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Zionism, the Media, Palestine, God, Good and Evil

“I think the BBC is [a] far more political organisation {than other TV media outlets} and far more sensitive to establishment needs, of which Israel is one.” – John Pilger Interview with Alan Hart Re: Palestine Zionism and the Media. An interview made for

Palestine – Alan Hart with John Pilger (part 1)

Palestine – Alan Hart with John Pilger (part 2)

Palestine – Alan Hart with John Pilger (part 3)

My own research leads me to believe Zionism originates from the Khazar, white European non-Semitic(!) “Jews” – which have been said to make over 80% of Jews. (Ted Pike, The other Israel) and is strongly associated with the Talmud (Therefore the first diaspora to Babylon, and even as far back as the rebelliousness against Moses) and the Kabala. I don’t currently believe Zionism sprung forth in Europe in the late 19th Century as many anti-Zionists seem to think.

In other words, I respect to a very high degree, the opinions of works of anti-Zionists, but I don’t necessarily agree with one or two of their opinions on the matter.

My overall belief is that the whole history of man involves a struggle: Do we follow God or do we follow the Devil – that element of fire that literally AND symbolically chose to defy God by not bowing to the creation of man. This struggle will always be part of man. It will and does appear in a number of guises. The creation of Zionism is but one. A significant one yes, but just one nonetheless. Zionism and the Rabbinical distortions by the Talmud (the Talmud claims to supersede ALL other Jewish religious laws) which it is based on, is the result of that evil trying to pull the Jews away from the devotion of God.

As for the Christian church, well there are loads of writings about the deliberate deviation from the teachings of Jesus which have become embedded in Christianity.

As for Muslims, the miserable and utterly pathetic Muslim “Leadership” and the imposition of Riba monetary systems, is the manifestation of that evil trying to destroy Muslims devotion from God, but I have to say, the largest group that are closer to God are the Muslims – not least as their Divine scriptures are untouched by distortion and fabrication – it’s just that many Muslims don’t follow it particularly well)

Thankfully, there are Jews(e.g. Messianic Jews), Christians and Muslims who understand and reject the Satanic plots to pull them away from The One, The Creator. The inherent arrogance of Shaytan blinds him as to the futility of his quest, boyed on by what will only ever be partial success, such is his folly.

Jonathan Elinoff –

This from a commentator on Nafeez’s site:

Nice to see regular commentary appearing here again Nafeez, after a couple of periods where I suspect you were one busy dude!

It’s too early to tell but I recommend you check out the preview film site – a researcher there called Jonathan Elinoff has announced a 5-film (!) series on 9/11, BCCI, deep politics, the drug war, the JFK assassination and all the various threads. I have my hopes up for this as I’ve gathered that Elinoff (based on hearing his interviews and hearing others talk about him secondhand) is a very solid researcher. Cynthia McKinney posts a message of support on the site but it’s obvious she hasn’t watched the films just yet. The first installment is due out in about a month.

I’m posting it here so I don’t forget and to alert you to what seems like a interesting set of investigative movie. Those issues are of course interconnected to various extents.



I wanna bank…

I wanna bank that doesn’t lend money on interest.

A bank that the depositors have a major say in the banks decisions.

Whare a universal and reasonable limit is put on any large investors – for a fair change. why not!

I want a bank to facilitate transitions using gold and silver as money.

I want the bank to employ house building craftsmen to build good and affordable housing (or better perhaps: renovation)

It may probably help if house buyers agreed to pay their salary into the banks account.

I want the government to pay this bank because of the community service it provides.

I want the bank to have a role in the financial matters of the small businesses it sets up, providing expertise and advice.

I want the bank to be a shareholder in the companies it establishes.

I don’t want the bank to engage in fractional reserve banking.

I don’t want the bank to lend or invest in fraudulent or oppressive industries.

I don’t want a bank that finances state sponsored terrorism.

I don’t want a bank that makes no more profit than is needed to pay it’s employees a decent wage.

Why can’t I have such a bank?


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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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