Will somebody assassinate this man?

Update April 27th 2009:

Edgar J. Steele: Obummer Get ready for martial law, folks. I predict that we will see it enacted sometime next year, if not as early as this coming Fall. Obama: Chains You Can Believe In More …

I can’t possibly see the level of opposition to the NWO in the US (or UK) will ever be strong enough to pose a serious threat of overthrow to the rotten establishment. The assassination of the Obama messiah will. It’s my opinion/prediction that Obamas assassinaion will be the black-op to deliberately catalyse US civil war, and not Mr  Steele’s assertion that it’ll be Obama himself that declares martial law. The problem with strengthening fascism isn’t with the Obama puppet. It’s independent of him. Obama’s specific role is to induce mass JFK.MLK like fear in the hearts of its people.  His killing will deliberately leave clues that it was an ‘inside job’. the conspiracy theory that breaks the US camels back.


That was a question on the lips of many before Obama – the mini-me of new messiahs, ‘won’ the ‘(s)election’ towards the end of 2008.

I tried desperately to avoid the puke inducing coverage of the three stooges (which turned into the two stooges after Obama and Hitlery Clinton made their secret deal while deliberately imprisoning ‘journalists’ on a plane – See ‘The Obama Deception‘) and I was very successful in doing so. But it proved impossible to avoid seeing bits of his ‘victory’ speech.

I was shocked.

People were standing in the streets crying, yes that’s right they were crying because Obama had won. Obama started saying some prayer like Bob the Builder chanting something like ‘Can we fix it?’ The camera immediately focused on some starry-eyed woman in the crowd and replied something like ‘Yes we can’. Come to think of it, the director of the telecast must have been a VERY sharp man to have carried that off. Well, either that or it was scripted. I wonder (but not for long!).

Of course the you will probably remember in the messiah’s waiting time before being sworn in (‘8hit, here’s the latest butchering puppet’) coincided with the obliteration of 1300+ people and the wholesale destruction of hundreds of buildings and water supplies  was taking place a few thousand miles away in the East Mediterranean. Not a peep from his hole-eness but plenty of crap about the financial meltdown which his buddies managed to pull off. And that slaughter orgy ended just before ‘he who is the lie-t’ was spookily sworn in twice.

We shouldn’t be surprised – that is unless you were one of those UTTER IDIOTS who auto-aroused yourself into falling for the crap that Obama will feed the world using five loaves of bread and two fish and touch mankind to cure it’s socioligical leprosy, chasing the money changers out of the temple and denouncing the pharisees for their wicked perversions.

The O-ley one had previously declared the occupation of Palestine sacrosanct and that Jerusalem should be the capital of that very occupation – something he could no doubt, happily and directly explain to Samia Ihdaidoon. Now allegedly black man, ancestral victim of the Jewish slave trade and white racist lynch-mobs,  mini-mOshiachObama, has declared the Jews are “THE CHOSEN ONES”

Do you understand that?

This man is calling the Zionist filth CHOSEN – in full accordance to the perverse Talmudic description of the ‘Hebrews’ as racially superior to all other forms of life including that of non-Jews. Obamessah is condoning racism and the extermination of the Palestinians.

The big O is also going to kill hundreds of thousands of Afghani wives, children, husbands and grandparents, millions of Pakistanis when the US sends its special forces in to Pakistan having encouraged a civil war there, the US taking the side of the smiling widower Asif Zardari. It’s possible O will imprison thousands of US citizens, horrified at what they now see in front of them now that Obama’s plastic mask is dissolving rapidly away.

So the queastion has since faded. will someone assassinat him, re-emerge as the the US juggernought of death continues it multiple and simultaneous wars.

I predict a home grown assassin will try it.


thanks to http://blostopher.blogspot.com/

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