The second obama photo

The other day I recommended Obama keeps a photo of his kids in the Oval office, just to remind him of why it is he must make significant progress for peace today – i.e. for the hope and sake of not just his children, but all children across the planet.

Here’s another photo he should keep in that very same office.

Why? To remind him to reject the greatest source of evil in the world today…
the ungodly secular monster, that is, the 60 year enduring theft and occupation of Palestine, sustained by those who look at the Palestinians and you, and me as being a sub-human freak like counter species.


 “Obviously he’ll influence the president to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn’t he? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to be mopping floors at the White House.” – Benjamin Emanuel – Terrorist by the real definition of the word, murderer of Palestinians and British, refering to his son, Rahm Emanuel Israeli army volunteer. Rahm Emanuel was one of Barack Obama’s 0 president elect on a ticket of “change” – first political appointees as Chief of Staff.

End of update

But Obama won’t have this photo. He doesn’t care. His administration is being filled going to the same manipulators and killers as have populated it for over a hundred years. The hopes of the ME and USans alike will be sober up very quickly. Obama’s like a dead fish already.

My question is how long will it be before the people realise en masse that they have been played a joker. Will that then bring about the much needed peoples revolution? My hearts screams yes, my head says No. Any revolution will fail as it will in Britain, but it is important to go down fighting.


2 Responses to “The second obama photo”

  1. 1 steph November 14, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    Why is it that certain Obama supporters are claiming that criticising the appointment of Rahm Emanuel is antisemitic, would they say that criticising the appointment of Joe Biden is antisemitic? Emanuel is a staunch Zionist who served in the IDF and was heavily involved in Clinton’s Middle East policy. Not criticising the appointment is anti-Arab. I don’t care how many jews Obama appoints, as long as they’re not Zionists, but when the Jews he appoints are Zionists, then we’ve got a right to be criticial.

  2. 2 lwtc247 November 15, 2008 at 4:39 am

    Cheers for that Steph.

    The term ‘antisemitism’ has become as meaningless and thread-bare as ‘terrorist’. But don’t let peoples non-comprehension of what a Semite is (and what a Jew is) caution against its proliferation. Actually most of the so called Jews today are not Semetic. But the world has been raised not to care about such pedantic things such as definitions anymore. Perceptions rule the world, and the generally fostered perception of antisenetism means “anti-Jew”.

    This is part of the weaponry Zionists cunningly employ – to enable them to hide behind the God fearing Jews, Jews I am proud to call brother, Jews who utterly reject secular godless genocial cleptomoiacal Zionism. Most Zionists are careful not to use the word Zionist as it removes them from the cover of the Jews. Stupid sell-offs like Biden usually learn that lesson slowly.

    According to the proper definition of the term, a white Euro Jew (Khazar) could not be said to be a victim of antisemetism. Whereas real terrorist Benjamin Emanuel could be a purpetrator of atisemetism with his attack on Arabs – a minsete almost all Zionists hold (‘Muslim’, ‘Christian’ or ‘Jewish’ Zionists)

    I also don’t care how many jews Obama appoints. In fact, I think it’s a pity he hasn’t actually picked any ; Rahm Emanuel and AxelFoley (or whatever his name was) aren’t really Jews are they come on folks lets be honest here.

    One more thing about antisenetism: {Still in the realm of perception here} It is a valid accusation only if it suits the interests of Zionists.

    The Barack “change” Obama administration is revealing itself to be ‘Clinton III’ or Clinton Lite.

    It began to stink when pre-elect Obama sold his soul to white and Zionist interests. And what, 10 days on, the stink is oerpowering.

    One could say with at least with UK PM Garden Broom, we knew he was going to more of the same before he took office. No real lie of ‘change’ there (although it did pop up sporadically to test the waters)

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