The right to believe

The fascists are out once more, jabbing the knives into the belly of those who hold contrary opinions. To these fascists, it doesn’t matter one bit, that what they perceive as an ‘offensive belief’, actually has a reasonable basis behind it.

The result? Attack the person, not the information by which that belief was established. When you see that methodology being employed, you know the knife-jabbers have lost the argument and wallow in their own ignorance.

I am of course talking about Catholic Bishop Mr. Richard Williamson.

And the repugnant BBC plays it’s part in it, providing only 1m23s clip of the Bishop exclusively devoid of the Bishop citing some of the basis that forms his belief. Funny how the BBC clip stops just before the Bishop actually goes onto the explain the rationale behind his stance. Althought, perhaps ‘funny’ isn’t quite the word!

Please compare the BBC selected portion [LINK HERE] with a more fuller(but still edited) version found on YouTube.

And as usuall from the scummy BBC, it doesn’t give any critical analysis of the interviewer who tries to put words into the Bishops mouth and/or spin what he says.

Well done to all those torch and pitchforkers for once again demonstrating how cowardly they are to debate the real issues in order for them to hide behind their zeal for cognitive homogeneity.

I’ll transcribe what the admirable rational Bishop says and post it here later.

And perhaps I’ve actually been a bit unkind accessing the variants of ‘belief’: Although the Bishop himself used the words "I believe" in this matter, really, the element of faith is rather absent. Therefore, and actually the Bishop does indicate this from what he says, he adops a "current stance" on the issue based on what he has seen. He clearly gives the impression tht if he saw stronger evidence which would support 6m Jews died ot that the hundreds of thousands of Jews who did die was a result of gassing, then he would – based on what he said – change his opinion.

That matter of course gets no airing and in places like Germany – to it’s deep shame – isn’t allowed, in some ways resembling its recent history, and it also shows there are numerous fascists still supporting Germany. Ho ho!


UPDATE: Rest assured, if you want to debate the holocaust issues (or non-holocaust issues) here then you can. There is no thought police here, unlike some other blogs. Feel free to discuss and lay-out ANY evidence you wish, (even the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion if you must – although that is heading into a side issue). Unlike other blogs where discussion is stifled, I fully encourage it. A reminder is given however that one can argue without causing deliberate offence.


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