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An ingenious example of speech and politics

One of my friends usually sends me great e-mails. Here’s the latest:


An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly and made the world community smile.

The Palestinian Representative’s Speech at the UN:

‘Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses. When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, ‘What a good opportunity to have a bath!’

He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished.
An Israeli had stolen them.’

The Israeli  representative jumped up furiously and shouted, ‘What are you talking about? The Israelis weren’t there then.’

The Palestinian representative smiled and said:
‘And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech.’



We endorse the The Petition to Investigate War Crimes in Gaza Petition to of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court.

Read the The Petition to Investigate War Crimes in Gaza Petition


Still Standing – post 9-11 fire strongly suggests WTC7 was pulled.

Alex Jones has on his website info (Read the artice here) about a steel structed building in China that recently caught fire. Guess what… It didn’t collapse, despite the MASSIVE inferno that consumed the building compared to the piddly little fires in WTC7.

The China building fire looked like this:


WTC7 however, did collapse. Not only that, but vertically down – onto its own footprint after it was said the building was to be pulled. Nice huh?

Meanwhile, don’t worry your pretty little heads about 9-11 being a set up and the possibly 2,000,000 people slaughterd as a result and the 6m refugees. Just go about yourr daily like. You may get lucky, hopefully it won’t be you next!

Financial Scam continues…

Pretty soon I’m going to start numbering these ‘$cam’ posts. Here’s a forecast the BBC are giving…


ALL of the predictions AFTER mid 2009, go up! – they are less negative, meaning the output is still falling but not as quickly as before. Then, most projections (or broadest span of confidence levels) break the zero mark – the level of output starts to increase – output is more than the year before. But it’s a relative value, it’s a comparison with the year before. Given the previous plunge, a % increase on the year before isn’t partcularly anything to sing and dance about.

Lets consider the positive regions. If the return to a +’ve % output isn’t simply based on just pure speculation, then there must be some recognisable economic activity that is known will take place later, forming the data on which the prediction is made.

If so, then therein lies the solution to the crisis! Simply make that economic activity happen NOW. Problem solved, ‘crisis’ over.

Meanwhile the Dow, FTSE etc. continue to shoe their relationship.


Rep. Kanjorski: $550 Billion Disappeared in “Electronic Run On the Banks”

“electronic run” – wow!

Hardcore loons will probably recall what they learnt in retrospect about Donald Bumsfelt.  One day before 9-11, he announced the pentagon ‘missing trillions’.

Strangely enough the part of the peantagon which was investigating these ‘money holes’, was the part that was struck by ??something?? on 9-11.

Cynthia McKinney also drew focus to EXTRA amouts of ‘missing money’, 1 trillion+, because the pentagons computer systems didn’t talk to each other.

Bush and Paulson, now Obama and his Treasury Secretary refuse to tell us exactly where the bailout money is going. 

In the UK, something similar happens. The UK government spends peoples money of a bank who’s had all the prime assets packed off to an off shore firm.

To me, I see the scam has having only one purpose: The declare financial collapse in order to propose a ‘fresh start’ – electronic money as the only way to get out of the rut. It’s likely to go hand in hand with the biometric database.

And if I am wrong about e-money, I’m not wrong about this: The Financial system in use today, MUST experience a crash because of the very nature of Riba that it’s based on, of which usury and paper money are a part.

You need to start asking yourself what plans are you making? Perhaps you think that this crisis doesn’t really matter as at the moment you’re all right. And should e-money come, you’ll play along with it you you’ll be alright. If so, can you spot anything selfish about that?

Worthy articles:  2.3 Trillion Dollar Toilet Seats

Post “The Arrivals”


A couple of posts back I let you know about the second most important videos you could ever watch. In another lesson in humility, I realised my impatience at “declaring 1 1/2 hours should have been long enough”. Physical tiredness got the better of me and I should not have levvied that criticism upon the makers of that video as it was THEIR artistic licence to do what they liked with it. As a viewer, I should have accepted that, and in future, I won’t be so quick to criticise. I wasn’t griping about anything erronious, rather its style. 

My final comments are nothing but praise.

As a Muslim I am compelled to believe in djinn. I don’t have to be able to explain it, apologise for it nor be embarassed about it, and neither of those three apply to me. A long time ago, someone dear to my heart told me that the prophet King Solomon commanded djinn. I never persued the matter further.

It seems I have to accept in magic also. The prophet Muhammad (saw) is said to have been taken ill due to magic.  I didn’t believe in witchcraft/Voodoo/Magic or djinn before I became a Muslim, and afterwards, kind of kept them at arms length by saying (if asked) things like “I believe people have lost the knowledge, power and and/or ability to use it”.

In short, The Arrivals has put virtually ALL my missing pieces of the jigsaw into place – holes as a sceptic of what I’d call “the establishment global narrative”, for a number of years now, have persisted with me. One of the few remaining questions however is, given so called royal famies are ‘in’ on the plot, why have they killed each other in the Past? Elizardbeth I and Mary Queen of Scots for example or Richard and the two princes? Or the Kings of France and England or the Russian royal famies killed by Kabalists? And some of the numerology clips from other sources/documentaries, seems a little bit ‘fancyful’ to me

Perhpas the jigsaw puzzle will never be complete but there’s a significantly lower number of missing pieces left.

I’ve been doing a LOT of research about the ancient origins of Zionism and combined with Ted Pikes “The Other Israel” my global history has undergone a pleasing boost of interconnectivity.

Ted Pike – the other israel – screenshot.jpg


My brains buzzin – and it’s not just ‘cos of the MSG.

My thanks to the makers of The Arrivals. One aspect of it I should mention is my appreciation of the human aspect of it. Although the question what is life is foremost in my mind on many occasions, I’ve often forgotten my own insignficance, and have been reminded to spend even more time than I already do in splendouring in the beauty of creation – something which gives a strange sense of inner peace even though 24-7 the global conspirators, assisted by us engaging in ‘their’ rotten systems of life, hurt and kill thousands every day.

Suspected Venezuelan synagogue desecrators held

I thought the disgraceful desecration was a false flag.


There is a good chance I am wrong as Xinhua(English) reports.


My apologies to the worshipers of the Synagogue in Caracas. Sadly, there was a very real basis for believing and saying what I did, and I’ve heard the cry of ‘wolf’ too often. But the incident has taught me to be a bit more cautious – returning to the kind of caution I showed when the Mumbai mass slaughter took place, when everyone was saying it was a false-flag, I demanded seeing some evidence and before entering into discussion about it with my colleagues, I started off by squarely condemning those scumbads that went around shooting people.


Viva Chavez for acting quickly in bringing to justice those who did this mindless attack.


I know any credit for Mumbai caution, doesn’t band-aid my catharsis here, and very likely incocorrect assertions.


Original post here.


The Second most important information you’ll ever come across.

You’ve heard the occasional story, caught the odd glimpse, smelt the odd whiff, fleetingly, tasted something strange.
You’ve touched the odd sign. You know something’s coming but the disconnect is still too much.

I sincerely hope this make the connect.

And thanks mate (you will knwo who you are) for bringing this to my attention. 

Words fail me with regard to the subliminal sex things in the ‘kids stuff’., much of which I’ve not seen before.

Unfortunately, there is a fair bit of timewasting going on, esp for seasoned loons, and particularly annoying (part 9) are the multiple slides of the guys who made the series, but it’s the message that counts and the extent of what’s going on. As ever Cherrypick.




Cynthia McKinney and DIGNITY. A report about people of conscience.

It’s been a great week. Despite having a headache (it’s caused somehow by my eyes, I know that) for about 3 days over the last week, I had the opportunity to meet the Palestinian Ambassador on Tuesday and today I got to meet Cynthia McKinney.


Before the event got started I had a quick chat with her about a number of things. Knowing time was scarce, I asked her if she had heard of the Kellogg-Briand pact. She seemed to have heard the name before, so I told her its alternative name:


The 1928 International Treaty for the Renunciation of War.


I gave her a brief description of it, and scribbled her a note about it, including Chris Coverdale’s “Make War History” website. It seemed like the substance of the treaty/pact was new to her, so I felt happy that I was able to personally give a high profile and influential figure like Cynthia, some new and hopefully useful information. This only happened because of The Antagonist who along with the boys at who first brought this to my attention. My warm Thanks to them. It’s a testament to what could be called ‘the resistance’.


We had a bit of chat about Gaza. Those with global eagle-eyes will know the Israyhelli army rammed the boat she was on trying to deliver aid to the Palestinians. Cynthia can see and denounces Zionism in her country and occupied Palestine.


McKinney being interviewed on CNN standing beside the rammed boat. Since when can a ship in international waters take illegal potentially homocidal action OUTSIDE their maratime borders to prevent what they THINK MAY be an attempting to entering those borders. And what’s the big deal about a worning? If the Israyhelli’s did issue a warning, does that make the attempted homocide ok? Bloody Zionist dogs. 


Cynthia McKinney – Palestine, Israel, Boat getting rammed Pt1


Cynthia McKinney – Palestine, Israel, Boat getting rammed Pt2



 We also had a brief chat about what I called “Fiscal Year 2006 review committee”. I could tell Cynthia was searching her mind as to what I was talking about. It was actually a fiscal year 2006 Defence Dept. Budget session by the House Armed Services Committee. When I mentioned her hard quizzing of Rumsfeld and General Meyers she twigged. I told her how shocked I was that they just fobbed her off with npn-answers.



After, we chatted v. briefly about torture, and I mentioned John Yoo (a major SHITHEAD), ‘Professor’ of law at Berkely, who was saying it would be OK to crush the testicles of a child (to make the childs parents ‘spill the beans’ whilst under interrogation) because there was not law prohibiting it.




Whilst “on torture” I asked her if she had heard about the wonderful Craig Murray. She hadn’t so I gave her a 20 second summary of Craig and gave her details of how to look up our ex-Ambassador to Uzbekistan. Craig, meet Cynthia, Cynthia meet Craig :)


Poor Cynthia. She had been asked to do so much public speaking over the last few days that she was pretty close to losing her voice. And we had to end out chat as the ‘event’ was about to officially start.


We took our seats.


First off was some of the Honourable Doctors who had treated the incoming victims of the late 2008 / early 2009 Israyhelli holocaust of Gaza. They mentioned dreadful facts about their mission there. The said they [Israyhelli] official they had to speak to in order to negotiate a passage to the hospital, but them all together so that they could be targeted. Zionazi scumbags!


they then mentioned conditions and the injuries of the patients including babies who had been carbonised by white phosphorous and injuries from DIME.


The Palestinian Ambassador a few days ago mentioned DIME too. DIME is a new type of armament/weapon that when it explodes sends minute particles of shrapnel into the body of its victim. The particles are too numerous and small to enable successful and effective removal by surgery. What a disgusting weapon. Perhaps there are more humane weapons than others – when we look at the treatment of survivors, and DIME isn’t one of them! His Excellency Mr AbdulAziz Abughosh said the children die of cancer a number of months later (from that I surmised the weapons has been used prior to the Christmas 2008 Shoah).


 Doctors report Israel using DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive)


A number of the pictures shown (in the presentation) of the victims from all the methodologies employed to obliterate them, were FAR worse than anything I had seen before. I could hear a number of people sniffing close to tears. The gentleman beside me seemed to be wiping away tears also.


The worlds silence – i.e. the GOVERNMENTS of the world, not so much the peoples, is an utter disgrace. Venezuela, Mauritania and Bolivia (Qatar?) excepted.


The amazing Doctors had to go to a different meeting so we bid them farewell. What superb examples of human beings they were.


The doctors said the Norwegians (largely perceived as an ‘honest’ country – guess they’ve managed to avoid Zionism) doctors took samples of the results of white phosphorous upon people (and other samples too I think) for analysis which naturally will help form a legal case against these EVIL killers.




Then Cynthia spoke.


Mentioning how she started to get in trouble with the Zionist lobby. As part of her committee work she came across documents that showed US taxpayers were funding the emigration of self-declared Jews form ANYWHERE in the world to Israyhell. She pursued this asking why this was so and that for a number of years the money was used as a slush fund and that the amount grew due to lack of claims. It was something like $4m a year, every year.


she also talked about the US attendance at Durban which was portrayed as a walk out in the global media, but Cynthia said it wasn’t that at all, just the US delegation had to leave. She spoke highly of the Durban conference.


Despite her sore throat, Cynthia didn’t tire of informing us about that was happening.


I think she said the biggest no-no she trespassed against was 9-11. She made reference to what’s known as the ‘dancing Israelies’ and the impossible failure of the multi billion dollar ‘defence’ industry which had ‘fail-safe’s’ to intercept (and stop?) hijacked planes. She also mentioned Able Danger.


Most people in the room seemed to be well informed of the so called ‘conspiracy’ side of things including of course the official conspiracy of the 9-11 report.


The British ‘report’ on 9-11 which she said at the end said the document wasn’t a legal document, i.e. a dossier of conjecture got a mention.


She mentioned how the Zionist lobby had conspired to get rid of her and that in Senate only 5(or 4) good eggs were present and 0 eggs Congress (or it could have been the other way around – actually I’ve never really bothered to learn the simple structure of US government so I get the two confused).


Cynthia also told us that Obama was ‘given’ his senate seat in Illinois. The opposing candidate ‘conveniently’ was involved in a divorce scandal.


It seems like Obama is a Manchurian candidate. Webster Tarple’s New book was on sale there. I didn’t buy it on purpose despite a 50-30% reduction as I’ve still got large numbers of books gathering dust which I still need to read. Saw a superb{I read a few pages} other book at my friends house Bilal Philips – The Fundamentals of Tawheed ISBN 9960-9648-0-9 – glad I brought my little notebook and pencil along!


Cynthia mentioned the people who voted for her in her presidential candidature, were hard-core people of conscience and that she keeps on going because she believes in the {paraphrase:} ability of the people to being a stop to what’s happening.


Every word she said had my fullest attention and I found NO difference of opinion as to what she was saying and my analysis of the situation. She was a but dismissive of Al Franken though. Al is a comedian and as things stands he is 225 votes ahead of Neocon Norm Coleman (I said 300 in the meeting) but of course, that lection is under legal deliberation. But the point was a comedian (who IMHO is likely to have Zionist connections) looks likely to win, which Cynthia was kind of saying sums the branches of government – its full of comedians.


Actually I read one of Al Franken’s book. Lies more Lies and the liars that tell them. In fact I read the updated version with “more lies and more liars”. Well, I read about half of it until I got a bit bored with Franken who had early on managed to get his whole point across – so from what I saw of his book, Franken does seem to have a brain (or perhaps that’s c/o his editors?)


Cynthia then went on to field a number of questions. One was about Obama. Cynthia in essence said “no change” at which point I wanted to interject saying “the only change is that instead a of white jackass of a man lying to you, a suave black man will do it instead” but it would be perceived as being interpreted as racist.


One lady in the crowd said she watched the inauguration and in case people had sussed out Obama and decided to assassinate him, she wanted to be the first to see it. I think what she said wasn’t expressed that well, but I’m sure you know what she meant.


Other things were said in which again I got the feeling almost everyone was in agreement with, such as it seemed to her the only way what’s happening in occupied Palestine is to break US support of Israyhell. That meant the US resistance movement must be supported.


I agree.


We must all try and help. She asked for support from those who could provide it, inc financial support. She’s right. Resistance DOES require funds, it is daft to poo-poo those who request financial help as being in the take. There is NO good reason to suspect anything malicious about CMK. Any serious resistance movement needs to spread info and rally support.


In a number of instances she mentioned the power of the Zionist lobby stems very much from their financial clout, and that she REFUSES to accept their money and give in. She said the Congress/Senate (?which?) had to take a pledge of loyalty to Israel.



About the reborn Bolivarian revolution sweeping South and Latin America, that support of the Chavez administration is vital to nurture opposition to the US. She said the 4th(?) fleet had been mobilised and that the US interference in Haiti was a geopolitical geostrategic work in progress in context of the Monroe doctrine to act as a kind of future gateway into Southern America.


Cynthia mentioned about her new resistance movement DIGNITY. Please check it out. Please consider lending your support to it.


Cynthia was just fantastic, despite tirelessly campaigning  for a few days already she did splendidly today.


I met up with a number of new nice people as well as some old friends and it was great. Not as many young people in the Save the Palestinians meeting, but this a private invitation only.


Thank you Doctors, thank you Cynthia, and to the people for who my love and respect grows every day – my friends who organised it, provided the venue, food and the transport, thank you once more for allowing me the chance to try and do something to stop this madness.


And of course to the horrendously oppressed, butchered, dispossessed and traumatised people of Palestine you will always be my in my heart.





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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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