The global war is over – the resistance is dying

The ‘health’ of the economy can be guaged by how much money flows through it; real money that is, not this worthless miserable junk ‘fiat money’ and derivitatives etc, that amounted to ONE QUADRILLION dollars last year – thats 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars.

The opposition to the this dastardly fascist New World Order (godless Global Coproratisation in a spectacularly incestuous relation with godless  politicians, monarchs and the dirty rich) can be similarly guaged from how much active and finacnial support centres of resistance get.

And it tells a most horrible tale.

ICH has for at least six months not been receiving sufficient finds. I fear it will one day cease, like did. The numbers of donators to ICH each month hardly varies.








Then we have media lens which only recently has started appealing for funds. Their case seems quite serious:


Then we have the J7 truth movement. I’ve exchanged limited communications (albeit not far from a ‘passing/ mostly casual level) with J7 team members for a while now, and the work they have done, to do what what the government has criminaly failed to do Re: the killing of 52/56 men on 7th july 2005 in London, is to their unending credit. They have had a petition to get an independent inquiry outside “the inquries act (2005)” and it’s been going for over a year already. This is the support they have got…


And recently, The Blair War Crimes Foundation, publicised by Craig Murray about a month ago, which has the intention of bring obvious war criminal Tony bLiar to face justice for over 1 million people he helped murder. This is the stagnated position of the petition to haul that pathogogical liar and homocidal maniac into a courtroom:



The  war is over – the resistance is dying. We’ve lost. Those brave few who what know what horrors lie in wait for future generations as well as today’s apathetic partly-acquiescent populace did fight, that that is what counts.


But we will not give in, we cannot. We will hound these fawning presstitutes, the sleazy politicians, the fat CEO’s and the evil power holders who lurk outside the newz spotlight, and on a personal level, my rejection and opposition to Zionism will never cease.


We will continue to resist until the last man, until the last drop of blood gushed forth from our ravaged bodies. We shall never surrender.

8 Responses to “The global war is over – the resistance is dying”

  1. 1 antireptilian March 28, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    We are among a growing movement. Despite the appearance of decay, we are gaining ground. Opposition is growing and the New World Order, i feel, has been forced to play it’s hand early.

    Like the man on a hike, they are attempting to climb to the top of the mountain, but we are the stones that have found their way into the NWO’s boot. They may yet get to the top of the mountain, but they are hobbled, they are slowing. Sooner or later they will be forced to remove the stones form their boots, or suffer from injuries.

    Just a quick look at positive events over the past few months.

    1. Mainstream media announces New World Order terminology after repeated denial and ridicule of the subject. Publications like Time, and Financial Times.

    2. The release of further cabinet memo’s and Bush Memo’s that may lead to prosecution for War crimes. Even the UN’s own prosecutor said that Bush may be next on the menu. Millibandit also set the stage for an investigation (although an government one) into the Iraq War.

    3. Investigation into assistance in torture by MI5.

    4. Vindication for the truth movement in the fact that a single global currency is being proposed by the globalist stooges, after years of warning of this vehicle toward global government

    5. Growing refusal to take vaccinations and the recent reports in Sientific American that Fluoride is indeed detrimental to health and IQ development in children.

    6. The rise of the idea of common law over Admiralty law through campaigns like John Harris, TPUC.

    We are getting closer to the peer pressure tipping point that will alter the sheeplike mentality of the public at large. Even if we fail, we know that we are on the side of right, and that is enough.

    Fight on, im right beside you!

  2. 2 lwtc247 March 28, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Fight on, im right beside you!

    I am honoured at the company at my side but I find it hard to see the ‘awakening’ making any progress. I think it’s maxed out.

    What comes next? Only people protesting about their worsening economic outlook. A few riots, some ‘reigning’ in of the banksters. There, scam band-aided. Any potential that a disaffected public had of stopping the GM menace, resource war, terror legalisation / war OF terror etc… resumes – full steam ahead, with added dollops of OWG, single electronic (bugged) currency, world army, biometric database and spy cameras in your bedrooms thrown in for good measure.

    announcing NWO terminology is I think a sign of emboldenment (is that a word?)

    Bush and co for war crimes? I doubt it. I suspect a few cases of SADS are around the corner. And likely before all that, the “it would harm national security” rabbit will be pulled out of the hat.

    MI5 are untouchable. No decision maker (or those who tell them what decisions to take!) will fall – look at the legal scandal over the assassination of Jean Charles de Menezes.

    Single currency is being openly flouted (and falsely ‘dismissed’ by Obomber). It will be proposed as the only solution to the (engineered)crisis and because the people are jobless, in tents of FEMA camps (recent reports discussed their ‘legalisation’ processing) the people will welcome it. – Shades of ‘all you have to do is tell the people they are being attacked…’

    The growing refusal to take vaccines etc, seems to be met with fascist laws e.g. ‘You know the constitution therefore you are a threat to national security’ or directly with reference to vaccines, I think you’re kids will be taken into custody having ‘failed in your duties as a parent’. A few cases of child neglect (under the watchful and guiding eye of a few councils) will no doubt see to that.

    The law of the Sea – which from what I’ve heard of it means you HAVE no rights what so ever. It doesn’t take much anthrax or Po210 to change the make-up of the supreme court (assuming you can be bothered to stick by it’s adjudications – I think the supreme court said a tax on your labor was illegal). Who is going to fight for the court when the ‘masked-autocued’ Zio pupppet one is the commander in chief of the Mil-Ind complex?

    And those vaccines, oh boy those vaccines! The scare the hell out me. Even if (lets visit extreme-fantasy world here) did work, all it takes is a contaminated production run to cause havoc. And we haven’t even touched upon agent orange and DU yet.

    I don’t believe in the 100 monkey syndrome (we don’t all speak Chinese or Hindi and we don’t all believe in God etc..) but I am quite isolated from what I suspect is going to be the centres of global revolution – Europe and the US, so that may be the source of my pessimism. Well, it was me that mentioned 100 monkeys, not you, Of course the resistance can grow via bloggers and people distributing free DVD’s etc but it’s feels painfully slow or stagnated.

    I’m not going to drop my sword (more realistically my pen-knife – oops, aren’t they banned? OK, my butter knife) and my grim outlook only invigorates me, as does the excellent company lending support.

    And yes, if we do fail we have done what is right. Nothing else can be asked of a human being really. Either way, and whenever it is, we are going to the grave. To play upon Pascal’s gambit here, even if there is no afterlife and we fail, at least we WILL have done some good.

  3. 3 StefZ April 3, 2009 at 9:18 am

    I agree antireptilian’s long term optimism on this one and posted to that effect a little while ago…

    The false flag attacks aren’t going as well as they used to; look at Mumbai

    Here in the UK, juries are refusing to convict patsies or take part in whitewashes of state-sponsored murder; just look at the JCdM inquest

    A growing number of people are rejecting the propaganda; take a peek at the readers’ comments on any relevant news story

    I also agree that the global economic collapse kicked-off earlier than anticipated – the systems of control are well advanced but far from complete

    There are dark times ahead, sure enough, but the resistance is far from dying

  4. 4 lwtc247 April 3, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    I’m glad there are respected bloggers have show optimism. A world full people with the same outlook as myself would probable not be very nice. LOL.

    If the shock of the false flags are ummm.. flagging, I take that as imply TSTB will simply increase the severity of said f flags.

    Although I believe I’ve seen ‘n learned enough about how the world to make me automatically take a suspicious stance towards the establishment, I was very annoyed at what seemed like 20 mins into the shooting, people were making all sorts of conspiracy claims – devoid of any proof. Why should the burden of proof rest on these people who made those claims. Belief is one thing, but stating as fact it was a ff just got my goat. All I could see is senseless waste of peoples lives. That was how I personally say it anyway.

    “A growing number of people are rejecting the propaganda; take a peek at the readers’ comments on any relevant news story” – Yes. that didn’t occur to me earler. I would agree with you, and now you’ve pointed it out, I do remember being pleased at what seemed like a growing number of critics against the corporate media. I read a number of them on the BBC blogs such as Justin Webb the little fawner.

    I take encouragement from your and Antireptimian’s optimism. But I still think the people ‘activism’ will only go to non-effective means. People really must start planning for civil disobedience on a graduated scale such as I mentioned earlier. But it needs much greater support. If only a handful of activists do it, they (the ‘natural heads of the resistance’ as it were) will be round up and the resistance will largely be neutered.

    Dark times ahead yes, but it’s been smashing to meet some great people along the way.

  5. 5 antireptilian April 7, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Any conflict requires phased approach. First, you train and motivate the troops, then you concentrate force, then you fight.

    I feel we are still in phase 1, training an motivation. Some members of the contingent are already acting, sort of like scouts, feeling the ground ahaead, and preparing the route.

    I think this year will see massive increases of dissatisfaction, alongside efforts to suppress the peasants. Both will bring more people into the awakening conciousness. Its win win for us.

    Make not mistake though, the establishment is going to go to extreme ends to preserve the status quo, but they are already discredited amongst the people. As Stefz says, every Have your say, despite efforts to pose the false question, and edit views, is full of negative comments about the powers that wanna be.

    The veil is lifting. The elite are arranging things amongst themselves, backed by media propaganda, without any public support.

    The public on the other hand are discovering their voice and seeking each other out, joining hands and voices in common cause. The momentum is building.

  6. 6 lwtc247 April 8, 2009 at 11:45 am

    I sincerely hope when the scouts report back, the dissatisfied don’t decide stage 1 is much more comfortable. The International Brigades are inspiring.

  7. 7 antireptilian April 11, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    International indeed.
    Infowars figures for hits on the radio broadcast were 170 million different IP addresses, and over 2 billion hits world wide.
    Superb numbers.

  8. 8 lwtc247 April 11, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    Alex is great. Makes a few boobies, but great nonetheless. Sadly the occasional error sees him attracting some ridicule and the usual gatekeeper allegations are never far behind. If he is a plant, he’s a really bad one.

    From what I’ve seen of Alex and the 2 brits, Watson and…?, who write many articles for him use published official records and greatly avoid theorising.

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