore eyepatches, were biting down on a scimitar, had black beards and shouted “aaaargh” a lot? description of a pirate ship lobbox. “Pirate ship Model 101 – with auto swabbing features complete with imitation cannons” What a pile of crap.

“Only after we were fired upon did we fire. We fired in self-defense. There were gun-toting guys with RPGs [rocket-propelled grenade launchers] on it.”

Ed: And the damage sustained is where exactly on the ship? Again, put yourself in the shoes of the ‘porates’…. “Aaaarrggh, sea dogs, there’s a large ship approachin’ fire the guns but not the RPG’s – that’ll stop her”

There have been 96 pirate attacks so far this year in Somali waters, and 15 ships with nearly 300 crew members were being held hostage by pirates who are demanding millions of dollars in ransom.

Ed: I’m not saying there isn’t a ‘pirate problem’ But this and a few other aspects of the whole thing sure make my eyebrows raise. And how these pirates think they will get away… Perhaps we’ll find some discarded videos and an abandoned Qur’an together wrapped in one of those T-shirts found in a house in downtown Mogadishu.

An international naval force deployed to patrol the seas of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden has been escorting some merchant ships and responding to distress calls in the area.

Shipping firms have also called for aggressive military approach to tackle piracy off Somalia’s coast and prevent costly re-routing of vessels.

Ed: What happened to shipping lanes? Satellite tracking? Radio communication? The Straits of Hormuz are some of the most heavily patrolled waterways in the world. How come pirates are able to operate hundreds of miles from land?

CNN (“claptrap, no news” as David Icke calls it) STILL insists of carring forward the lie. The slaying of the fishermen is enduringly portrayed as being the pirate mothership. Here’s a pic from the CNN “News Quiz”


See the timestamp. And if you click on “Read the story” It’s quite different from the BBC story. It also seems to be confusing the attack on the two stories of the fishing trawler in that it nudges into the so called ‘pirate mothership’ story. Have a gander:

Who are Somalia’s pirates?

Have your say (I certainly will) – The paradox of thrift


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The paradox of thrift

By Steve Schifferes
Economics reporter, BBC News 
Retail sales fell for a second month in a row
Should we save or should we spend?

Ed: Yes, bipolarise the issue. Well done.

It’s gloomy out there. The economy is shrinking, property values are falling and stock markets are in the doldrums.

Ed: It’s gloomy because the crappy economic ‘system’ has been welded onto most of our lives. If it never impinged upon us, there wouldn’t be any ‘gloom’. 

Many people borrowed heavily during the boom, and now are tempted to pay off debt or save more for a rainy day – something which until now has not characterised the behaviour of UK consumers.

Ed: They borrowed on interest to make more money. Granted, many have never had the opportunity to discover the harm this practice causes, but many others knew, and simply don’t give a damn. Who is tempted to pay off the debt? Do you mean the new jobless or homeless? Do you mean the remaining house owners who now have lower rates of interest on their loans? Who? And what debt? The untouchable personally unpayable debt the governmenthas saddled us with ‘bailouts’ etc?

 But if this happens, will the government’s plan to boost the economy through greater spending work?

Ed: Wait a minute. How can we spend more, if saving has never characterised the behaviour of UK consumers.??


Paradox of thrift

Because thrift may be a virtue for the individual, but could damage the economy as a whole, according to the economist John Maynard Keynes, writing in the midst of the Great Depression in the 1930s.

Ed: thrift as I understand it means cautious non-wasteful (prudential) money management – leaning towards the savings / nest-eggs. Aaah. Now we see where this article is going… guess what? It follows the government line they’ve recently been chanting “spend, spend, spend”

He called it the paradox of thrift. The more people saved, the more they reduced effective demand, thus further slowing the economy.

Ed: Well, mixed in with this is the “as demand increases, price increases” – and more money changes hands. Therefore, it’s “good” for “the economy” – translated means: It’s good for those who increase the financial distance between them and most other people. But this ultimately (and fairly rapidly) harms the people at the bottom tier of the financial pyramid who end up paying for that greed.

The virtue of ‘spending’ is only that it prevents potholes for this frankly speaking, rather nasty economic system during its operation. Why milk the ‘high demand’ opportunity to extract higher fees? What if we didn’t? Don’t you think the consequences would be a lot more pleasant for virtually everyone on the planet other than those at the top? Or isn’t Democracy supposed to permeate to this extent?

So yeah, if you save of course you’ll harm the greedy system. Mais oui!

This was one reason, he pointed out, that a recession can become self-reinforcing.

Ed: Message = save and (they say) you’ll make things worse therefore spend

Keynes also argued that, faced with slowing demand, businesses would not necessarily use the extra savings available in the economy to invest.

 Ed: Didn’t Keynes every say anythingin favour of saving? The appearance offered is that he didn’t.

In the Keynesian theory, as the slump in demand cascaded through the economy, the resulting slowdown would mean that everyone had less income – ultimately reducing the absolute amount of savings, even if people increase the proportion of their income they put aside.

 Ed: Guess no-one sees fit to mention that in the normal economy, the value of money has plummeted and that today even before the ‘sub-prime’ initial signaling that the scam was to take a new vibrant direction, that people today (and governments) are today in debt on a massive scale that simply dwarfs any debt help say 100 years ago. That’s right folks, the ‘fraud economy’ sucked you into a hole. All you are being offered is a burning rope to clamber into yet another deeper hole. BBC quality and balanced reporting you see.

As unemployment grew, investment would fall, whatever the level of savings.

Ed: I’m incredibly old fashioned, because I believe if a business makes a profit, then it is a worthy enterprise and should keep ticking along – employees included. But that’s just silly me. If I had any contempory financial respectability, I would cut jobs the moment successive year on year INCREASE IN PROFITS took a downturn.


Government help needed 
The government has slashed interest rates in a bid to boost spending.

Ed: Aaah. So far, ‘probems’ (savings) have been discussed because of YOU!. Now Government is mentioned with the word “help”, previously when ‘government’ was mentioned, it was accompanied with the word “boost” – Get the message folks?

 But how can we persuade the reluctant consumer to spend, and the reluctant businessman to invest?

Ed: So, one man, albeit a very insightful and textualising man, and some tiny portion of what he said has sealed the argument. ‘Saving is the big bad” – And don’t forget we still haven’t been offered any of Keynes’s insights as to virtues of saving {if indeed he had any}.

Keynes’ answer was that it was only the government that could overcome the collective paradox: what was good for the individual would weaken the economy.

Ed: Government good, Person bad. Oh, and who got us into this recession in the first place? Either by active participation in it (enticing interest rates, bailouts, massive overpayment for nationalising something engaged in fraudulent practices anyone?) or by failure to create regulate to prevent it from happening in the first place? Well, I guess as I have been told that it’s the people who are bad, then it must be them then! 

This is now the theory being embraced by the chancellor, who has abandoned his fiscal rules for the time being in order to pour money back into the economy.

 Ed: “Rules” that lead to….?  {Rules for us, opportunities and loop holes for ‘them}

And cuts in interest rates by the Bank of England are also designed to encourage businesses to continue to invest.

 Ed: Invest? Oopps, this is the age of leverage – I almost forgot. Being old fashioned I slipped into ‘old’ mode of imagining investment was done with real, tangeable savings. ‘Move over old git’ I hear. P.s. {Rules for us, opportunities and loop holes for ‘them}

But this is not very effective, because credit markets are in deep freeze. As a result, it is even more important to inject cash into the economy – at least according to Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England.

 Ed: anyone else feel like declaring and participating in freezing something that doesn’t really exists either? If enough of us do it, we’ll probably get a nice big payout for fear of collapsing the meaningless imaginary system? Yoo Hoo! Who’s in?


Spectre of deflation

There is another reason why the government wants to give a jolt to the economy now.

It is the fear that prices will actually start to fall as the slowdown gets going.

And deflation – falling prices – would certainly reinforce the paradox of thrift.

Ed: Can’t have those darkies and others we’ve already cut of of the system from being able to afford anything again can we? You see, once gain, falling prices only ‘hurt’ the vultures that were already doing very nicely from the situation before. You know, people who fund those lovely political parties of ours and own fine Tuscany based yachts for us to sip champagne on. We must help those suffering people.

If consumers expect prices to drop further in the future, then they have an even stronger incentive to delay their purchases until later, when they can benefit from lower prices.

 Ed: I went to the canteen today. Strangely they were selling food. I wonder if I should have gone up to the owner and said “You know, you could save money if you didn’t buy any food today but waited for the price drop in a couple of days.” Somehow, I can’t quite place why, but I don’t think she’d be all that impressed.

Deflation, especially in asset prices like houses, can be very long-lasting and hugely damaging to the economy, as recent experience in Japan suggests.

 Ed: Yes, better keep those house prices a ‘risin. Can’t have people breaking free of the 20 year debt now can we? Or those who buy simply to make more money out of peoples need. Deflation, like you = evil being! Can’t have a law that says “A house can only cost £500” 

So one reason the government may want to temporarily cut VAT now is to convince people that prices are going to go up later, thus encouraging them to spend.

Ed: And of course, they have looked at problems that arise from this, like the effect on the poor. they did look at the effect on the poor – didn’t they? Anyone?.


Rational expectations

Will these measures work?

One reason Keynesian explanations of the economy fell out of favour in the last few decades was the rise of a new economic theory – rational expectations.

Ed: But you’ve just finished advocating ‘spend spend spend’ based on a very small seciton of this one mans empirical evidence of a greed based, elite serving, manipulated system. And no doubt your readers were beginning to convince themselves that what they were reading was correct.

This argued that people were aware that any government borrowing would have to be paid back later. As a result they adjust their expectations accordingly, and do not spend as much as predicted.

Ed: So the government, in trying to get people to spend, never heard of this ‘new’ theory or paid it little/no attention?

Since this time, the government will be signalling its intentions to claw back the money it spends in future budgets,…

Ed: Aaah! The government is going to ‘save’. No comment on negative implications of this?

…perhaps we will all save more to cover our future loss of income.

Ed: People obviously need income to pay their expenses. They only need to save for when they want to purchase something of significant cost, to provide some security for ill health or as security for when the inherently fraudulent system belches. If their needs were constantly met by a guaranteed ability to acquire income, if houses were made to cost £500, cars (which really we should design life to avoid having to use) the same, free or near-free schooling and health treatment then nobody would need to save. Really! Are we so stupid we can’t design an economic system that negates the need to save? Of course we can, it’s just that people throughout history who have considered themselves as being superior to others, have implemented a system which maintains that relationship. Worst of all, we have stupidly allowed it to survive.

This theory may well apply to the financial markets, which are making the price of UK debt more expensive on the grounds it is likely to expand dramatically.

Ed: They make it more expensive by lowering interest rates? Mmmm! But of these ‘markets’; they certainly aren’t the kind of markets I would like to see – and lets stop calling them ‘markets’ – giving them the veneer of respectability – and call them for what they really are… Gambling dens. Given my way these ‘markets’ would be scrapped. Only those markets in harmony with catering for the needs of ordinary people proper markets should be allowed to survive. 

But the psychology of individuals may be different.

In the first place, some people may not be able save much whatever their expectations. Money that goes to pensioners surviving on the state pension, for example, may go straight into spending.

And some psychological research suggests that people do not “discount” very effectively in the long term.

So we may be under-estimating the attractiveness of spending even in the midst of a recession.

Returning to the single source, ‘murder hole’ of Keynesian ‘philisophy’, telling you not to save in the first place. I wonder if anyone has heard of aspect of psychological that identifies ‘if a lie is repeated often enough, it will be believed’. Notice the ‘may’. This is the ‘guilt free’ clause published so that then people believe this article and spend for the ‘good of the economy’ whatever that means (it usually means ‘help rich people stay rich’) then when they have no money and even more debt the BBC can say ‘Well, we didn’t say it WOULD help’.

This, at least, has to be the government’s hope as it embarks on its most audacious economic U-turn since Labour came to office in 1997.

Ed: Here we go again. “Government” and “hope”. Do these BBC journo’s take psychology lessons? Given the reference to it in the article and the fact this ‘economic financial system’ (read: ‘economic scam’) as well as political system does rely on fear and mind games, you would have to say ‘yes, they probably do’.

My opinion is: If the BBC are advocating spend, then its probably better not to. The BBC Newz department is simply an outlet for government spin, Newz heavily overlaps with finance of course, and I think it’s safe to say from a cursory examination of (particularly)modern government policy, they don’t give a damn about you – in fact they want to screw you, unless of course you happen to be of reasonale wealth. In that case, they love you.

What’s YOUR view? Have YOUR say!

SCUM 2008

At the annual SCUM (Second Coming of the Unholy Messiah) meeting, a fringe meeting was held by the organisations many fascists, misteriously held somehere in W1. A source close to the SCUM leadership hinted of it’s location when he told our correspondent “There was a lot of complaints about the slipperyness of the green leather seating”.

At the meeting, the 2008 competition was entitled “What could be done to promote the goals of SCUM?”

 Our source says the winner suggested this.

At what point will Brits be able to taste the fascism?




Come on you nation of shopkeepers! Grab your pitchforks. Grab the fascists that are destroying your freedom and that of your children. Do what you can to resist this Orwellian biometrics.

Once your databased, there is no going back.

Nuclear Energy lecture – call for input.



Dear readers.

I’m going to give a lecture/presentation to a group of University academics (scientists amongst them) in a few months time with a title approximating to..

“Nuclear Energy – the case against”

I’m quite lucky in the sense that the regular readers and contributors of this blog (as well as some casual passers by) are intelligent and I usually have a great deal of time for what they have to say. As such, I ask if anyone has any comments/arguements/dilemmas they would like to bring to my attention, either PRO or ANTI nuclear energy, then please do so.

I already have a stack of material {ed}- really, the internet is an beatable resource for a topic such as this (just as it is for computing) and contains far more information on nuclear issues that most libraries.

The breakdown of my lecture is going to look something like this:

A) Condensed guide to nuclear science.

B) Issus:
i. How the pro-lobby put their case
ii. Modern Life & the energy need – turn it on its head?
iii. History of Nuclear Accidents
iv. By-products:
     – Depleted Uranium
     – Radioactive waste (inc. Plutonium) and legacy
v. Cost efficiency of nuclear energy


I’ll leave on this note:

16 March 1979 The China Syndrome (movie)
28 March 1979: “Three Mile Island” Nuclear Accident

Mr Power isn’t the only one with hairs standing on the back of his neck: With reference to the above dates, watch this trailer…

Last few seconds: “Soon, you will know. The China Syndrome” – 12 days later as it turned out!

This report about the THORP plant at Sellafield, and its 2005 high level radioactive leakage discovery also reveals similar problems that occured in The China Syndrome c.f.  the stuck dial.

lu-lloys and hbus

More on the utter scam that signs us hurtling towards the end of the world. (and I can’t say I’m going to be that disappointed – either will half the planet)

“It comes after Lloyds TSB shareholders voted in favour of taking over HBOS and accepting government bail-out money. “source

– Boy I bet it was one hell of a tough vote. Poor little shareholders. Give’m 3 weeks holiday in St Lucia to recover.

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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