Fallujah – Hell by another name.

On March 20 2003, the Coalition of the Killing knowingly lied their way into a war to kill over one million people and make refugees of almost 5 million more. Children’s bodies had their faces torn from their heads, their bones shattered like glass and their bodies sliced into pieces by a thousand white hot shards of razor sharp bomb fragments while clouds of fire started to charr their poor little bodies.

My hatred for the British and Americans powers that be, had never been higher and I will never allow it to cease. I knew the day when Colin Powell tried to pimp out a war, the day he showed cartoons sketches of mobile biotoxin labs and his act of holding up a vials of sugar as proof that Iraq was developing weapons the US had perfected long long ago, that it was a complete pile of LIES. I screamed at my TV screen, desperately hoping that someone on the UNSC would then put my points to Powell so that his insane pantomime lies could be exposed. I felt a deep terror when it was clear the UNSC allowed Powell to waltz them into a dance of death. They bought the bullshit, lock, stock and barrel.

Then Rumsfeld, Bush and bLiar smirked their way in announcements that the massacre of Iraqi people had begun.


I followed the war in Iraq intensely for about three years, reading maybe 30 articles a day about it. And of course the battles of Fallujah (Fallujah 1 (April ’04) and the more infamous Fallujah 2 (Nov 04)) which happened.

Once again the US and British lied to us. Any resident in Fallujah was fair game for extermination, and in Fallujah 2, the whole town and it’s residents were to be attacked with white phosphorus in total defiance of international law and any measure of humanity. The US lied about it’s use (supported of course, by the Brits, who released press statements lying on behalf of the Americans). Even when the British line of lies were exposed about this, nothing happened. Nobody was punished.

Today I came across  a non-embedded journalist who covered Fallujah 1. http://english.aljazeera.net/focus/2009/04/200948132212418175.html. It is difficult to believe how the Coalition of the Killing are allowed to get away with their high crimes. Not even a boycott of US and UK goods followed.

I’ll try and put some stuff up about Fallujah (1 and/or 2)  later.


4 Responses to “Fallujah – Hell by another name.”

  1. 1 Anti_NWO April 12, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    I noticed you didn’t discuss the armed resistance in Iraq that apparently drastically increased in number following word of the Fallujah attacks. Which, in 2005 launched a country-wide counter attack that among other military victories, took 300 UN troops prisoner. (I’d give you citations\links for these but a simple search will bring up relevant articles I’m sure).

    You might have encountered me before – I also comment on Stef Zucconi’s blog, among others. I’m going to take a guess that you’re from Malaysia? I haven’t read beyond your first few posts y’see…

  2. 2 lwtc247 April 13, 2009 at 3:30 am

    Hi Anti_NWO. I’ve seen you post on StefZ sits and what you say often has me nodding my head.

    You are right, I didn’t discuss the glorious totally justified struggle by the Iraqi Resistance, but the post was to bring to the attention of others the horror of what happened. I’m not quite sure why you think I should have mentioned them. I’d like to ask why?

    Fallujah 1 was 5 years ago and many people are completely unaware of it.

  3. 3 123 November 16, 2009 at 4:12 am

    I agree bush is an idoiot, my u.s government is corrupt as hell, and our leaders are seemingly getting worse and worse each year, but i have absolutely NO sympathy for the fallujans NONE!! The killings of the blackwater contractors was unacceptable, not just that but the fact that the bodies were torched and dragged through the streets… Now in that crowd, you see women and children and old men shouting FALLUJAH IS THE CEMETARY FOR AMERICANS.. WOMEN AND CHILDREN! Not terrorists. They “said” come in here americans, we’re waiting for you… or the equivilant to it. And thats exactly what we did. Im not saying that killing civilians is right, but they were not civlilians! The minute they put those videos of the americans out for the world to see,encouraging us to come and fight, they became soldiers of this war. If they were in fallujah, they wanted to fight. We clearly warned them prior to the attack that we were coming, and to leave if they didnt want to die. But they didnt listen. Marines are not peacekeepers, they are fighters thats what they do. The people in fallujah should not have paraded around with such confidence and not expect any retaliation. Now i dont disagree with you about the government being totally fuckd and corrupted, but this particular incident in my opinion was going to happen whether you say it is politicaly or humanely correct. I do not want to see women and children dead or anyone for that matter. But when you do what they do, you deserve it. You say their “glorious iraqi resistance”…. come the fuck on man what were you part of it? If it is such a glorious resistance then the americans coming there was the u.s “gloriously defending from the incredible atrocities of the fallujan barbarians”… See how it can be put both ways??? Now regardless of the blackwater contracting and all the atrocities it has commited, by killing them the people of fallujah just directly picked a fight with the entirety of the american people, do you see my point of view or is it so drilled into your head that americans are scum? I am in no way racist or in hatred of any religous or ethnic group, but i do hate the ones who declare jihad on all of western society… When you do that, you are trying to kill me, my family, and my friends, and i would fight til every last one of them is dead or until i am dead to be sure that doesnt happen. Damn i wrote a lot more than i wanted to haha

    • 4 lwtc247 November 16, 2009 at 10:00 am

      I appreciate the time you spent writing in here and expressing your thoughts. although I don’t quite get your logic.

      1) You see fit to decree that women and children somehow now become legitimate targets. That along with the collective punishment you advocate is against international law and any strand of morality.

      2) You say the once-citizens now become solders and so are legitimate targets. Well,,, Blackwater merc’s are private solders by self recognition. By your own argument they were legitimate targets the second they invaded Iraqi territory. Remember what you said about both ways?

      3) The mutilation of bodies was clearly wrong, but I’m sure your armchair perceptions would be turned on its head should your land be invaded, your people disappeared, raped tortured and humiliated – your national heritage and treasures looted and destroyed, your academics assassinated, your water electricity and sewerage supplies destroyed, your schools mosques and hospitals bombed, your shops unable to feed your family, your lands forever polluted with deadly radioactive isotopes, 50% cancer rates in your children under a murderous 12 year sanctions sentence.

      4) Not all Iraq’s said “come get some”, and it is questionable if the glorious Iraqi resistnce ever said that. I mean, your media and commander in chief wouldn’t lie to you would they?

      5) “We clearly warned them prior to the attack that we were coming” Many did leave but from what I remember, many were unable to, and then it seems, the Yanks went in they killed everything that moved.

      6) “The people in Fallujah should not have paraded around with such confidence and not expect any retaliation.” – the people didn’t. A few did perhaps but not ‘the people’. But again, International law sets standards of what constitutes military targets, not that the US bothered about such ‘restraints’, and as such, I’d agree the Yanks were likely to go in but as you seem to concede it, great wrongs were done.

      “But when you do what they[the people of Fallujah] do, you deserve it.” – Again, I totally disagree for reasons already given.

      7) I say “glorious iraqi resistance” because they are glorious, showing great courage in the face of the invading savages. I salute them as they deserve to be saluted. I will always salute such brave and heroic freedm fighers, as I would if one day the US patriots defend the US against all domestic enemies destroying the United States from within or even ordinary USans if a country like China ever invaded them, not that China would follow such Occidental presidents. Sadly I am not part of the nobel struggle. The US wasn’t gloriously defending anything. They were invaders. International law clearly says defending ones homeland is legitimate. It’s clear who has the legitimate claim of defence.

      I can see your points of view are a product of the perception of what you have been lead to believe are American values and I don’t think Americans are scum. The fact you say that reveals a common ‘us and them’ mindset that USans are indoctrinated to believe.

      You may be surprised at my deep admiration for the US constitution and some of the struggles of a number of your Presidents. Like John Adams, Lincoln for his greenback etc. I think it even overrides the Masonic accusations levied against them. I am a huge admirer of Cynthia McKinney and have had the pleasure of having short conversations with her on a couple of occasions. I really admire Ron Paul (I see no credence in allegations about him being racist). Dennis Kucinich (sp?) is also very respectable politician and recently released James (?) Traficant says nice things too. Obama too has said good things too, but Obama, like Blair displays the signs of a pathological liar. You may also be surprized that many Muslims could see Quranic principles in the US constitution too, such as freedom of association. Many US Muslims in the States are proud of the things the US is supposed to stand for, but that’s the problem… in practice it’s quite the opposite.

      8) I think we are all racist – philosophically at least, but it doesn’t have to be the malevolent, it’s whether we allow our favour/disfavour for one particular race cause oppression and significant bias, but I understand what you mean when you say you are not racist in any way. It’s what you say after that I have difficulty with: “i do hate the ones who declare jihad on all of western society…” I presume you are talking about the official narrative of Al-Qaida, yet your comment is about Iraq. To me it looks like you are lumping Iraqi’s in with what we are told is Al Qaeda. What was that you said again about not being “racist or in hatred of any religous or ethnic group”?

      No Muslim is declaring jihad against the West. That is even more revealing as to your perceptions of the world.

      “When you do that, you are trying to kill me, my family, and my friends, and i would fight til every last one of them is dead ” said the people of Fallujah to the invading huns.

      Look, I really advise you to honestly evaluate the beliefs you have been encouraged to adopt. Try reading some alternative media and voices of dissent. Try listening to the voice of people who have suffered at the hands of white people, including the citizens in the US itself.

      I think you are sincere and it can be quite hard to undo all the lies and propaganda that’s been injected into you without your permission, You seem to show signs that you are beginning to see through the shower of lies that have been splayed infront of you.

      To end, I applaud you declaring you will fight to defend your way of life, that’s the central issue here.

      the Muslims (another core issue underlying what has been said here) reject what people like Bush, Blair say is done in the name of Islam. One only has to look at the way the Jews have been given refuge for hundreds of years in Arab lands to realise that the problem isn’t Muslims, its the raw and ferocious hammering of Zionistic concepts including greed and supremacy on to the peoples of the world, most often who sit on natural resources and geo strategic terra firma.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

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