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N(w)o end to Russiaphiles infatuation

Bipolarisation is a terrible affliction. It is a method of control avidly practiced in many countries around the world.

Here you go stupid ordinary person, here’s your two choices. Which one do you want? – When of course BOTH choices are just different colours of the same rotten flavour.

Screw your false “your either with us or with the terrorists” bipolar choices.


UPDATE: This is the kind of thing I’m talking about: 

“FSB just Liquidated Top 3 CIA / MI6 Operatives in Dagestan… well done boys!” – source 

There is a pervese mind behind this. “Your assassinations are bad, our assassinations are good”. The rule of law must be applied to the ZUSUK (Zionists, US and UK) but the Russian authorities can kill who they like without evidence, without due process, without doubt that they may be wrong. IT’S DISGUSTING. Bipolariation is a disease and those affected by it make me sick. Hypocrits. But they are too stupified by their own disease to understand that their glee at summary (in)justice supports the assassination of people like Jean Charles deMenezes.


By the same token, those Russiaphiles for who EVERYTHING about Russia is so good, e.g. Russian weapons(and their consequential sale), Russian leaders(who have killed millions, oppressed millions, or blitzkreiged cities such as Grozny and with the soft flesh inhabitants there in), Russian software (I’ve never known software as crippling to my PC as Kaspersky), G7, Russian Food(Ask Anthony Bordaine about his Moscow stay), Russian submarines, Russian nuclear power stations(inc the alarming floating power stations), Russian FALSE FLAGS(ask the lucky and observant people of Ryazan), Russian stock markets (gambling of course), Russian Banks(hey giz us a bit of usury will ya comrade), Russian architecture, Russian assassination(of Journalists), Russian intelligence agreements(with Israyhell), Russian state approved media, Russian befriendment of murderous tyrants(Karimov in Uzbekistan), Russian failure to safeguard against industrial pollution, Russian Nuclear weapons, Russian chemical and biological research (e.g. smallpox virus), Vacuum bombs ….. see no negativity in ANY action Russia does, only the crimes of the West must matter comrade.

Now at this point the idiots in their Vlad underpants (or Vladipants TM) will be seething at reading all this.

Good – you bipolar idiots. That you can’t disconnect the frightening actions of the ‘leaders’ (leaders of politics, banking and Industry) and ordinary citizen people, the former of who are responsible for ALL these things, then you don’t deserve catharsis. Blow your lids.

What the straw that broke this camels hump (other than the above) well… try this for size. Russia allows US supplies transit.


Thank you Mr Rixon Stewart(at The Truth Seeker), most generously, for the reply

Please read the original post. Mr Stewart’s reply is in the comments.

And I do appreciate the time-out you took to respond. Many thanks for engaging.
Truthfully and sincerely yours…

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