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Zioganda – Denuke Iran???

It means Zionist propaganda. That is, propaganda in its nasty form.

Side note: Was Uganda one of the states ‘offered’ to meet Herzl’s supposed desire for a homeland for the Jews? It never became a reality (lucky Ugandans, poor Palestinians). It’s not surprising African states never quite made it; Zionists look at non-Hebrews/gentiles/goym as animals (but they strangely don’t apply this to Ashkenazi Khazaric Jews who are non-generically Hebrews – such is the morphing ability of Zionism)  but they look upon blacks as cursed animals as Michael A. Hoffman II mentions in the 10m12s excellent introduction to a great, equally excellent speech made by Professor Dr. Tony Martin.

 The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade 1h 8m 24s


Anyway, (it’s so easy to get side tracked on the “Zionist Question”) I wanted to bring this Zioganda to your attention. Lets have a competition. Count the lies. Winner gets awareds the “Eagle eye Zio lie award”

 DeNuke Iran 2m 08s


Of course, lets not denuke Israyhell a fake state that treats others as animals and cursed animals. One of the top three most fanatical, crazed, parasitical, manipulative, murderous, thieving and war precipitating entity on the planet.

The whites are sooooo superior

I’ve just come back from a rural part of the Muslim world – the kind of place that traditionally makes its money from agriculture but has in recent times, tried to gain more money from tourism.

There was one white tourist there, British or American (probably British) sporting a T-shirt with a marijuana leaf on it and with the headline words “FUCKIN’ MAGIC” along with some accompanying text similar to “you never feel down when your on a high”.

What a piece of white trash.

I would  hazard a guess that the T-shirt reflected his opinions of the matter, and before anyone’s fingers start to get itchy, this isn’t  about his opinions, to which he is perfectly entitled, but about him shoving those opinions in my face in a very vulgar way. The people there are quite humble and polite – salt of the earth kind of people – the kind of people that put the west to shame.

If I was back home in Manchester, him ramming such crap down my throat would be much less of an issue. After all, western ‘culture’ (for want to of a better word) has been in the gutter for some time now. But in this environment, this society, this culture, the guy was way out of line.

While we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover (a saying I feel is overly and incorrectly applied) but if on that cover there was a picture of the Taj Mahal, it’s a fair bet that the books content is not going to be about the Russian Revolution, astrophysics, or the fraud of Neo-Darwinism!

And so looking at this guy: crew cut cum skinhead, army style trousers, bit on the fat side and earrings, then my guess is that he was pro-narcotic, used drugs or tried to portray himself as ‘cool’ because he was promoting drug culture.

I can imagine his reaction of walking down the suburban streets of Bradford or Bristol if he saw a T-shirt advocating immigrants defraud the benefits system, for the death of Salman Rushdie or for the firebombing of public houses. He wouldn’t be a happy chappie, and if my picture of him is correct, I bet he would not stay quiet about it, but staying quiet was no doubt, exactly what he was expecting from the locals who has little choice other than to see his pro-narcotic and intimidating words.

The guy revealed the imperialist mindset resembling “When abroad, to hell with the locals, their society customs and norms. Chuck them in the bin ‘cos superior whitey is here, he who knows what’s good for you and laughs at your backward ways.”

I have a number of criticisms of the society I live in, and sometimes, but very rarely, I voice them, but my criticisms are usually far removed from societal norms, values and culture (e.g. I have criticisms of locals attitude to litter, transport & infrastructure as well as education) but I don’t shove my views in front of anyone, and only express them when asked first.

The guy kind of summed up whitey’s (and wannabe whitey’s) global attitude.

See this (Note: It is likely to have been shot by a police camera)


Some of this white trash are holding signs up saying things like “Muslim Extremists Go to Hell” – what Muslim extremists??? What it actually means is “Muslims go to hell”. The illogical appearance of the word ‘extremists’ is to try and sanitise their hate of Muslims and Islam. While I think the British police are largely scum,  the people taking part in this demonstration are worse than scum.

I simply dread what would have happened if I had come across that crowd wearing Asian clothes with a ‘muslim hat’ on top of my head with a long beard showing. Read the comment by Pat Riot. You just know what his ‘conversation’ is going to involve.

As for Luton Borough Council (LBC) refusing the planned march, that was a stupid (or purposeful) thing to do. They should have done what they do with all marches these days… allow it and then afterwards, completely ignore it!

I feel so far removed from the white trash in that video. I am so glad that uglyness no longer touches my life. My Hijrah has proven to be good, but my heart aches for those poor people who have to live with such stuff every day. Well, when the majority of people in the UK become Muslim (many if not most of them will be white or mixed :))))  ) then at least they will be lucky enough to see the UK declaring itself to be an Islamic state. InsyaAllah, and the good thing, if the UK is ever to become a Muslim nation, is, I believe, that the huge majority of the people will actually WANT it to happen – so terrible their lives will have become outside Islam.

Another miserable site hosts a comment that says this:

“FINALLY! I’ll keep on praying that european people start to realize that Islam is NOT a religion: it is a political supremacist ideology based on hate! STOP THEM NOW! Congratulations for the brave people of Luton!”

Sadly the mental contortions of the person who wrote it, forgot to say he swapped the word Islam for Zionism. Well “Lionheart” the white trash coward whose site hosts that comment has a shield with a picture of the cross of St. George and the star of David. Funny how he is utterly ignornat of the shameful things the so called Christian west inflicted upon the Jews. You see, Lionheart is a Zionist (‘Christian’ or ‘Jewish’ – excuse the oxymorons, it makes no difference) and will do whatever it takes, including a reinvention of history to try and attack Islam, but he will fail.

lionhearts solidarity pics

lionhearts solidarity pics.jpg



You (UK) pay a TV licence fee to cover the cost of lost revenue from potential advertisters

I heard this ‘arguement’ time and time again when I lived in the UK. In the past perhaps that was true, but certainly not now.

I went here: Page last updated at 01:16 GMT, Thursday, 28 May 2009 02:16 UK “Ocean monster shows hidden depths” and there was an video on offer with a picture of some mechanical hand presumably operating in the deep ocean.

I clicked on it and all I got an advert for the Philippines. This thing has happened before. I got some Hyundai advert constantly appearing where some BBC article related footage should have been. I refreshed the page and again the ‘underwater’ still frame showed, but this time on clicking the ‘play’ button, all I got now was a Cathay Pacific advert.

This is terrible. I suspect the BBC are deliberately misleading readers to click adverts in the pretence that they will see something interesting instead.

If I am wrong and the BBC has a ‘code’ problem, why is it that there is never a problem with showing the adverts but there is showing their footage?

The adverts are increasing as are the dreadful scams played out upon their readers, yet the BBC licence fee never gets smaller.

Throw the BBC into the drain where it belongs. Boycott the rubbish licence. Don’t let inspectors enter your home.

Life is stranger than fiction.

No it’s not, that’s just a stupid catchphrase, or rather sometimes it’s not.

It is here:

What will you say when independent news has finally gone?

Socalled ‘liberals’, conspiracy examiners and anti-NWO’ers certaily talk the talk, but less than 200 of them seem to walk the walk. Stop talking and damn well get walking. SITUATION CRITICAL !!! We already lost the treasure trove “nw0” of videos documentaries. To lose ICH would be a disaster.


ICH appeal 24May09 - ok

Karen on 2012

Let Karen provide the words.

The law is dead. Long live the law

Anthony Weaver decided to do what the establishment loathes to do, that is, subject one of it’s own to the law.

Here is a quote from the BBC propaganda outlet:

“Mr Weaver, 62, said he wanted to prosecute Ms Smith under Section 2 (1) of the Fraud Act 2006.

He told the judge he could provide witnesses to testify that Ms Smith only slept at her sister’s on average three times a week and that her main home was in Redditch.

Outside court, Mr Weaver said he was disappointed to leave without a summons but would consider contacting Scotland Yard although he said he thought it was “a dead end” and that he been “fobbed off”.

There is “enormous anger” across the country about MPs’ expense claims and he said he wants more members of the public to follow his example.

He said: “If you believe a Member of Parliament is guilty of fraud, go to your nearest magistrates court, type out four lines alleging the fraud and ask for a summons.”

The case will be heard again at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London on 26 June.” – Source


Good on you mate. But of course like we saw with murderous cesspit bLiar, (s)he who works for the establishment gets protection from the establishment. 

Even the annoying Prof David Starkey (who revels in stressing the ‘lia’ in parliament) is suggesting revolution.

‘tarkey suggesting a Brit Revolution.


Dr David Starkey ‘debates’ the ideas in his film with Andrew Neil, Pinky and Perky.

Zionists in the guise of Muslims

Zionism is religious lycanthropy, an inner disease that metamorphoses something otherwise beautiful, into a wild savage killer. It’s origins are found in the Hebrew religion but the choices of men have led to it appearing as variants in Christianity and Islam.

If you doubt what I say Check out the disgraceful self declared Muslim leaders we have these days. What a miserable collection of nasty thugs, thieves, torturers and murderers. Former UK Ambassador to the Uzbekistan, came across one such case of Muslim Zionists when he was given information about people who were boiled alive under the Russian friendly barbarian, the “President” of Uzbekistan, the ironically named Islam Karimov.

Cream off with one night stand BuSh
Cream off with one night stand George dubya BuSh.

Uzbekistan map from Mad Cow Morning News

Cream-off is infatuated with money. So much so he ended his relationship with the Russian lead commonwealth of independent states (CIS) and pimped out parts of his land to the United States, principally in the form of military bases. But the tub of lard’s appetite for money (amongst other things) wasn’t satisfied and so he turned coat and reformed his association with the CIS (perhaps having threatened in no uncertain terms from his Russian neighbours)

He has presided over massacres of Hiz’b-ut tahrir members, who from my experience tend to be very knowledgeable about the religion of Islam, and his tyrannical regime is loathed by the fearful people he mutilates as casually as he defecates.

Here is a picture purportedly of one of Cream-off victims. Viscously beaten and boiled to death.

 Muzaffar Avazov - boiled alive by the Uzbek regime 

Reject this Zionist filth no matter what faith it’s cloaked in.

Seconds away from dying while resisting arrest.

It’s funny how people become rather prone to death when they are being arrested.

Bit like this man, seconds away from dying ‘while resisting arrest’

Tony knocks on my door.

Knock knock.

 Seconds later the door opens. I look to my right. At first I don’t recognise who it is. A second later I realise it’s Tony Blair.

 My mind and heart goes into a tailspin. Amazed and shocked that he’s at my door, disgusted yet I feel the grip of needing to pay respect to a man known around the corporate media world. Confusion follows. Which emotion do I squash. Which emotion can I squash?  The conscience begins to make it’s presence felt. The ‘respect’ gets decimated and the utter hatred envelopes my whole being. The heart is beating at nearly 10 to the second, the adrenalin makes my limbs spasm, my voice would tremble if I was able to speak. The mind empties except for one thought. The legs become jelly yet ridged enough to allow me to begin a lunge which takes hours to get towards him.

 I immediately go for his face and try to strangle him. Bad move – he’s still strong enough to try and fend me off, exhausted already, muscles cramping with adrenalin triggered lactic acid I do my best to start punching him.

 I cannot stop. I MUST not stop.

 Finally I’m getting the upper hand, he’s feeling the effects of my attack. Now I go for his throat. With a grip whose signature is death, I push on this throat with my stiffened thumbs, push for all I’m worth. But he, bastard, is getting off lightly, he’s not suffering enough! He isn’t seeing pieces of his childs body still burning from an exploded shell just moments ago, no, but I cannot make him endure the horrors he’s inflicted upon the world.

 His throat makes some cracking noises as I continue to push. At least if he survives he’s going to be permanently injured, but I do not relent. My thumbs now feel as though they are at his neck bone. My thumbs are warm. He’s going limp. YES, I’m doing it. He’s paying for it now. I’m doing what the world should have done ages ago yet was too cowardly to do so, having never felt the pain of depleted uranium lung cancer only allowing the shallowest of breaths lest one enjoys excruciating pain.

 I’ve done it. Blair isn’t responding, but I maintain the strangle for an number of seconds after, dispensing the justice of a millions souls and tens of millions of bereaving people which channels through my body.

 I get start kicking his cadaver, over and over again, more, more. ‘You fing bastard’ I repeat with each kick.

 Finally I collapse, utterly exhausted. I feel an overwhelming sense of relief and satisfaction at doing what it was only right to do.

I stand on top of the world.

 I did it – you cowards. Are you watching world? I did what YOU should have done. Me. Nobody.

 The euphoria is on a par with ‘on’ing of the big bang. That and the satisfaction from believing I made a chill run down the spine of each and every other bLiar out there ,never leaves, remaining until my dying day. 





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