Feeling the ripples.


I recently expressed an opinion that I rather liked the documentary 7/7 Ripple Effect. It wasn’t an easy opinion to express amongst highly respected people who have done wonders to show the UK government produced a dossier of lies about the July 7th London bombings 2005. I knew expressing any positive feedback about it would draw some flac my way.


I liked it because it raised some questions about the Israyhell connection of 7/7. I had felt annoyance at some who pooh-poohed Israyhells involvement. Some spoke in a quiet voice about it and others flatly ignored the “Yesraol” factor. To me, the whole history of Israyhell and what it has done demands it must never be allowed to creep into the shadows.


I didn’t treat 7/7 RE as a work of fact (something I guess some people thought I was doing, and actually the documentary itself doesn’t pretend to “know” what happed that day as it clearly states) but to me, it does a good job at trying to piece things together into a workable picture – the foundation of criminal investigation. Errors in it’s hypothesis should be pointed out so the picture is improved. Indeed this methodology has deliberately been avoided by the honourable J7 truth team who have employed a highly successful and may I say novel way of conducting a citizens investigation into 7/7. They refuse to br drawn into hypothesising as to do so would simply allow those who for whatever reason do not want the truth i.e. the complete picture of 7/7 from emerging. Fair play to them, but fair play to those who choose to pursue the hypothesis line. Actually I think the independent 2-tier approach is good.


I couldn’t care less about the documentary makers (Mr. John Anthony Hill) personal life or any stupid things he’s done (mirror anyone?) or the stupid moniker he’s adopted. His views on economics and the way he chooses to store his life savings isn’t of any significance either, or is his supposed claims to the be the messiah *yawn*. Neither are people who, rightly or wrongly, choose not the believe that 6m Jews were killed in WW2 who are not even connected to Mr. Hill. What is significant, is Israyhells connection to 7/7.


The same thing happens about 9-11. Israyhells involvement in it is a taboo. Able Danger? so what. Young Jews who jumped for joy while the 9-11 attacks were happening and who supposedly taped it were released allowing them to escape proper investigation. Israyhelli “security” firms involved in 9-11 aren’t important. Neither is the anything else, the 9-11 “commission”. Yeah that’s right. It’s the big bad “neocons”. What their roots or higher connections are don’t matter or it’s MASSIVE lobbyist clout. Poor little Israyhell – as the Liberal Democrat Friends for Israyhell put it… ‘surrounded by so many enemies’ 




War By Way of Deception: All Roads Lead to Israel-1 of 5 (approx 10 mins)



War By Way of Deception: All Roads Lead to Israel-2 of 5 (approx 10 mins)



War By Way of Deception: All Roads Lead to Israel-3 of 5 (approx 10 mins)



War By Way of Deception: All Roads Lead to Israel-4 of 5 (approx 10 mins)


War By Way of Deception: All Roads Lead to Israel-5 of 5 (approx 10 mins)

Download them before they go ‘go-go’.







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4 Responses to “Feeling the ripples.”

  1. 1 StefZ April 27, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    I’m a bit short of time so I’ll have to be briefer than I’d like

    A quick question re. Israel’s alleged involvement with 7/7

    Could you jot down the evidence for that

    Not anything else, just 7/7

  2. 2 lwtc247 April 28, 2009 at 1:16 am

    Hi Stef. The stuff about Israel isn’t evidence but a working hypothesis.

    I thought the post made this point clear.

    I’m rather short of time myself right now, but will try and post the list of Israyhell connections later; of of which I’m sure you’re already familiat with.

  3. 3 StefZ (in an iairprt) April 28, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    I don’t think it is clear that we’re talking about a hypothesis – from your post or JAH’s movie

    eg “I liked it because it raised some questions about the Israyhell connection of 7/7. I had felt annoyance at some who pooh-poohed Israyhells involvement.”

    I’d be the last person to make apologies for Zionism but I’m also not so much of an absolutist as to believe that Zionist Jews are responsible for all the shit that goes down in the world

    Right now the evidence indicating that Israel was responsible for 7/7 is laughably thin, much thinner than the evidence linking the alleged four Muslim bombers to 7/7.

    If JAH had produced some genuine new evidence linking Israel to 7/7 that would be really something of note. What he actually did was rehash some existing material, mix it up with some fantasy bollocks and then send it to a jury foreman without obtaining permission of the people on trial first

    and BTW, JAH is obsessed with Israel because he claims to be the king of that country which I would guess makes him a bit of a Zionist

    and I always thought that a principle belief of Anti-Zionist lore was that zionist agents often pretend to be anti-semites and anti-zionists in order to subvert their opposition with fucked up beliefs and thinking

    or don’t you think They Who Are Responsible for Everything do that sort of thing?

  4. 4 lwtc247 April 28, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    @ Stef.

    Wonder if aiport securuty were crapping themsleves when their spyware aleted them to the fact a passenger was typing out several key words, then again, as the HUGE majority of terrorism is state sponsored terrorism, perhaps not.

    in true pascal style, let us…


    “raised some questions” – I don’t see how that can be read as saying “Israyhell dunnit” I’ve never claimed such a thing. Although I admit without any shame whatsoever, that it’s my deep suspicion and working premise that they are involved in some way.

    “I didn’t treat 7/7 RE as a work of fact” – isn’t a statement indicating conclusiveness either.

    “the documentary itself doesn’t pretend to “know” what happed that day as it clearly states”

    “Errors in it’s hypothesis should be pointed “

    Neither have I ever said: “Israyhell does everything“, but from where I’m standing, the murderous hell-hole in the Holy land, along with the phantasmaly, mezmoronicaly bonded Congress, Senate, Oval office, Commons, Cabinet office, Turkish Parliament, Sauid Palace, Mubarak ‘palace’… DO conspire to act in ways overwhelmingly in favour of the perverse anti-religion occupation of Palestine, either before or after some event happens, all of which leads to furtherance of the ideologically bent that pursuing a twisted idea that savage supremacy will somehow bring about heaven on earth.

    There are more non-Jewish Zionists than Jewish Zionists, so I don’t see why the ‘problem’ is restricted to the Jewish side. And of the Jewish Zionists, calling them Jewish is highly debateable;

    As rys2sense clearly shows, via Iran contra, governments operate on many levels, sometimes in almost complete isolation of each other. Any suggestion that Borg-like, ALL Israeli’s and/or FOIhell, know everything about every little bit of terror their “elite” forces get up to, including what strings they are pulling at any particular time is unlikely to say the least.

    Whether J7T, its supporters or like minded folk want to express/discuss hypotheticals or not, the possibilities boil down to this:

    1) 7/7 was a “Muslim” attack by their own volition – the govt’s line.
    2) 7/7 supposed bombers were patsy’s
    3) Spectrum of ‘involvement’ from point 2 up to point 4
    4) 7/7 was overwhelmingly (possibly exclusively) a govt op (e.g. actually planting bombs – bombs unser trains)

    And It’s fair to say that given the Govt. lies and reports of UK and foreign ‘intelligence’ agency involvement, that option 1 is a near zero likelihood.

    JAH on numerous (personal/individualistic) levels sounds an idiot – something not unknown amongst the crop of messiahs, But to proclaim himself king of ‘Israel’ doesn’t mean he’s a Zionist. From my studies on the matter, I conclude Zionism to be the perversion of monotheistic teachings made operational through the emergence of the secular, self declared zone of supremacy/delusion called Israyhell.

    Your 2nd last paragraph is a bit open to interpretation, but i’d broadly go along with it, but what does it mean in relation to 7-7? Are you saying JAH is ‘one of them’ and putting forward shit to muddy the waters? I don’t see how that is possible if the ripple effect is viewed as a possibility of what happened that day, which is my view.

    But those waters are muddy anyway. Nafeez Ahmads book ‘shows’ this on a number of fronts (in his massive unquestioning and uncritical use of journalistic ‘intelligence’ reports).

    On a general point: If say, J7T, established the nature of the explosives, then naturally further enquiry into J7 would cause consequential investigation which would automatically bring them to hypothesise subsequent to that. Not discussing such things in public is a fantastic way to fend off govt attack, but at which point hypothesis starts JAH merely seems to connect several early hypotheses together.

    Motivation is low frankly to tediously repeat the known Israyhell connections right now.

    7/7 ‘caution’ about Israel involvement is paralleled in 9/11, but nobody has ever given a reason why attention should NOT be given to it’s involvement.

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