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The right to believe

The fascists are out once more, jabbing the knives into the belly of those who hold contrary opinions. To these fascists, it doesn’t matter one bit, that what they perceive as an ‘offensive belief’, actually has a reasonable basis behind it.

The result? Attack the person, not the information by which that belief was established. When you see that methodology being employed, you know the knife-jabbers have lost the argument and wallow in their own ignorance.

I am of course talking about Catholic Bishop Mr. Richard Williamson.

And the repugnant BBC plays it’s part in it, providing only 1m23s clip of the Bishop exclusively devoid of the Bishop citing some of the basis that forms his belief. Funny how the BBC clip stops just before the Bishop actually goes onto the explain the rationale behind his stance. Althought, perhaps ‘funny’ isn’t quite the word!

Please compare the BBC selected portion [LINK HERE] with a more fuller(but still edited) version found on YouTube.

And as usuall from the scummy BBC, it doesn’t give any critical analysis of the interviewer who tries to put words into the Bishops mouth and/or spin what he says.

Well done to all those torch and pitchforkers for once again demonstrating how cowardly they are to debate the real issues in order for them to hide behind their zeal for cognitive homogeneity.

I’ll transcribe what the admirable rational Bishop says and post it here later.

And perhaps I’ve actually been a bit unkind accessing the variants of ‘belief’: Although the Bishop himself used the words "I believe" in this matter, really, the element of faith is rather absent. Therefore, and actually the Bishop does indicate this from what he says, he adops a "current stance" on the issue based on what he has seen. He clearly gives the impression tht if he saw stronger evidence which would support 6m Jews died ot that the hundreds of thousands of Jews who did die was a result of gassing, then he would – based on what he said – change his opinion.

That matter of course gets no airing and in places like Germany – to it’s deep shame – isn’t allowed, in some ways resembling its recent history, and it also shows there are numerous fascists still supporting Germany. Ho ho!


UPDATE: Rest assured, if you want to debate the holocaust issues (or non-holocaust issues) here then you can. There is no thought police here, unlike some other blogs. Feel free to discuss and lay-out ANY evidence you wish, (even the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion if you must – although that is heading into a side issue). Unlike other blogs where discussion is stifled, I fully encourage it. A reminder is given however that one can argue without causing deliberate offence.


Address by Palestinian Ambassor to South East Asia and Questions put to him




I had the chance to hear the Palestinian Ambassador his Excellency Abdelaziz Abdelrahman Abuqutaish (Abu Ghoush) give a talk to some University students yesterday. I had previously texted some friends about it. Some replied by saying “Why was he invited?, He is from the US backed Fatah group”.


I replied essentially telling them discussion of internal Palestinian matters are not the objective of the talk, but it was interesting to see that even here, Fatah are treated with caution by some (US stooge associations) – and to a large extent I agree, however, as I said, the objective was to tell people about the horrors the Palestinians must endure, not an occasion to put Palestinians themselves under the microscope.


The ambassador gave a passionate description of the Palestinian position and thankfully, early on, gave a very strong condemnation of the British – totally justifiable, not IMHO, but as a point of FACT.


When it came to the Americans he was more conciliatory and even hopeful (and he also spoke quite well of George Mitchell) that the Obama administration would indeed offer ‘change’ towards Palestinian aspirations.


In his expression of hope towards Obama, the Ambassador saying “We [the Palestinians] are a people who judge on practice, not on theory” meaning of course, Obama’s future actions are the only thing that count now, the past years of malicious US policy (George jackass idiot dubya Bush had promised them a Palestinian state at the end of 2008) have already taken place.


And I must say it caught my eye that he was giving what is called ‘the illuminati sign’ with his right hand – thumb, first finger and pinkie protruding from an otherwise clenched fist. As to whether that actually means anything other than a ‘natural’ positioning some people do but really, that is a different matter.


I was the first person who had the opportunity to ask him ‘a’ question.


I mentioned Obama already declared Israyhells security was sacrosanct and that his Vice President Joe Biden was a self declared Zionist. I mentioned Rahm Emanuel was the son of a Zionist terrorist. I pleaded with him ‘please do not put faith in these people, {I’m not sure if I said something like ‘you will be betrayed but such a thing would have been the obvious implication of what I was saying} and the blood of more Palestinians will spill [via these “peace”(sic) moves]. I also asked him why he spoke well of Egypt given Egypt maintains part of the perimeter imprisoning 1.5 million Gazans (many of who are actually Palestinian refugees!) and that the EU and Egypt are reportedly in negotiations right now as to how to try and stop smuggling of food and medical supplies into Gaza. Why was he expressing hope with Egypt stating Egypt was the second biggest recipient of US aid. I asked him to comment on both parts.


The Ambassador mentioned that the Rafa border must not be opened. I don’t actually understand his logic as to why but it was something like if it was opened, the Israyhelli’s would keep the other 6-8(?) crossings closed and therefore the Gaza strip would in effect no longer become Palestinian territory and stop the state of Palestine from forming. He said they don’t criticise their Arab brothers, mentioning Egypt fought 3 wars against Israel, losing something like 100,000 men. That may be true but that wasn’t under <i>this</i> Egyptian regime, and of course those Egyptians who died cannot be criticised for putting themselves in the line of fire, but as always, it was the little guys who bore the brunt. Even praise for Nasser(? – bit foggy about the history here) should be tempered because he was putting the lives of <i>others</i> on the line. One reason why most leaders are usually so casual about going to war.


Later over tea, I asked him further about the Egypt border question countering his argument by saying there <i>is no Palestinian state at the moment!</i>, so surely his point in reply wasn’t relevant. but I didn’t get a satisfactory clarification, not least because too many things were happening around us.


I had read reports earlier about the Egyptians using guard dogs to frustrate the Palestinians from crossing into Egypt when the Palestinians had to blow up the border about a year ago in order to continue living, and generally this current, in my opinion, nasty Egyptian regime seems to do the bare minimum it can to stop outright anger against itself in order that it can continue to support US (ergo Israyhell) dictats to suffocate the Palestinian people. In my opinion, Hosni Mubarak needs to snap out of it! 


The Ambassador had other people wanting to speak to him, and eventually had to leave. He’s a busy guy, I’m grateful to hear what he had to say. My disagreement with him is trivialised in that unity against Zionist hideous barbarity is far more important. In his address however, he did touch slightly on the Fatah/Hamas infighting saying they needed unity. He said all Palestinians should unite under the one organisation [supposedly specifically for that purpose of getting a Palestinian state] – the PLO.


When he said that immediately what went through my mind was ‘Hamas would say the same thing: about unity, but under the democratically elected umbrella of Hamas!’ but still… recognition of the need for unity is always one of the first essential steps. Pity they can’t seem to make the proceeding steps though.


Although in effect I seem to forget, I have accepted that there will always be things people (even close people) will say that I strongly oppose, but still, Fatah has failed, and is tarnished with the brush of being a little bit too cosy with the US (/Israyhell) Hamas have the support of the people so it’s really Hamas’s turn now.


He did mention conditions that the Palestinians would welcome help but must not be accompanied with outsiders interfering with internal Palestinian affairs. Having just wrote that Mahmood Abbas (Abu Mazen) telling that the US doesn’t strike me as terribly likely.


Also interesting was in reply to my question about a Gaza / West bank ‘link’ (assuming the 67/68(?) 2 state solution border) he said there wasn’t a formalised plan for that just an understanding. Crikey! Very tenuous, but of course the whole Palestinian issue is even more tenuous, and it really looks like Zionist Israyhell will achieve its genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians.


A question was put to the Ambassador by a Student concerning Boycotting US and Israyhelli goods. After his question I shouted out ‘and British’ but I don’t think he got it. I later asked him why he didn’t include the British and he said he wasn’t aware the British were similiar to the US in that respect. Needless to say, I quickly corrected him. Perhaps the student misssed the early part of the Ambassadors talk.


Looking back, the Ambassador seemed to be a bit reluctant to antagonise the US, but said the OIC (in which he had held a post) had agreed on it, on principle, but never implemented it. He ashed why. I don’t think he sapecifically said yes boycott US goods, but I was left with the clear feeling it was was something he agreed on (but perhaps ironically, like the OIC he was hesitant to openly agree/do it!)   



Respect also to Mr K.K. Tan (a Journalist and member of Stragetic planning think tank) who also spoke out against Zionism, media bias and public ignorance. Mr Tan was a very eloquent person and a clear thinker. He mentioned an aspect of Western media bias I too was noticed. Which cheered me up knowing others spotted it too. I wish I had more opportunity to talk to him directly. Looks like I’ll have to use e-mail. Perhaps I can pull him over for coffee one day? If your reading this Mr Tan, what do you say? 


What was achieved? hundreds of young Asians have been given a deeper (if not initiation) insight into the plight of the Palestinians and a new generation of people who oppose Zionism are in the making.


May God bless the admiral opposers of Zionism.


Acting (Jan 2007) Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Erlinda F. Basilio welcomes the non-resident Ambassador of the Palestine National Authority to the Philippines and Malaysia, H. E. Abdelaziz Abdelrahman Abuqutaish (Abu Ghoush).

On the oddities of humans

Dr Musa Mohd Nordin 

A few weeks ago at an “C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E – Save the Palestinians”  information dissemination event in Kuala Lumpur, Dr Musa Mohd Nordin got things rolling. “FREE FREE PALESTINE” he bellowed somewhat unexpectedly into a microphone. The chant and intonation obviously was asking for reciprocation. The crowds responded. “FREE FREE PALESTINE” said once again into the mic, probably hoping and getting a bolstered response second time around. He did it once more and possibly for a fourth time.

Note: No disrespect to Dr Musa Mohd Nordin whatsoever. His efforts to help the Palestinians are mightily praiseworthy.

I joined in on the second time (getting old – brain not as sharp as it used to be), but honestly, I felt a bit awkward; not because of what was being declared, but due to the fact we were expected to do it and really, other than making people focus their attention that the event was underway, it was a fruitless exercise. Other than the few Palestinians who were in the hall with us, no-one else heard. Even if they could have heard us, Our aeriel rarefactions would always achieve a grand total of zero. It’s similar to street protests or demonstrations – activities of near zero accomplishment. I didn’t add my voice to the throng because others did so, rather because of an internal belief to show solidarity with the Palestinian cause – and there’s a little bit of hope that somehow in some ethereal kind of way, the solidarity will empower the Palestinians. But I would have appreciated being asked before hand to do it voluntarily.

And of course it’s not just that event. It’s other occasions too. As an  ‘Ashamedly British’ person working abroad, I had to attend a ‘workcentric’ oath taking ceremony pledging allegiance to a Monarch. I had far less courage then and kind of went along with it, adding my own caveats in the process. But afterwards I resented having to go there and felt uncomfortable that I kind of partook in the ceremony. I did so as a foreigner who didn’t wish to show disrespect by just ‘bunking’ off. I am very certain others would have said it simply because others were doing it and that is bad.

Once more, just about two weeks ago, I was at an address of the upper management to the lets say ‘rank and file’ who were told attendance is compulsory. This occasion also saw the undertaking of an oath – with of course more people saying it because others were.

Although apathy is rife, and perhaps requiring attendance curtails that somewhat, I’m not keen on it. What I really don’t like is sheep-dogging the sheep kind of things as infact oath talking is and so is compuslrory attendance notices. The same goes for ’embarrassing’ people into doing things they don’t really want to do.

Getting back to the Free Free Palestine chant, I have much emotion towards the Palestinian people and their cause. Not just because humanity demands it, but other reasons also such as the associated attack on Islam, but does that that solidarity have to displayed to others? The actions I have done will (InshahAllah) help the Palestinians and oppose Zionism. And my thoughts + inner being are already highly in solidarity with them. Although it’s not really important, why should I be put in a situation whereby if I didn’t show solidarity by chanting to others, then they might look down on me as if I am cold-hearted towards the Palestinians?

After the repeated chants, I felt as though a vacuum opened up – ‘so we’ve just chanted… what now? – Nothing!” the near total futility of what we had just done was glaring.

Perhaps I’m ‘over analysing’ all this – which is something that strongly characterises me. But some of the subtleties sometimes annoy me and I cant help pondering on them.

What weird things humans are.

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