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Fallujah – Hell by another name.

On March 20 2003, the Coalition of the Killing knowingly lied their way into a war to kill over one million people and make refugees of almost 5 million more. Children’s bodies had their faces torn from their heads, their bones shattered like glass and their bodies sliced into pieces by a thousand white hot shards of razor sharp bomb fragments while clouds of fire started to charr their poor little bodies.

My hatred for the British and Americans powers that be, had never been higher and I will never allow it to cease. I knew the day when Colin Powell tried to pimp out a war, the day he showed cartoons sketches of mobile biotoxin labs and his act of holding up a vials of sugar as proof that Iraq was developing weapons the US had perfected long long ago, that it was a complete pile of LIES. I screamed at my TV screen, desperately hoping that someone on the UNSC would then put my points to Powell so that his insane pantomime lies could be exposed. I felt a deep terror when it was clear the UNSC allowed Powell to waltz them into a dance of death. They bought the bullshit, lock, stock and barrel.

Then Rumsfeld, Bush and bLiar smirked their way in announcements that the massacre of Iraqi people had begun.


I followed the war in Iraq intensely for about three years, reading maybe 30 articles a day about it. And of course the battles of Fallujah (Fallujah 1 (April ’04) and the more infamous Fallujah 2 (Nov 04)) which happened.

Once again the US and British lied to us. Any resident in Fallujah was fair game for extermination, and in Fallujah 2, the whole town and it’s residents were to be attacked with white phosphorus in total defiance of international law and any measure of humanity. The US lied about it’s use (supported of course, by the Brits, who released press statements lying on behalf of the Americans). Even when the British line of lies were exposed about this, nothing happened. Nobody was punished.

Today I came across  a non-embedded journalist who covered Fallujah 1. It is difficult to believe how the Coalition of the Killing are allowed to get away with their high crimes. Not even a boycott of US and UK goods followed.

I’ll try and put some stuff up about Fallujah (1 and/or 2)  later.

Shoved to the ground or clubbed in the back? surely the latter…

On watching this…

title: Video of police assault on Ian Tomlinson, who died at the London G20 protest 

I dont think Tomlinson was shoved to the floor but rather clubbed to the floor. First you can see his leg being struck and then, as the scum sucking “policeman” moves up behing Tomlinson, just as the killer cops hand goes out of view, you can see a couple of frames where the baton heads towards Tomlinson, over Tomlinsons right shoulder. The policemen seems to have flicked his baton back and then hit him in the back or the head. After Tomlinson falls, you clearly see the scum policeman’s baton flash infront of the yellow coat of another policeman with the dog (to the left of Tomlinson just before he falls) and his baton arm follow through, in full accordance with what we would expect if the filthy policeman did strike him with the baton (second time around). Also, the killer cops body twists to his right and his free hand is behind the baton arm, indicating it was the baton arm/hand that was involved in downing Tonlinson which lead to his death.

A Sky news female voiceover says here ( about the 1m35s make that “”He is then hit on the thigh and then pushed over”. Sorry, I think your wrong. The ITN footage only shows Mr. Tomlinson being hit on his left leg.

New ITN (shown on C4)  footage: 

Then we get this: Livingstone and Guru Murthy on C4 News:

Livingstone called the killer cop a member of a

“small elite group…the Territorial Support Group”

Clearly he knows about this group and I bet he’s used them. Funny that he never made public statements about them then when he was Mayor.

“Officers that refuse to cooperate with this investigation, can’t continue to expect to police the streets of London”

 Erm Ken, then they should be fired, tried and jailed.

“a spasm of violence just because they have had a difficult day…they are trained to deal with provocation”

Really Ken? Oh Ken you are so wise. What you mean is if you don’t comply with their fascism in an instant commands, they wouldn’t will beat the crap out of you, arrest you or kill you, but people like you never antagonise the establishment do you.

“Compared to where we were 20 years ago, the police force has been transformed”

Ken says that to mean he thinks they are better now. Wrong again Ken. They are far WORSE and YOU dear KEN are partly responsible. They kill at will and people like you do virtually NOTHING to hold them to account. Your gross deriliction of duty in July 2005 was a great demonstration of that.

“there will be some men a bit over the testosterone limit”

Geez Ken! Tell you what, put yourself at the mercy of some of these people who are “a bit over the testosterone limit”

“He might have said something cheeky”

 Guru Murthy doing his bit to add on the brownie points for the MBE or some other title of empire and serfdome to her mudjesty.

“your tape is a bit more explicitly than what we saw in the guardian

Sorry Ken, another pile of crap to add to your pathetic collection.

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