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My brief turn

It seems this blog is getting a few new readers and I’ve reason to believe some are perhaps a little upset – particularly about the third picture.


New readers may not have read enough of this blog (and my previous blog to understand my perspectives.


So I will ‘explain’ poster#3 just in case anyone was harbouring the very weird idea that I’m a racist.


It is a fact that dark skinned people are discriminated against in many parts of the world. As such, life is a lot harder for them. In the UK, compared to whites, people of colour are more likely to be shot by the state, imprisoned by the state, stopped and searched by the state etc etc. That to me is disgraceful.


but I don’t believe state discrimination isn’t without consequence. I think it can push (to different degrees, and on an individual level) members of the discriminated group, into a sub culture. In fact, to think how the establishment treats its citizens does not affect those SAME citizens is just plain wrong.


As such, sub-culture spawned from oppression is more likely to contain hostility against the state that discriminates against them.


At this point, bigots or thinkers may ask ‘chicken or egg’? Bigots ask because they want to rationalise their disgraceful prejudice, but thinkers also from a sociological point of view.


But it is a false question as the discrimination occurred long before the blooming of sub-culture – chiefly an urban quazi-metropolitan phenonomen.


Initial discrimination endures irrespective of sub-culture yet is reinforced by certain sub-cultures.


Poster#3 was saying the white people were never watched hence the camera never had to sweep (i.e. pan) left. It was only because there were black people to the left of the camera, the camera’s operators had a ‘need’ to make it go left to watch them, revealing the fault.


I wrote the word darkies because racists often use such terms emphatic ally and usually in a derogatory way, and the branches of the UK establishment are institutionally racist.



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