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Manchester University Students Union (MUSU)

first I read this…


Today, an emergency general meeting was called at the University of Manchester. There was only one motion, dealing with the union’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. For this solidarity motion to even be discussed, however, 500 people needed to attend the meeting. It was always going to be touch and go, when it came to getting the numbers for the quorum count, but fifteen minutes before the meeting’s start, 440 students had already been waved in by security. With five minutes to go, only a handful of the five hundred seats were empty.


It was then that the trouble started. According to the count, we were a tiny number short of five hundred, but pro-Palestinian activists began claiming the doors had been locked on people trying to get in. Looking towards the doors, it did indeed look like plenty of people were struggling to get. “Let them in and do the count!” people argued with the chair to no avail. With five hundred people clearly ready to discuss and vote on the Gaza motion, we were not permitted to do so by Chair of Council, Jonti Prior, (Labour Students). One might speculate that Jonti, a member of the national committee of Labour Students, might have a vested interest in stifling the pro-Gaza movement, since the local Labour Students banner was prominent at a recent rally held in support of Israel. The rally was held as the bombs were still falling on Gaza.


The emergency motion contained practical aid for the people of Gaza: if passed, Manchester University would have been committed to providing more aid to the people of Palestine, both through supporting the Viva Palestina lifeline and aiding Palestinian students in studying at our university. It would also have committed the University to disinvesting in Israel and advertising the DEC appeal. But because of the actions of a few, this will not happen. Because of the actions of a few in preventing the extra aid getting through, it is not dramatic, fanciful or indeed unrealistic at all to state that more innocent Gazans, suffering through a catastrophe beyond our own wildest imaginings, could die. When it turned out that the motion would not be discussed, amongst the anger of the pro-Palestine supporters, several Zionists cheered. Following this, around 300 Manchester University students occupied the corridor outside the Vice Chancellor’s Office. They are still occupying, and likely to be staying the night! source.

Which made me happy. Then I read this:



Just Shut Up – Safer Students Keep up to date with crimes affecting students by joining the official Greater Manchester Police Facebook group – with regular updates about crime and anti-social behaviour in the student community. Join Greater Manchester Police Facebook group source


{lw: Great huh? Is there no end to these Hitler Youth groups?} – specific article ‘Just Shut Up’ lkely to go inthe archive in the near future


…And I was reminded of 1996 when The Islamic Society and FOSIS tried to hold a meeting to pass a ‘resolution’ equating Zionism with racism. I personally witnessed bus loads of Jews from Universities far away Manchester being brought to the MUSU building to oppose (by what means I can’t say ‘cos I don’t know) the passing of the motion.


I don’t know who was ‘officiating’ it but it seemed like it was sabotaged to me. Some other buses were on hand which ‘slowly’ brought many local students to the venue ‘the Palace Hotel’ again just down the road but were refused entry. Then the meeting strangely collapsed. I can’t remember if they said it was non-quorum or what but I remember being angry because dirty tricks were used to stifle the motion.


If the motion was passed the JewSoc would so I was told have been booted out of the SU.


It was sabotaged. About a year later, Some diverse Arab Doctorates told me the Jewish administration in MU was very prominent. Looks like nothing has changed. I hate British SU politics. It’s so dirty and appears a complete sham.


Here’s some more crapola from the UMSU:

“Only the unification of the Jewish and Arab working class in the struggle for a Socialist Federation of the Middle East can bring peace to the region and secure a viable future for its peoples. This perspective is inseparably bound up with the struggle for the overthrow of capitalism internationally.”  source.

Ttotally laughable. What idiots. What kids. The attempted hijacking of the Palestine as a Capitalist one is so ridiculous, that it even makes a mockery of student amatrurism. I fear the barreness of student knowledge on the history of the ME and Zionism means they might just swallow some of that pathetic junk.



A very little stubborn snot

I think we all pick our noses from time to time. It’s ok isn’t it? just take relevant hygene steps before and afterwards (apologies Mr Carlin)  But sometimes all the digging around is fruitless and the stubborn snot wins – at least that is until it grows and makes itself vulnerable to being removed.

Michael Gove MP is one such little stubborn snot. A little snot who looks more like his Spitting Image puppet than his puppet does of him. 


Mini snot meister Gove employed classic a classic display of Zionazism and is quoted on the BBC as having written…

Writing recently on the coverage of the Gaza conflict, he said: “Whatever view one takes of Israel’s actions, either in moral or military terms, no proper judgement of this conflict is possible without context… In all the reporting of events in Gaza, how much attention has been paid to the ideology and history of Hamas?… All I can say is that sometimes it is appropriate to condemn a little less, and understand a little more.”source (p.s. the snit green quotation colouration is rather appropriate don’t you think?) 

The Zionasism in question is of course the way a question, which demands to be asked of the sick and plain evil Zionazi regime currently occupying Palestine and holocausting its people in the concentrations camps of Gaza and the West bank, simply never gets asked of the Zionazi initiators of epic aggression, but instead is put at the doorstop of the Palestinians themselves.

Good grief!

So listen you little snot Gove, listen real good, Mos of you Zionazi buddies have done all they can to put attention on Hamas and virtually nil to your Zionazi buddies ideology and history.

So I challenge you lying snot licker, lets play a weightage game. You divulge all the Zionist attention to ideology and history, and I’ll divulge all the Hamas attention to ideology and history which has made it to the columsn of the worlds press.

After that drubbing snotface, just to let you have a few ‘hits’ like your Zionazi buddies you cleverly didn’t care to comment on, I’ll play with you a game of “Murder number comparisons”, or “land/home theft” and “torture” “and child assassinations” and I even suspect you will will if we played a game of “Jew Killers” too.

Lets play, shall we snottie? huh?


Thanks to sister  spirit21 who blogged about last weeks Question time and brought the little snot to my attention.


An open letter to Rixon Stewart at “The Truthseeker”

Update: Sept 21st 2009. The Truthseeker’s website appears to be have been attacked.

See: “The Truthseeker (Rixon Stewart) is currently unavailable” at:








Some see conspiracies involving ‘conspiracy theorists’ as they are labelled these days.


I talk about a reposted article called “David and Goliath?” by Rixon Stewart – July 12, 2008 on “The Truthseeker”‘s website. Have a read (see link at top), it’s quite short.


Rixon complains Icke lifts the work of others and that Icke had a go at David Davis Tory MP. I think 15 megapixels StefZ [starting here, and his later ‘core’ post, refrenced by Lord Patel is here] also had some research lifted by Icke which Icke used to ‘expose’ David Davis.


To be fair to the respected Truthseeker, Rixon’s article certainly isn’t calling for the silence of Icke, despite some of the accusations being mere conjecture and will, if influential, have the effect of making Icke somewhat quieter.


But some of Rixons baseless conjecture is that Icke plays a role of an establishment agent. Other than the fact that Icke may (I say ‘may’, but personally I think the words ‘almost 100% likely’ are a better measure) be wrong in what he says about lizards and religion, there is no proof if Icke being an agent of the state what so ever! Icke attacks what some would call ‘organised religion’, and the core of my outlook on light is a belief in monotheistic faith, so there’s no backhand reason why I am supporting Icke other than what I write here. I also believe Icke simply re-hashes aspects of monotheism into his own version – accompanied by his own visions and communications with beings he says occupies different dimenstions, and ‘the One’ so I’m not a Ikean Paladin by any means.


Mr. Stewart, you in particular should know better – that really, such claims should be backed up with substance. Simply labelling Icke as some kind of establishment ‘asset’, is virtually the same game that the “George jackass idiot dubya Bush” and his tin-pot yet prolifically murderous criminal regime carried out for about 7 years.


As for the content of his books, it’s silly to criticise Icke on the % of things he apportions the content of his books too. e.g. Richard Tomlinson’s affidavit getting little coverage at the expense of the Diana conspiracy. Icke can focus on whatever he wants whenever he wants wherever he wants. They are his books! Why not comment on his videos in which reptiles and Diana form only a minor part of what he says? In fact in the ‘DD debunking’ I don’t think Icke mentioned reptiles once! And if he actually did, it certainly wasn’t allotted significant attention.


What of yours or anybodies writings and research? Whose research springs forth from a vacuum? Nobodies. Icke’s use of publicised research is fair practice. Icke has said thinks like “I’ve been researching this for many years”  but he never says his findings are his alone- at least I’ve never heard him say such a thing and I’ve seen auite a lot of ‘Icke stuff’, and he has referenced other researchers. DI certainly isn’t shy is identifying Credo Mutwa as a suource of information.


Mr Rixon, I must say I am very surprised at your apparent belief that David Davis is genuine. The political actions of DD, to me at least, mean we cannot embrace his as some kind of political saviour. One example is that DD voted for the war against Iraq – See HERE. As you will know, over 1m dead millions more refugees, millions more WILL die from DU and unexploded munitions. Don’t dare try and defend him saying he made an error. When it comes to what was always going to be hundreds of thousands of lives, you DONT vote for war unless the case is 100% proven or so damn near to 100 that such a conclusion is accepatble. The BS against Iraq was a plain as the nose on your face. IF that is, it isn’t DELIBERATELY ignored. DD has the blood of countless children on his hands. His “error” was a disgrace.


DD chickened out of a debate with DI, and I’m flabbergasted at you portraying NeoLabour as being kind of “scared” to field a candidate or enter the debate on the issue of big brother. It is really very silly indeed that you take what NeoLab and the LDems at face value. One can very easily say NeoLabour and the LibDems – both parties, within which the “Friends of the harbinger of death“, sorry, the “Friends of Israyhell” are the biggest and most powerful lobby groups, could equally well, in fact more easily be said to have deliberately NOT put up a candidate so that DD would win! Bingo! In gets the ‘establishment rebel, and that Mr Rixon, has a good chance of not being a conspiracy in my underpants.


Real Politick, I personally gave DD the benefit of the very large doubt following his decision to call the by-election, but If Icke had won that would have been fine too. I accept my speaking favourably of DD in context of big brother meant I recieved criticism. It was is merited criticism and came from political commentators I admire greatly. I was aware at the time I may have been supporting a string-pulled-hack, but it was his principle I wanted to see win the election not particularly the man himself.


So what you said about Icke being a stooge actually applies more strongly to DD.


As It happens I support you article criticising Icke, as I would welcome an article criticising ANYONE, including any ill-warranted things I happened to say. But it’s worthless without substance, and yours had no substance.


Please understand my criticism of you is nothing personal and I really appreciate much of what you put on your website.


But here’s a tip to you and everyone else… If Icke is an asset (or you or me) then CHERRYPICK. If you suspect psyops at work, then flush that bit of what they say down the toilet and pick info that goes against the rotten elements of the VERY ROTTEN establishment. David Ickes site, in start contrast to the claims made in your article, has provided masses of information about masonry, illuminati (if you subscribe to that), financial fraud, political fraud, false flags, illegal torture and inhuman experiments… da da da da da.


I’m making this an ‘open letter’ because at the moment, I don’t see / know of a ‘comments’ section you have.

UPDATE: I will e-mail this letter to you at the editor at thetruthseeker .co .uk 


Best wishes thanks for your website – the same goes to David Icke.


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