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Trust me, I’m a Scientist

Am I right in thinking Scientists have some kind of authorititatve air about them? what kind of ‘air’ I’ll let you figure.

“It’s emerged that virulent H5N1 bird flu was sent out by accident from an Austrian lab last year and given to ferrets in the Czech Republic before anyone realised. As well as the risk of it escaping into the wild, the H5N1 got mixed with a human strain, which might have spawned a hybrid that could unleash a pandemic.” – source: 

I think we need a desparate reassessment of science and scientists and STOP them playing around with these things.

Parabellum (on Famous for 15 megapixels) said…
Army: Missing virus samples likely destroyed (my emphasis)
Originally published April 23, 2009
By Justin M. Palk
News-Post Staff

Missing virus samples the Army has been investigating were likely destroyed years ago when a freezer broke, according to the Army.

The samples were part of a collection of materials that had been handed down from researcher to researcher as scientists retired, said Caree Vander Linden, spokeswoman for the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

The second researcher to receive the collection performed a full inventory and couldn’t account for three vials of Venezuelan equine encephalitis, she said. The discrepancy was reported to the institute’s safety officer, and eventually to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which triggered the investigation by the Army Criminal Investigation Command.

During the investigation, one of the researchers who’d worked with the collection recalled a freezer failure at one point that destroyed a number of samples, Vander Linden said.

“Everything in it was basically lost,” she said.

This occurred before USAMRIID began using a computerized database to track its samples, and investigators could not find a paper record of the event, she said.

Chris Grey, spokesman for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, said its investigation into the potentially missing samples is still open.

The investigation found no evidence of criminal activity in regard to the missing samples, he said.

The command is performing a mandatory final review of the case before closing it, Grey said. He would not speculate on when the case would be closed.

Venezuelan equine encephalitis is a virus carried by mosquitoes that can cause encephalitis in humans and horses, according to the CDC.

Death from the disease is rare in humans. Adults usually develop only flulike symptoms before recovering.

The CDC recommends Venezuelan equine encephalitis be handled in biosecurity level-3 facilities, as opposed to BSL-4 facilities where more dangerous pathogens such as Ebola are handled.

I feel safer already…

27 April 2009 21:18


Parabellum also informs is of these bedtime stories.

Other “arn’t scientists great'”stories:

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Conspiraloons spreading quicker than Mexican Swine Flu

or is it the usual coincidence theory?


Watch out for the aunt sally.


YES. TERRORISM, BUDGET & ECONOMY, FINANCIAL CRISIS and ROYAL FAMILY. Yahoo employs a conspiraloon web designer. Give yourself a pat on the back if you spotted it.

Mexican swine flu pandemic

Pre- (essential) reading:
1) BBC advertise Tamiflu. Prof John Oxford co-developer of Tamiflu is a regular “contributor” to BBC. Read here.

2) Swine Flu: Previous Outbreak Originated At Fort Dix USA (

3) Indonesia floats idea of man-made swine flu (Atheo’s blog)
4) Two French students, working on the real origins of bird flu, tortured, killed in London
By George Kadar – American Free Press August 2008 c/o The Truthseeker. Article begins: “Two French biochemical students, Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, were murdered by Israeli Mossad-British intelligence assassination teams on June 29, 2008.” caveat: how this is knoiwn is way beyond me. 






My blog is recording increased interest in the Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez savage killings in Summer 2008 [see the post Risky profession] as well as increased hits on Aspartame – Poison and February and MK-ULTRA. Yeah the numbers are near zero, but I wonder if it’s a sign people are generally suspicious about the Mexican swine flu outbreak? I remember there were some questions about SARS a few years back.


Anyway, biochemists, microbiologists, epidemiologists etc, be careful out there (other than the scum that actually manufacture these bioweapons under the guise of ‘research’)


Scientists isolate genes that made 1918 flu lethal
Public release date: 29-Dec-2008
Contact: Yoshihiro Kawaoka
University of Wisconsin-Madison


Flu Kills The Torture Memos
By: Lori Price on: 26.04.2009





Feeling the ripples.


I recently expressed an opinion that I rather liked the documentary 7/7 Ripple Effect. It wasn’t an easy opinion to express amongst highly respected people who have done wonders to show the UK government produced a dossier of lies about the July 7th London bombings 2005. I knew expressing any positive feedback about it would draw some flac my way.


I liked it because it raised some questions about the Israyhell connection of 7/7. I had felt annoyance at some who pooh-poohed Israyhells involvement. Some spoke in a quiet voice about it and others flatly ignored the “Yesraol” factor. To me, the whole history of Israyhell and what it has done demands it must never be allowed to creep into the shadows.


I didn’t treat 7/7 RE as a work of fact (something I guess some people thought I was doing, and actually the documentary itself doesn’t pretend to “know” what happed that day as it clearly states) but to me, it does a good job at trying to piece things together into a workable picture – the foundation of criminal investigation. Errors in it’s hypothesis should be pointed out so the picture is improved. Indeed this methodology has deliberately been avoided by the honourable J7 truth team who have employed a highly successful and may I say novel way of conducting a citizens investigation into 7/7. They refuse to br drawn into hypothesising as to do so would simply allow those who for whatever reason do not want the truth i.e. the complete picture of 7/7 from emerging. Fair play to them, but fair play to those who choose to pursue the hypothesis line. Actually I think the independent 2-tier approach is good.


I couldn’t care less about the documentary makers (Mr. John Anthony Hill) personal life or any stupid things he’s done (mirror anyone?) or the stupid moniker he’s adopted. His views on economics and the way he chooses to store his life savings isn’t of any significance either, or is his supposed claims to the be the messiah *yawn*. Neither are people who, rightly or wrongly, choose not the believe that 6m Jews were killed in WW2 who are not even connected to Mr. Hill. What is significant, is Israyhells connection to 7/7.


The same thing happens about 9-11. Israyhells involvement in it is a taboo. Able Danger? so what. Young Jews who jumped for joy while the 9-11 attacks were happening and who supposedly taped it were released allowing them to escape proper investigation. Israyhelli “security” firms involved in 9-11 aren’t important. Neither is the anything else, the 9-11 “commission”. Yeah that’s right. It’s the big bad “neocons”. What their roots or higher connections are don’t matter or it’s MASSIVE lobbyist clout. Poor little Israyhell – as the Liberal Democrat Friends for Israyhell put it… ‘surrounded by so many enemies’ 




War By Way of Deception: All Roads Lead to Israel-1 of 5 (approx 10 mins)



War By Way of Deception: All Roads Lead to Israel-2 of 5 (approx 10 mins)



War By Way of Deception: All Roads Lead to Israel-3 of 5 (approx 10 mins)



War By Way of Deception: All Roads Lead to Israel-4 of 5 (approx 10 mins)


War By Way of Deception: All Roads Lead to Israel-5 of 5 (approx 10 mins)

Download them before they go ‘go-go’.







Other Links (not necessarily endorseful of this lwtc247 post):

1) Documentary maker released on bail


2) The documentary in question in “7/7: The Ripple Effect”


3) The presumed home page of the makeer of  “7/7: The Ripple Effect”


4) 7/7 Ripple Effect – a rebuttal and rejection



Establishment Slime Cental advertising goes one step higher

Yes once again it’s that old dung pit of political propaganda – BBC Newz. Up to its usual tricks of not reporting much of anti-establishment stories and events.

This time they are disgracefully advertising Tamiflu. Seasoned loons will need no introduction to Tamiflu, and my head is buzzing with self induced E102 and MSG poisoning to be bothered to give any lead links.

The poisoing is wearing off a bit now so here’s an article sent to Jeff Rense from from Patricia Doyle, PhD, with a title saying “Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine!” 



The impression given is that Tamiflu is good to ‘cure’ swine flu. Has Tamiflu ever been tested against swine flu? Why don’t the BBC report on the medical studies of Tamiflu with swine fever? Why don’t they have a medical ‘expert’ cautioning that Tamiflu may have ZERO effect (other than to boost the share price of the makers of Tamiflu?.

I think the BBC should be investigated for possible corruption.


“In 2007, nearly 90 years after Sir Mark Sykes died, all the living descendants gave their permission to exhume his body for scientific investigation headed by virologist, Prof John Oxford…. – source

Other info:

…Professor Oxford is a prolific communicator. He also makes time to give numerous interviews on BBC Radio and Television, and is a frequent contributor to the BBC News website. Professor Oxford has published 250 scientific papers.

He is especially proud of Retroscreen Virology, which he established in 1989 with the help of EU funding. Retroscreen Virology has grown into Europe’s leading contract virology research company. Its work is dedicated to creating the next generation of antivirals and vaccines in the field of biomedical research. It is the only company in the UK able to conduct human influenza challenge studies in a specialised quarantine unit with A/Panama/2007/99 and A/New Caledonia/20/99 viruses and has characterised influenza A (H1N1 and H3N2) and B viruses. Recently the company cultivated the SARS virus in its containment laboratory and has investigated virucides and lozenges for major pharmaceutical companies.” – source


Professor Oxford then moved to Canberra to work under Professor Graeme Laver, whose work with the crystallization of the influenza protein formed the basis for the development of the Tamiflu vaccine. – source:

Well well well.

Does Oxford get money from the EU for ‘pandemic disaster management’?
Does Oxford get royalties for Tamiflu? (which as far as I know has no effect on swine flu)
Does Oxford stand the chance of making a lot from ‘preventitive action in Eurozone’?
Did does Oxford advise on what medicines to stock?
Is Oxford the Peter Power of the pharmaceutical industry?

Did Ms. Tansy Huws have it or not? And how did Tamiflu supposedly make her better?

“Tamiflu’s safety and effectiveness have not been determined in people with chronic heart or lung disease, kidney failure, or in people with high-risk underlying medical conditions…

Tamiflu has not been shown to treat flu-like illnesses caused by any virus other than influenza A and B (e.g., stomach flu, common cold, or other respiratory illnesses not caused by influenza). – source FDA,

 Why would the Mexican doctors follow up: “Couldn’t get out of bed for a WHOLE WEEK… From one minute to the next she felt nauseous and had a VERY HIGH fever.” – sounds pretty serious to me. How come Ms. Huws doesn’t actually know what she had?

Don’t take drugs so that the symptoms are clear??? After ONE WHOLE WEEK?? I think they’d be pretty clear. And if the symptoms started last Sunday (8 days ago, and you were in bed for a WHOLE WEEK, I applaud you being fit enough to contact the BBC websire and tell all – mention of Tamiflu included. Do they call it ‘Tamiflu’ in Mexico?

Do the embassies/FCO  log phone calls?

Why is Oxford digging up Mark Sykes’ body for spanish flu when they had samples of it in 2004? See here. From that article is says “they say that their work may lead to better ways to assess the potential danger of emerging flu viruses.” – Yeah and better understanding on how to use it as a weapon. There is NO scientific development that goes unlooked at for its potential as a weapon. If memory serves correct, the PNAC doc, Rebuilding America’s Defences aludes to race specific vioweapons. 

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