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David Axelrod. BO’s second post election appointment.

David Axelrod has acepted the post of senior White House Advisor. Barak “change” Obama’s second appointment. (third if you count self professed and proud Zionist Joe Biden)

Have a guess what ‘faith’ Axelrod  is? Go on guess.


Now imagine Your in a country with 98% native African people making up the population. Only 2% are white. The president of the country ends up with 30% of his team being white people, 70%+ of his closest and most powerful advisors are white. That would suggest a number of things. None of them savoury. And what do you think the 70% closest advisors will be telling the President? That the 2% whites are in too much of an elitist position? That they shouldn’t defend other ‘white outposts’?


Virus alert!

Sadly, I have to report my virus scanner has just detected a virus in one of the files I have posted on this blog.

The file is linked to on this page here on the post called unlockblock 1.0 URL here: and the file containing the virus is here: I’ve delinked it for the purpose of this notification.

 AVG reports the file as being: Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic10.NOQ

As to how harmful it is, I haven’t got a clue. I can’t find any results on google about it, although there are references to Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic 10.NOW

Here’s how Kaspersky reports it:


Kaspersky offers as a way of finding out more of what it finds, but draws a blank about this WinterLove virus.

All this makes me think that the “firewall tunnelling” / “filter bypass” software or whatever it is, which is the purpose of u88.exe may be confusing my virus scanners making them think that there is a virus when there may not be, OR, of course, THERE MAY BE AN ACTUAL VIRUS IN THE FILE!

Well I’m not that savvy with computers anymore, so I’ve done my bit to tell you what I’ve found. I’ll leave the file there for people who may need it (it ranks up there as one of the more popular blog posts)

Viva Palestina – break the siege:

Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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