Manchester University Students Union (MUSU)

first I read this…


Today, an emergency general meeting was called at the University of Manchester. There was only one motion, dealing with the union’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. For this solidarity motion to even be discussed, however, 500 people needed to attend the meeting. It was always going to be touch and go, when it came to getting the numbers for the quorum count, but fifteen minutes before the meeting’s start, 440 students had already been waved in by security. With five minutes to go, only a handful of the five hundred seats were empty.


It was then that the trouble started. According to the count, we were a tiny number short of five hundred, but pro-Palestinian activists began claiming the doors had been locked on people trying to get in. Looking towards the doors, it did indeed look like plenty of people were struggling to get. “Let them in and do the count!” people argued with the chair to no avail. With five hundred people clearly ready to discuss and vote on the Gaza motion, we were not permitted to do so by Chair of Council, Jonti Prior, (Labour Students). One might speculate that Jonti, a member of the national committee of Labour Students, might have a vested interest in stifling the pro-Gaza movement, since the local Labour Students banner was prominent at a recent rally held in support of Israel. The rally was held as the bombs were still falling on Gaza.


The emergency motion contained practical aid for the people of Gaza: if passed, Manchester University would have been committed to providing more aid to the people of Palestine, both through supporting the Viva Palestina lifeline and aiding Palestinian students in studying at our university. It would also have committed the University to disinvesting in Israel and advertising the DEC appeal. But because of the actions of a few, this will not happen. Because of the actions of a few in preventing the extra aid getting through, it is not dramatic, fanciful or indeed unrealistic at all to state that more innocent Gazans, suffering through a catastrophe beyond our own wildest imaginings, could die. When it turned out that the motion would not be discussed, amongst the anger of the pro-Palestine supporters, several Zionists cheered. Following this, around 300 Manchester University students occupied the corridor outside the Vice Chancellor’s Office. They are still occupying, and likely to be staying the night! source.

Which made me happy. Then I read this:



Just Shut Up – Safer Students Keep up to date with crimes affecting students by joining the official Greater Manchester Police Facebook group – with regular updates about crime and anti-social behaviour in the student community. Join Greater Manchester Police Facebook group source


{lw: Great huh? Is there no end to these Hitler Youth groups?} – specific article ‘Just Shut Up’ lkely to go inthe archive in the near future


…And I was reminded of 1996 when The Islamic Society and FOSIS tried to hold a meeting to pass a ‘resolution’ equating Zionism with racism. I personally witnessed bus loads of Jews from Universities far away Manchester being brought to the MUSU building to oppose (by what means I can’t say ‘cos I don’t know) the passing of the motion.


I don’t know who was ‘officiating’ it but it seemed like it was sabotaged to me. Some other buses were on hand which ‘slowly’ brought many local students to the venue ‘the Palace Hotel’ again just down the road but were refused entry. Then the meeting strangely collapsed. I can’t remember if they said it was non-quorum or what but I remember being angry because dirty tricks were used to stifle the motion.


If the motion was passed the JewSoc would so I was told have been booted out of the SU.


It was sabotaged. About a year later, Some diverse Arab Doctorates told me the Jewish administration in MU was very prominent. Looks like nothing has changed. I hate British SU politics. It’s so dirty and appears a complete sham.


Here’s some more crapola from the UMSU:

“Only the unification of the Jewish and Arab working class in the struggle for a Socialist Federation of the Middle East can bring peace to the region and secure a viable future for its peoples. This perspective is inseparably bound up with the struggle for the overthrow of capitalism internationally.”  source.

Ttotally laughable. What idiots. What kids. The attempted hijacking of the Palestine as a Capitalist one is so ridiculous, that it even makes a mockery of student amatrurism. I fear the barreness of student knowledge on the history of the ME and Zionism means they might just swallow some of that pathetic junk.




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