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The “Obama Effect” (part 1)

Is this beating around the Bush, or not beating around the bush?…



More: “ US Kills Dozens of Wedding Guests

By Jessica Leeder and Alex Strick van Linschoten


The tactic is… ‘if you kill everyone, then there’s nobody left to shoot you’. It’s a Zionist dream turning into a reality.

“Quick, Hide, Run for Your Lives” say the people of Afghanistan today.

I can’t escape it, an neither probably, can you. The US 2008 presidential election for the 44th US President.


Obama looks like he’s going to win. I’ll be honest and say I felt a twinge of excitement on reading the CNN prediction. The feeling only lasted a second, but it was a second too long, because I know it won’t make any difference; other than US domestic policy – but even that is isn’t likely to change significantly such is the assimilation of everything within corporatization. And who owns the corporations? The people that sponsor Obama and just about every other person of apparent political power in the western world.


I’ve written before that Obama will not have financial control over the country and isn’t likely to have much influence over foreign affairs – unless he manages to junk all the pro-Zionist advisors who will have his head in a spin if they get their way. He’ll end up dead if he tries anything. I don’t like that statement, I don’t want it to happen if my perceptions about his are proved to be wrong, but it’s a possibility that is all too real.


One thing’s for certain, the poor people of Afghanistan are quivering in their boots today knowing more murdering, raping and pillaging USan junkies, as well as more white hot glass like fragments from ear drum shattering bombs are on their way.


So to all you people who voted for Obama, I accuse you of being guilty of murder and manslaughter in regards to Obama’s future kills. Blood will drip from you hands as it would if you voted for McCain and he turned out to be the winner.


Aren’t you ashamed??? Is this the change you wanted? Did you even spend a microsecond thinking to yourself you should NOT vote for someone who is preaching more unjust war.


No. You’re not ashamed; you’re “loving it” aren’t you? It’s ok as long as its not your family that’s being blown to bits right? God bless America and all that.


As for all the people idiotically saying this will change the world (implying by their celebratory tones) for the better’ you might like to cast your mind back to May 1997 when the Tony the Terrible got into power and the majority of people were looking for a new dawn. What they got as a worsening nightmare of immense betrayal.


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