An open letter to Rixon Stewart at “The Truthseeker”

Update: Sept 21st 2009. The Truthseeker’s website appears to be have been attacked.

See: “The Truthseeker (Rixon Stewart) is currently unavailable” at:








Some see conspiracies involving ‘conspiracy theorists’ as they are labelled these days.


I talk about a reposted article called “David and Goliath?” by Rixon Stewart – July 12, 2008 on “The Truthseeker”‘s website. Have a read (see link at top), it’s quite short.


Rixon complains Icke lifts the work of others and that Icke had a go at David Davis Tory MP. I think 15 megapixels StefZ [starting here, and his later ‘core’ post, refrenced by Lord Patel is here] also had some research lifted by Icke which Icke used to ‘expose’ David Davis.


To be fair to the respected Truthseeker, Rixon’s article certainly isn’t calling for the silence of Icke, despite some of the accusations being mere conjecture and will, if influential, have the effect of making Icke somewhat quieter.


But some of Rixons baseless conjecture is that Icke plays a role of an establishment agent. Other than the fact that Icke may (I say ‘may’, but personally I think the words ‘almost 100% likely’ are a better measure) be wrong in what he says about lizards and religion, there is no proof if Icke being an agent of the state what so ever! Icke attacks what some would call ‘organised religion’, and the core of my outlook on light is a belief in monotheistic faith, so there’s no backhand reason why I am supporting Icke other than what I write here. I also believe Icke simply re-hashes aspects of monotheism into his own version – accompanied by his own visions and communications with beings he says occupies different dimenstions, and ‘the One’ so I’m not a Ikean Paladin by any means.


Mr. Stewart, you in particular should know better – that really, such claims should be backed up with substance. Simply labelling Icke as some kind of establishment ‘asset’, is virtually the same game that the “George jackass idiot dubya Bush” and his tin-pot yet prolifically murderous criminal regime carried out for about 7 years.


As for the content of his books, it’s silly to criticise Icke on the % of things he apportions the content of his books too. e.g. Richard Tomlinson’s affidavit getting little coverage at the expense of the Diana conspiracy. Icke can focus on whatever he wants whenever he wants wherever he wants. They are his books! Why not comment on his videos in which reptiles and Diana form only a minor part of what he says? In fact in the ‘DD debunking’ I don’t think Icke mentioned reptiles once! And if he actually did, it certainly wasn’t allotted significant attention.


What of yours or anybodies writings and research? Whose research springs forth from a vacuum? Nobodies. Icke’s use of publicised research is fair practice. Icke has said thinks like “I’ve been researching this for many years”  but he never says his findings are his alone- at least I’ve never heard him say such a thing and I’ve seen auite a lot of ‘Icke stuff’, and he has referenced other researchers. DI certainly isn’t shy is identifying Credo Mutwa as a suource of information.


Mr Rixon, I must say I am very surprised at your apparent belief that David Davis is genuine. The political actions of DD, to me at least, mean we cannot embrace his as some kind of political saviour. One example is that DD voted for the war against Iraq – See HERE. As you will know, over 1m dead millions more refugees, millions more WILL die from DU and unexploded munitions. Don’t dare try and defend him saying he made an error. When it comes to what was always going to be hundreds of thousands of lives, you DONT vote for war unless the case is 100% proven or so damn near to 100 that such a conclusion is accepatble. The BS against Iraq was a plain as the nose on your face. IF that is, it isn’t DELIBERATELY ignored. DD has the blood of countless children on his hands. His “error” was a disgrace.


DD chickened out of a debate with DI, and I’m flabbergasted at you portraying NeoLabour as being kind of “scared” to field a candidate or enter the debate on the issue of big brother. It is really very silly indeed that you take what NeoLab and the LDems at face value. One can very easily say NeoLabour and the LibDems – both parties, within which the “Friends of the harbinger of death“, sorry, the “Friends of Israyhell” are the biggest and most powerful lobby groups, could equally well, in fact more easily be said to have deliberately NOT put up a candidate so that DD would win! Bingo! In gets the ‘establishment rebel, and that Mr Rixon, has a good chance of not being a conspiracy in my underpants.


Real Politick, I personally gave DD the benefit of the very large doubt following his decision to call the by-election, but If Icke had won that would have been fine too. I accept my speaking favourably of DD in context of big brother meant I recieved criticism. It was is merited criticism and came from political commentators I admire greatly. I was aware at the time I may have been supporting a string-pulled-hack, but it was his principle I wanted to see win the election not particularly the man himself.


So what you said about Icke being a stooge actually applies more strongly to DD.


As It happens I support you article criticising Icke, as I would welcome an article criticising ANYONE, including any ill-warranted things I happened to say. But it’s worthless without substance, and yours had no substance.


Please understand my criticism of you is nothing personal and I really appreciate much of what you put on your website.


But here’s a tip to you and everyone else… If Icke is an asset (or you or me) then CHERRYPICK. If you suspect psyops at work, then flush that bit of what they say down the toilet and pick info that goes against the rotten elements of the VERY ROTTEN establishment. David Ickes site, in start contrast to the claims made in your article, has provided masses of information about masonry, illuminati (if you subscribe to that), financial fraud, political fraud, false flags, illegal torture and inhuman experiments… da da da da da.


I’m making this an ‘open letter’ because at the moment, I don’t see / know of a ‘comments’ section you have.

UPDATE: I will e-mail this letter to you at the editor at thetruthseeker .co .uk 


Best wishes thanks for your website – the same goes to David Icke.


5 Responses to “An open letter to Rixon Stewart at “The Truthseeker””

  1. 1 Edo February 5, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    Spot on LWTC247.
    I’m not a big Icke follower either, but when he sticks to the real world conspiracy, I’ve always found him to be on the button, or certainly close. As the by-election played out, it was obvious that it was DD being pushed forward by the establishment as controlled opposition. Something like that is only missed by the people that spend their time sitting in front of the telly. (I know, that’s the majority!)

  2. 2 lwtc247 February 6, 2009 at 8:55 am

    Yes I’d agree. Icke is often on the button. He gives the fingers to rampant global capitalism, the people behind it and, it must get an airing: the Zionist element of it. Icke denounces mass killing and hooky medicical ‘treatments’ and have provided many many many links to all types of conspiraloon information which have have been reading/watching for years now.

    The Truthseeker also provides great material, but like Icke, goes a bit ‘new agey’ / ‘crop circley’ which personally, I think is a pretty big waste of time.

    Yeah I had reservations about DD which grew as time went on, but still wanted ‘his’ principle wo win. But lets remember DD was in favout of something like 28 days which really did show his hypocrisy. Why 28 days and not 27? Why do long? DD had no convincing answers (if any!) and I really pity people who think DD is the person that will bring about the much needed revolution in British politics (and to a point necessary in the society).

    DD pledged allegance to the Queen for heavens sake.

    I don’t think Herr mudjesty would like to see one having to cue in the postoffice wondering what type of holiday one can afford on a real annus horribileus! No Herr Elizardbeth will command those who agree to be her subjects to maintain the uneven status quo.

  3. 3 lwtc247 February 6, 2009 at 9:17 am

    To editor @ thetruthseeker. co. uk

    Dear Sir.

    I’ve posted a open letter to Rixon Stewart on my blog here:

    Here is a copy of the letter:

    NB: copy was sent, but removed here for avoidance of repitition

    Would you do me the honour of spending some time to say a few words in reply? I would like to publish your reply.

    If you are able to give a comment, could I suggest doing it directly on my blog (address above)

    With respect.
    Living with the Conspiracy 24-7 (lwtc247)

  4. 4 lwtc247 February 6, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    Mr Rixon Stewart did me the honour of sending in a reply.
    Thank you for the correspondence…:


    The accusations of Icke’s plagiarism are NOT conjecture. They are fact and I personally know two of those who have had their research plagiarised.

    Those who gave Icke their research did so in good faith and without any expectation of reward. Icke subsequently incorporated their extensive research into his work without any acknowledgement.

    He then brought in a few of his own “spiritual” insights into play, perspectives that are little more than supposition from a man firmly embedded in the material realm.

    How do I know? Well how can one quantify spiritual/non-material/other-worldly attributes and qualities from a gross material perspective? And what are my qualifications for saying that “in terms of spiritual development Icke is almost infantile”?

    Again, how does one measure spiritual attributes in this material realm? Other than to say that I’ve been out of body, I’ve encountered and communicated those no longer in this world (and not through a medium either) and 12 years ago I lay at deaths’ door for several weeks after a motorcycle crash left me in the words of the surgeon who operated with “severe and extensive brain damage”. Probably in need, he continued, “of professional care and attention for such things as washing etc, for the rest of his life” and “certainly unable to manage the more complicated aspects of life”.

    So it’s not much of a qualification. Nonetheless from where I sit Icke is a spiritual infant and a dangerous egoist too. On what do I base this assessment?

    Based only on intuition, gut feeling and instinct. Honed by years of bitter, humbling, bloody, violent (sometimes mortally so) experience.

    Nor do I think that Icke is ‘an establishment agent’ as you suggest. He is certainly helping them but quite unconsciously, which is the way they like it, through his own egoistic stupidity.

    As I wrote in the article, I was hearing much of what Icke claims to expose – minus references to “Reptiods” – decades before he appeared. So the role he plays as an individual exposing the truth and speaking out against New world Order is driven by sheer egoism.

    As for David Davis, he’s genuine. His resignation from shadow home secretary to contest a by-election was tantamount to political suicide and he has since been relegated to the political sidelines for the opinions he voiced.

    For me, that singles him out as genuine rather than a political opportunist.

    Don’t expect any further correspondence as I’m very busy running the web site.

  5. 5 lwtc247 February 6, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    Thank you Mr. Stewart. I am honoured and humbled that you replied.

    I would step towards your position if Icke was given info not in the public domain and given instructions not to publicise it. On the opposite side, if someone would give Icke ‘eyes only’ info, on the expectation what he wouldn’t publish it, would seem to me to have completely misunderstood to the fullest degree who David Icke is. Icke is one of the least likely people to keep anything secret. But I’ll have to accept your claim that Icke appeared to have broken people trust on two occasions because I have little reason to disbelieve you.

    But the word ‘conjecture’ was really for the suggestion he was some kind of ‘state agent’, not the accusation of his plagiarising research. It seems I must have misunderstood the ‘state agent’ bit and therefore apologise, although just how Icke could be QUOTE: “guided” by the covert intelligence operatives who use him.
    : ENDQUOTE without awareness of that guidance isn’t something I can imagine – especially when I try and visualise Icke’s daily life.

    Re: DD’s integrity.

    But the research of others (StefZ and Lord Patel) revealed DD isn’t genuine and you didn’t respond to the possibility that NeoLabour and the LibDems conspired to make it appear that there was a ‘champion of freedom’ with a mandate from the masses. It has shades of the ‘stop the war’ leadership who could have easily organised and rallied for REAL action to brng an end to the war. One simple example: A Tax strike.

    No. They wanted people’s anger to diffuse walking pointlessly through the streets of a few cities. The biggest EVER protest movement squanders and over 1m dead later.

    1,000,000 that David Davis voted to kill! That is certainly genuine.

    I am glad you recovered from what was a terrible accident. Your spiritual experiences are very interesting. A few years ago I indulged my curiosity about ‘things spiritual from a non-religious angle’ (if you know what I mean) and came across Regina’s Conscious Media Network (or broadband learning channel as it was called previously) he features lots of similar stories. I have no conclusions about these experiences. Could I siggest you contact Regina to have her record your story in an interview? Many out there would be interested I’m sure.

    But Ickes spiritualism or whatever he calls it, seems like just a repackaging of what has gone before.

    I’ve never seen a display of ego from him. He’s taken some really hateful hits and suffered terrible ostracism but never seemed to have let it stick, which if he did have a big ego, I would imagine he would have taken that highly unusual attacks instantly and irrecoverably harshly.

    Thanks again and I hope your great websire goes from strength to strength.


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