David Axelrod. BO’s second post election appointment.

David Axelrod has acepted the post of senior White House Advisor. Barak “change” Obama’s second appointment. (third if you count self professed and proud Zionist Joe Biden)

Have a guess what ‘faith’ Axelrod  is? Go on guess.


Now imagine Your in a country with 98% native African people making up the population. Only 2% are white. The president of the country ends up with 30% of his team being white people, 70%+ of his closest and most powerful advisors are white. That would suggest a number of things. None of them savoury. And what do you think the 70% closest advisors will be telling the President? That the 2% whites are in too much of an elitist position? That they shouldn’t defend other ‘white outposts’?



3 Responses to “David Axelrod. BO’s second post election appointment.”

  1. 1 Anonymous November 19, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Barak Obama did the right thing appointing David Axelrod to a Senior Advisor post. If it wasn’t for David Axelrod and Pouffee of Chicago Obama could not had such a dynamic campaign organization. It’s not about race it’s about putting people in positions who have “your back” or who you can trust like Valerie Jarett another Senior Advisor who will becoming to Washington. I hope Barak considers his
    State of Illinois Senate collegue and mentor Emil Jones for a slot on his Advisory team also who is partly responsible for educating and molding Obama to Chicago politics. Obama will be a great President and have a solid team of Advisory and Cabinet Professionals.

  2. 2 lwtc247 November 20, 2008 at 2:04 am

    Thanks for contributing.

    I can understand Obama ‘rewarding’ people who helped him and I can understand the need to surround himself with people he trusts. But the problem in my eyes is, Obama has either put hmself in the circle of Zionists or, Zionists have flocked around him. These poeple are not loyal to Obama, they are loyal to the ungodly thieved fake state of Israyhell, whereby US policy is set out for the benefit of Israyhell. Maintianing the pretence existance of that fake state is absolutely NOT in the interests of the US.

    US interests are best served if the US has warm relations with the Arab world but meaningful and jointly beneficial trade and diplomatic relations. In that way the US could legitimaely gain favourable oil deals and not worry about any paramilitary efforts by Arabs to destroy the US (if any actually existed).

    As it is, the US gets favourable oil deals (Primarily via. Saudi and Kuwait) by supporting a puppet regeime which come with the baggage akin to despotism – keeping the population subdued, secret police everywhere, inability to criticise the government, no free press, heavily filtered news, no obvious hope of the political change….

    The Zionists around Obama favour the latter method of foreign policy, becasue their philisophy is forged from evil ideals, such as superiority, usury, oppression etc.

    As for the extent of Axelrod’s Jewishness, I’ve never seen the slightest indication that he’s following the Divine commandments of truth, justice and peace. I’m just guessing here, but it seems to me he’s going to be part of the Zionist (pretend)Jew, in conjunction to the ultra-pro-Zionist declarations Obama himself has made.

    What’s your basis for saying he will be a great President?

  3. 3 lwtc247 November 20, 2008 at 6:20 am

    Forgot to say…

    I don’t see how expanding the army, prostrating to the doomed state of Israyhell, bombing Pakistan, increasing the bombing of Afghanistan, pretending to move out of Iraq(the conditions are likely to turn ‘hostile’ as the puppets positions of power arnt secure yet), supporting tyranical pro-US puppets, saddling the people with billions of $ of debt to vanish down into black hole accounts of large corporation and foreign companies, being in the pocket of corporations, surrounding onesself with Zionists could possibly qualifty for the award of “great president.”

    I’d may find this interesting.

    November 13, 2008
    Appearance And Reality In The Relaunch Of Brand America

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