Bretton Woods 2

The sub-prime market collapse reeked of a scam.
The credit crunch is a scam.
The nationalisation of banks and Insurance companies is a scam
Amex (American Express) entering the fold is scam-like
The bailout was a scam
The unprescidented demand for gold and its falling price is linked to the scam

Bretton Woods 2 is coming and here’s what it’s long term objective is going to be: Pure and simply:


The government are forcing biometrics upon us and getting control of the banks simply becasue it will make the imposition and integration of biodata with banking data manageable. It’s the centralisation of data.

e-money is the greatest tool the fascists can have over you.

Resist it good people!

This is practically the last stand you will be able to make.

2 Responses to “Bretton Woods 2”

  1. 1 StefZ November 14, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    This is practically the last stand you will be able to make.

    It’s amazing how inventive people can be when faced with adversity

    AFAIC the sooner the creeps behind these scams bring it on the sooner a few more people will wake up and kick back

    The biggest risk is that people won’t be sure who it is they should be kicking

  2. 2 lwtc247 November 15, 2008 at 5:27 am

    In relation to some specific topic, there are times when I’m optimistic and others when I am ompletely the opposite. I wish I could share your optimism about people laughing the face of adversity, but in regards to the Caucasions in this current stage of so called “civilisation”, I really can’t see it.

    Those taking a stand, are currently few and disempowered. That’s someting not likely to change, especially with the recent Australian censorship filter and all this talk of web 2.0 develops, no-guns lobby, biodatabase, terror leglislaion and of course more blatent corporatisation of government go further.

    The small band of resistors are also rather fractuous – in a sence, inviting others to kick them. Yes, it’s sad.

    I would say TPTB are deliberately not bringing it on presicely because it has the potential (which I’ve just dismissed) to snowball and getting a nsaty backlash.

    Besides, it’s always better to stop a clock striking midnight by letting it get to 11:59:59. Failure to act is I think evident in the German and other Europeans silence when in amy places in Europe, the Nazi’s herded off large numbers of Jews, Roma, Poles, Russian POW etc, into labour camps where many perished. Or Rawands (spilling over into DRC today) of George Jackass Bush and Tony Sadist Blair’s murderthon in Iraq or Nixons in IndoChina.

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