Earth hour/day my ass.

It’s earth hour in about 30 minutes time. Earth hour follows on from what Australia did last year (update: actually it was two years ago – my how the time flies) where it turned off the lights for about an hour for what everyone said was in the name of environmentalism.

Well, to earth day, I say a very loud ___LOBBOX !___

“Oh lwtc, what a horrible thing to say. How can you not care about the environment”
Ha ha, its precisely because I care about the environment that I’m going to proudly ignore it and thankfully I’m not the only one.

“Huh? Has lwtc gone nuts?” Well as a conspiraloon I’m already branded as nuts by some people, and if your one of them, then do yourself a favour and read no further. Look, I’ll even provide an escape link to make it easy for you. Bye bye.

If however I’ve tweaked your interested, then I’m glad you decided to stay, don’t worry you don’t even have to swallow any red couloured pills either.

Right. Earth day. lets employ bipolar mode. After all, it is how most people operate.

Poll (is Earth day symbolic or practical)

If it’s a) then to participate in earth day is bloody stupid and dangerous self delusion.

You believe your act of symbolism has made a statement about the environment/planet, and ‘you’ve done your part’. Tomorrow you’re likely to waste just as much energy as you’ve always done, only now you’ll think you’ve made a difference. You are likely to feed off that which in turn is likely you give you increase your inertia to actually do something meaningful.

Lets face it, we all delude ourselves at times, and THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES. You’ve got to face reality if you really want to make meaningful change. Not just fool yourself into thinking you want meaningful change. Yeah, that’s right – look inside yourself, find those inner demons/laziness/apathy and self erected psychological walls covering up your own failings. Once you’ve found them, tell them where to go!

If you really want to improve things, then throw away your old traditional light bulbs and spend some of your money on those energy saving bulbs so every day you’ll be saving energy. Car pool. Do some more walking. When the corporate newz comes on, turn it off for an hour or two. Come on, do it! On yer bike! At the very least, if the issue of environmentalism is so important to you, then start to make those meaningful changes to your life starting tomorrow. Sitting on your bum for an hour in the dark is a joke.

Living in a fantasy world, believing you are doing something to change it when in fact you are not, isn’t for me, and I suspect the fact you’re still reading this means you, or a part of you, feels the same.

If you chose b) then you are walking straight into a fascist trap.

Any energy saved, lets say in the form of oil, will ultimately, as we are on the edge of the post peak oil future, to going to increasingly be, the preserve of the wealthy few.

The scale at which energy (resource, production, distribution, consumption and application) will be monopolised, will be on a scale in proportion to the elites wealth and modified, allocating extra rations to those less wealthy people who are needed to keep that wealthy elite firmly in place. Who are these elite? What drives them / what are their beliefs? How much of society do they hold sway over? It is dominated by Zionistic principles of superiority. Here, for those with secondary myopia and foolish denial of that facts, here’s that escape link again. Bon voyage.

Yes that’s right folks. The powerful countries of the world (the majority of those whose politics is ‘Zion heavy’ – a serfdom of increasing ferocity) will try with more and more desperation, violence and coercion try to control with an ever tightening grip for themselves but mostly for those who pull their strings.

You really gotta think ‘Big Picture’ here. Mini-movie doesn’t cut it.

Leaders should lead (by example) this lazy corrupt rabble of idiots who project themselves as leaders won’t be sitting in the dark for an hour will they? And even if they do, what REAL changes will they be making other than symbolism?

What laws are they going to introduce that will cause their companies, or the companies of their buddies, to have lower profits for the sake of the environment. Yeah that’s right… they aren’t.

And here is where it gets sinister.

Already those who have already said they won’t comply with it are being looked upon badly by those people who want to play the game of symbolism. As the Earth days come eventually a greater degree of ‘social outcast’ will befall those who refuse to comply for whatever reason and no matter how VALID that reason is. Yes folks. There is an element of social manipulation at play here. Is this innocent or deliberate? I’d say it’s deliberate but only from the hand of the usual suspects, but only succeed with the unbeknownst help of the masses of ignorant dupes (and hypocrites) have jointed the ‘I care for the environment’ bandwagon.

Eventually as the cheap energy runs out, I suspect Earth day will reveal its ugly hand. The power companies will announce power-cuts and when we protest, the ‘Earth lobby dupes’ (inc. those of noble intentions) will with the energy companies form the necessary levee against those who protest it. “Well many people want to preserve the environment and agree with the cuts, so why don’t you”. Spot the loaded and scurrilous question? Other social engineering factors already exist in a number of different guises.

Guess what, tomorrow is the opening day of Formula 1 motor racing and guess where it is being staged… Australia. F1 really is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME and WASTES STAGGERING AMOUNTS OF ENERGY. Think of them guzzling their champagne while your sitting in the dark being eaten by mosquito’s that you can’t see to swat them, or smashing your tows into the corner of a wall, or treading on an upturned plug.

Earth hour/day my ass!

‘Whose Earth’ is what we should be asking.

6 Responses to “Earth hour/day my ass.”

  1. 1 antireptilian March 28, 2009 at 12:37 pm


    650 climate scientists gathered to create the first official opposition to the Global Warming (Sorry, the world is cooling so they changed the name to climate change)conspiracy theory.

    We are going to put all our lights on in protest to the brainwashing process. Im not buying into this crap and here is why.

    Once, long ago, the Earth was a seething volcanic nightmare with massive belching plumes of greenhouse gasses like Co2. Out of this, rich forests and giant animals called Dinosaurs grew. Their sheer size is an indication of abundance. A while after this, despite not driving 4×4’s and running industrial plants, despite the huge fart methane production, and the gasses produced from rotting vegatation, the Earth cooled and went through an ice age. Ice covered the UK several miles deep.

    While the enviromaniacs twitter about the climate, biopharmacueticals are releasing a host of dangerous organisms into the enviroment that not only threaten human life, but also plant and animal life.

    It also does not matter that Club Of Romer Gore abides by the elite clubs own strategy laid out in their document, “the first global revolution” where they state that they will use global warming as a tool to advance the NWO.

    I wont be fooled

  2. 2 sole4sail March 28, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    antireptilian, you’re saying that with all the evidence, you still refuse to accept the fact that our actions are destroying the planet?
    In response to the post, I agree with most of what you said. Since I use nothing but low-energy bulbs, and walk or ride my bike most of the time, I will be observing Earth day.

  3. 3 lwtc247 March 28, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    Antireptilian :) Great to hear from you. And as is do often the case, I’m nodding my heaad in agreement with you.

    “We are going to put all our lights on in protest to the brainwashing process. Im not buying into this crap and here is why.” – Good.

    Re: biopharmacueticals. Yes, they are poisoning the flora and fauna. When people start dying or falling sick that they are no longer able to hide the effects of GM in medical statistics (c.f. measles ‘vaccines’ – what a joke), I suggest the swines who refused to listen to the concerns of anti GM people, are abducted, wrapped in chains then dumped in some street, the residents of which have suffered greatly from their GM poison. The dumped person has “Hi. I’m a Monsanto type. I’m responsible to your looming death” tattooed on their forehead.

    The biggest environmental problem we have is pollution: Chemical, GM(biochemical) and nuclear and the loss of the rain forests (for a number of reasons) I say to these MMGW’ers “get those issues sorted first before you dare talk about the near zero likelihood that CO2 posses a threat”

    But you see, there isn’t money to be made from addressing problems of those three. Even nuclear decommissions (a perverse term) are terribly costly affairs and wipe cost-effectiveness of nuclear energy off the map (caveat: IF the civvis weren’t the one who a) have to pay for the nuclear energy in the first place and b) have to pay for it’s decommissioning – which they will!)

    Have you noticed virtually NO scientific/technological advancement that could have dented the status of the elite has done so? Isn’t that a coincidence?

    I didn’t know about document, “the first global revolution” but I am not in the least bit surprised. It’s astonishing to how much ‘advertising’ of this NWO is coming into effect. I see it in eschatological terms, but there is so many out there who don’t even see it in it’s more earthly form of a one world elite serving government.

    But of course, WE ARE the ‘crazy’ ones. We will be the ones with bricks thrown through out windows by our fellow citizens who are still failing to wake up the MASSIVE social problems that are coming into effect now.

    I’m lucky. The place where I am has a very benign government in certain aspects towards fascistic law. The UK and US are IMO far FAR worse. The US dream is rapidly turning into a nightmare and it’s happening in the UK too. Despite the problems I’m grateful to have escaped that diseased and decaying society.

    Expect MANY more things like ‘earth hour’ (will go to 2 hours, then earth day etc…)

    I never thought about the Beefy Dino’s as suggestive of a rich, warm and fertile earth before. I like it.

  4. 4 lwtc247 March 28, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    sole4sail. Thanks for commenting.

    Glad you are doing your bit, but your efforts are not being met by those who really count. The Industrialists, the Politicians, kings and qweens, the ‘entertainment’ business, the pharmaceuticals companies, ‘Fashion’ business etc. Don’t you feel like you are being cheated in some way?

    I’m proposing these people lead the lives you do before they push seeds of psychological/sociological warfare upon us. I’m proposing Ponce Charles / Garden Broom etc don’t ‘private jet’ it, that they don’t attend 5 course meal banquits and then have the gall to tell us we must start living with the fact that food is going to be a scarce resource and we will have to pay more for less of it.

    I’m proposing the US monster scraps it’s disgusting Army, leaving only enough men to defend the land it robbed from the Native Americans (genocide them in the process) [and then start to hand administrative control back to them].

    I’m proposing that rather than industries putting up the prices of their goods to pay for frankly ridiculously lax laws about pollution which applies to them, that they must take a hit on their profit margins to pay.

    I’m proposing megaliths like Tesco stop guzzling land and making small businesses go bust, and putting a noose around the necks of farmers.

    I’m proposing we scrap this fake money which leads to a life of economic slavery.

    I’m proposing we should NOT{left out the ‘not’ earlier} push ‘western’ consumer and wasteful lives on the third world, but help them employ other ways in which they can bring benefit to the people who live there.

    I’m proposing that we use the rapidly diminishing easily extracted and refined oil that we have left for MEGA projects which will benefit the common people.

    I want to see political (and supremacist) manipulation of science come to an end.

    When the leaders (overt and covert) relinquish their obscene lifestyles and scarring of the planet, then the talking begins.

    Robbing poor Incan Paul, a traditional farmer who had to clear a patch of land to survive in this capitalist consumer global nightmare, to pay rich Paul a hedge fund (mis)manager and all the pies he has his fingers in, isn’t the place to start.

    UPDATE:I did some twitching of curtains. The street did looks darker than usual. But only slightly. Was it due to Earth hour? V. hard to tell. A number of people still had their lights on. Me included. One family a few doors away were standing outside their house. I think they were observing it (poor people, there is a mosquito plague right this very moment. I guess they will feel poorly over the next few days).

    Question: Why not have Earth hour during work hours?

  5. 5 antireptilian March 31, 2009 at 11:59 am

    I hope it is not soul for sale, or soulsold.
    I agree that we need to be vigilant about our enviroment. The real problem is this, Government, oil, mining, biopharma an GM corporations cause the most serious impacts on enviroment and human life.

    The impact of depleted uranium, noxious by products of industry, pesticides and GM organisms, dumping chemical weapons into the sea, hormone injections into dairy cattle, and a whole host of other activities, will not be effected one smidgin by turning lights off for an hour, or by fitting low energy light bulbs, which , by the way, contain mercury and cause behavioural problems with children.

    The parasitic powers that be will be carbon taxing every aspect of your life, while transnationals rape and plunder the entire globe. Al Gore and Obama both have set up and have shares in carbon trading companies which are set to make huge profits.

    I recycle and take my excess to recycling areas. I buy organic foods, and i have taken efforts to restrict and limit my personal energy and water usage. I don’t buy vitamin suppliments or other pharma products.

    The global warming con does not address the real problems, it is a vehicle to assemble taxes for a world government structure.

  6. 6 bubble witch 2 trucchi September 1, 2014 at 7:12 pm

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    Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Carry on the superb work!

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