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When my workload got too busy to enable blogging, I thought: Upon my return, I will put some posts relating to the issues that had transpired during my absence.


But too many significant things have happened to allow for that. I still had some outstanding commentaries to give on the Health and Safety case of Jean Charles deMenezes’ (JCdM) cold blooded and downright wicked slaughter.


Now there’s been another legal episode, which concluded last week – the coroners “inquest” an act of justice perversion due to the “Coroner”, Michael Wright, filtering the inquests verdict, condoning and bleached over the very illegal and morally repugnant slaughter of an innocent man. The implications of the whitewash are too voluminous for an individual alone to adequately discuss.


I also knew that during my absence the slide towards fascism would continue unabated. More Afghani’s would be slaughtered as would more Iraqi’s, Pakistanis and Somalis, the economic scam would widen and the British people would generally not care, or id they did care they wouldn’t do anything to try and get it to stop.


Interestingly, a scenario similar to what I envisaged earlier (see “Outrageously stupid” – search for Board member 1) about a scam that could be pulled off deliberately ruining ones company to reap greater rewards via credit default swaps may well have transpired with the $50bln “fraud” that was announced the other day. Being forced to live with the conspiracy 24/7, I more than half suspect it the collapse was engineered, and a number of people have quietly done rather well out it.


The oxymoronic “credit crunch” breaks sets new boundaries every day it seems. And on behalf of those 3 billion –  half the planets population – whose lives were a nightmare when the other half were living it up when the “the global economy” I raise my middle finger in your direction.


Actually, it’s incorrect to say it’s on behalf of the 3 billion poor people that I  do such a thing, because such an act is exactly the thing the ‘wealthers’ would do the ‘poorers’ and not the other way around. The people at the bottom don’t chase wealth at the expense of others. No. They chase wealth in order not to starve to death!


Then you look at the billions of dollars, euros, yen, and pounds spent rescuing gambling dens and not a penny for those on deaths door; so hungry they eat discarded food in garbage cans – that is, if they are lucky enough to have that opportunity, then you should feel outraged.


And of course On Sunday, we have the heroic shoe thrower Muntadar al-Zeidi who has invigorated me. One internet commentator said ‘it’s telling of the times when a shoe thrower is a hero’. The point was understandable, but seems to have overlooked that it was a heroic act, for the poor man knew he was going to tortured and possibly murdered for resisting the slime that killed millions of his compatriots. All this while the hypocrites eased into positions of power in Baghdad – the Al Maliki regime, exhibited concern for the bumbling Jackass of a President George ‘dubya’ Bush while the thugs kicked Al-Zaidi in the face and ribs, salivating at the chance to drilling holes into his body later.


Any contribution me or my blog makes to stopping the unfurling nightmare gripping the wealthy occidental nations of this world (nations in which grant mammoth degrees of power to the eugenic and wickedly oppressive Zionist elements within) are immeasurably small. Watching the merry-go-round of tyranny continuing its path while blogging, and now, when taking a break from it, has made me wonder should I bother. If I alone stopped expressing my outrage it couldn’t make any difference; I know that and I don’t’ pretend otherwise, however, if everyone who vehemently opposes the pervasive rot became silent then boy, if you thought we were in trouble now, you would probably look back on these times as a veritable golden age.


For that main reason, I decided, when embarking upon my blog-break, that I must return even if my activities prove futile.


I simply could not bear to say “nothing” in response to a question  asking me “What did you to try and prevent this from happening?” as a child weeps over the bodies of his parents, merciless slaughtered, politically assassinated because they dared to think differently and wouldn’t conform.


And neither should you.

Muntadar al-Zeidi – In Praise of HEROS


I’m breaking my self imposed (semi)exile to pay tribute to Muntadar al-Zeidi, who you’ll have heard about – if you’ve not been frozen in deep space for the last day. He was the Iraqi Journalist who threw his shoes as the murdering jackass piece of dirt George Dubya Bush in Baghdad yesterday.

His courage is admirable, yet reveals the disgrace of many of us who have done little, if anything, to ty and stop the madness.

I’ve not done anything physical – to my shame. It plays on my mind. Al-Zeidi’s courage diminishes my cowardice.

My thanks to those readers who have kept viewing the blog in my absense, including the spooks – to who I hope one day some of these words will make you realise your on the wrong side.

And of course the Jean Charles deMenezes whitewash was an utter disgrace as I knew it would be when I needed to take a break from blogging. Well done to the jury for doing just about all they could in the face of the cover-up.

It’s the end of the Gregorian calendar year, a time when many people review the year. Well,  brother Muntadar al-Zeidi has just provided the highlight of 2008.

I’m taking a break

I’m taking a break from blogging.

Quite simply at the moment, I don’t have much time. What little time I do have, I need to spend it on other things.

The fascism I write and warn about is real and it’s here. It’s merely strengthening. Warning about it, by writing/discussing it and spreading awareness, has it seems proved productive. Acknowledgement of the sparkling efforts of many many others finds a rightful place here, as is an expression of appreciation to those courageous and upstanding intelligent beings (some of who I link to on this blogs sidebar),

But I urge you all not to think that writing and discussion against it, are sufficient alone – because it’s not.

The time for physical acton (of various descriptions) against establishment fascism has already come to pass, and one day soon, you really must make the decision to be part of that physical resistance too, if you already haven’t done so.

Information dissemination alone is likely to fail. The iraq war is a superb and tragic example of that.

Resist the database of biometric ID and DNA. Resist the move to e-money, and as best you can, – detach yourself from the fraudulent economic system which runing the lives of way more than half the planets population every single day. Your leaders are deeply flawed (not that their inflated and false sence of self importance would have them admit that) and Democracy is largely illusory.

Allow your inner conscience to guide you to what life should be about: Worship of God, justice, respect and peace. Even if you don’t believe in the first of those, we can and should all still work for the fulfilment of the latter three. Either way, they are ideals which can only come about via struggle – ever more so these days.

I leave you for now and hope to return in a few months time.

May God be with you.


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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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