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Brussells (Re: Iraq War) Tribunal YouTube channel

A friend sent this…

In case we forget our Iraqi brethren… please watch the videos [see below].

Hana AlBayaty spoke at our PGPO War Crimes conference in 2007 and has worked tirelessly with the BRussells Tribunal to expose American War Crimes. They recently succeeded in securing an information session in the European Parliament. And this is a big milestone.

Iraqi International Initiative on refugees:

Announcement: BRussells Tribunal YouTube channel [ Please distribute widely ]


Dear friends, We have pleasure to announce the establishment of a YouTube channel for the BRussells Tribunal.

You can already view speeches delivered in an information session held in the European Parliament, organized by the BRussells Tribunal, the Iraqi International Initiative on refugees and other partners, hosted by European Parliament Vice President Luisa Morgantini.

This event was part of a four day series of public events, 18-20 March, marking the anniversary of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, under the title, “Occupation Year 7: What future for Iraq?”

The press release of these events can be viewed here:

Panel speakers were: Abdul Ilah Albayaty, geopolitical analyst and expert on Arab national movements; Dr Omar Al-Kubaisy, Iraq’s most renowned cardiologist and expert on the breakdown on public health in Iraq under occupation; Dr Falah Al-Khayat, former director general of the Iraqi Oil Ministry prior to the US invasion and an expert on the issue of the Iraqi oil industry; Dr Hassan Aydinli, EU Turkmen representative and expert on the fate of minorities under the sectarian governments promoted by the US occupation; and Shannon Meehan, International Rescue Committee director of advocacy and expert in refugee protection.

Hana Al Bayaty, coordinator of the Iraqi International Initiative on Refugees and member of The BRussells Tribunal, moderated the sessions.

We will be adding more video content in the coming weeks from events held in the Belgian Parliament and LES HALLES DE SCHAERBEEK and BEURSSCHOUWBURG. Solidarity in struggle.

Hana Al Bayaty,
Iraqi International Initiative on refugees – coordinator
Member of the BRussells Tribunal Committee

(The spelling of BRussles is deliberate)

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

This blog supports victims of western aggression

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