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The second obama photo

The other day I recommended Obama keeps a photo of his kids in the Oval office, just to remind him of why it is he must make significant progress for peace today – i.e. for the hope and sake of not just his children, but all children across the planet.

Here’s another photo he should keep in that very same office.

Why? To remind him to reject the greatest source of evil in the world today…
the ungodly secular monster, that is, the 60 year enduring theft and occupation of Palestine, sustained by those who look at the Palestinians and you, and me as being a sub-human freak like counter species.


 “Obviously he’ll influence the president to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn’t he? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to be mopping floors at the White House.” – Benjamin Emanuel – Terrorist by the real definition of the word, murderer of Palestinians and British, refering to his son, Rahm Emanuel Israeli army volunteer. Rahm Emanuel was one of Barack Obama’s 0 president elect on a ticket of “change” – first political appointees as Chief of Staff.

End of update

But Obama won’t have this photo. He doesn’t care. His administration is being filled going to the same manipulators and killers as have populated it for over a hundred years. The hopes of the ME and USans alike will be sober up very quickly. Obama’s like a dead fish already.

My question is how long will it be before the people realise en masse that they have been played a joker. Will that then bring about the much needed peoples revolution? My hearts screams yes, my head says No. Any revolution will fail as it will in Britain, but it is important to go down fighting.

Bretton Woods 2

The sub-prime market collapse reeked of a scam.
The credit crunch is a scam.
The nationalisation of banks and Insurance companies is a scam
Amex (American Express) entering the fold is scam-like
The bailout was a scam
The unprescidented demand for gold and its falling price is linked to the scam

Bretton Woods 2 is coming and here’s what it’s long term objective is going to be: Pure and simply:


The government are forcing biometrics upon us and getting control of the banks simply becasue it will make the imposition and integration of biodata with banking data manageable. It’s the centralisation of data.

e-money is the greatest tool the fascists can have over you.

Resist it good people!

This is practically the last stand you will be able to make.

Barelustonly’s ‘tanned’ comment.

I don’t think people have fully addressed this issue. Barelustonly is like many extremely wealthy people, seems coated with an aura of financial sleaze and fascism, and his past comments make you wonder why on earth Italians keep electing him.

But the tanned comment isn’t just another display of idiocy, but racism. Because under the tan will therefore, in lustonly’s eyes, lie a default white person. Barelust cannot contemplate there are people who. by default. are not white. No doubt lusty babes has a whale of time when prince Phillip pops his gerryhatrick head around for a chat.



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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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