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Global warming’s gonna kill us before Obama or Nuclear waste does.

New evidence of global warming has emerged and is presented in the form of the legendary ‘computer graphic’.

In addition to todays chilling… errrm I mean warnimg… errm that is,  newz story, the “I Pee, See See!” further announced their decision to ignore the hundreds of scientsts, in amongst then are climate scientists, and former members of the “I Pee, See See!” who for years have been hostile to anthropogenic(theory of) global warming(theory), as well as recorded temperature increases on the other planets in the solar system, as well as satellite data from other parts of the world that would reveal global cooling, all as being conpiracy nonsence.

I Pee See See for yourself… WARNING: Clicking on this link, revealing the presenation of the ‘findings’ may seriously question your ability to drink from the fountain of propaganda.

So let us just sit back and just enjoy us buying up the CO2 quotas from ‘the darkies’, water bombing Bedowin camp fires with SeaKing helicopters, to maintian the economic hegemony by the all too familiar usual suspects.

Hou – ray!

The future’s bright. The future’s orange.


Update: The BBC what hosted that fear inducing MMGW story, sports this quote:

“It’s hard to think of any situation where increased greenhouse gases would not lead to warming in Antarctica” – Dr Drew Shindell, Nasa – Source.  Doesn’t  ‘unless the theory is simply wrong’  count then?


Hummm… Must adjust the redshift colour balance on the computer… things are looking decidely ‘red biased’ these days.


I think it’s just a sign

I don’t for a minute begin to pretend that the people in the corridors of power (covertly or overtly) of the United States are religious. By religious I mean people who actually believe in God and let that affect their actions, not those fraudsters who simply say they believe in God. I fnd it very difficult to imagine taking an oath on the Bible, Qur’an, or Torah means anything to those people.

But I am very troubled at the fact that the other days swearing in was repeated.

Yes, you read that right, I said ‘the other days’ – meaning I don’t know the exact day he was sword in. Given that he’s won the election, the swearing in was an utter irrelevance to me. Nothing ‘Obama’ grabbed my attention as my eyes scanned the global news headlines. Quite unlike some, it must be said who waved their little flags, and surely only because Obama is a little bit black in skin colour, believed somehow things would get better. If Obama was black on the inside then I could understand – a little, maybe.

Returning to the second swearing in…

He was sworn in a second time as a ‘cautionary measure’ because the first globally televised one didn’t have him, in accordance with protocol – hand on Bible, say the word “faithfully”. So today the ceremony was re-performed this with the word faithfully but without the Bible.

I don’t for one second believe it was a deliberate act, (i.e. to try and wrangle out of swearing on the Bible)  and I know the murderous US Presidents in times past e.g. that idiotic Jackass of a cognitive worm pseudo cowboy G ‘dubya’ dumbwit Bush did the ceremony saying ‘faithfully’ with hand on bible at the same time.

But I think it is a sign of thats’ to come. You know, one of those things people will look back retrospectively upon and say that event symbolised the trouble to come.

Sure, everyone sees their own signs over a myriad  of issues, but this is my sign.

A sign I hope of course turns out to be wrong.

But I don’t think it will be.

I can’t see how the Obama presidency can be anything BUT a furtherance into more global violence and hate.

Israyhelli near complete influence over US foreign policy is set to continue. Obama has promised that in no uncertain words a number of times, and has a self-declared, Zionist and proud to boot, Joe Biden, as his VP. Then ‘son of terrorist’ Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff and all the other little Zionist dummies in other posts that will never tire pumping Zionist pig-swill into Obama’s nicely shaped head.

And one thing is almost guaranteed, as long as Israyhell coninues to occupy and slaughter to its sadistic desires, there will never be global peace.

As time goes on. the disillusionment in the US will I predict be IMMENSE! Social conditions will worsen and Obama in slavery to Israyhell, wont be able to do anything about it. I predict a state of Emergency will be declared in the US and probably Martial Law.

Yeah I know, that’s Alex Jones’ line, but like I inferred earlier, this is my crystal ball – Alex already has his own.


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