Comfortable self-containment of the fearful mind

27th April 2012. Image and link removed upon owners request.

I mentioned earlier that lady who vaccinated her son against measles, who then went on to get measles.

Amongst our discussion, the issue of autism in children due to vaccination was raised. The lady in question said cases of autism appeared to jump, because we had become better at diagnosing it. She had no proof, and I think she was just repeating this line of ‘reasoning’ that she had heard from someone else – which everyone does to varying degrees. Whatever. The posibility she hit upon had been inflated into a fact by her, perhaps in a last ditch attempt to throw one more barrier infront of her own sense of reason, so she wouldn’t at the bare minimum have to acknowlege the autism could be related to vaccination.

But can you see how this is all playing out? Dangerous diseases increase because we diagnose them, NOT because various medical practices are rsponsible.

What of this swine flu? The picture that is emerging is that it isn’t a serious as we thay (deliberately) lead us to believe. Ireland and Italy now have cases of swine flu.

Let me make a statement at this point then: The cases of swine flu seem to be increasing because we are getting better at checking for and diagnosing it.

Why not?

The answer why I am wrong, is the same for swine flue as it was in the case of the lady above:

Autism isn’t a function of vaccines because there are ‘big bucks’ to play for.
Swine flu hasn’t always been with us and we are just better at diagnosing it. It’s a pandemic because there are ‘big bucks’ to play for.

Just like GM foods, banking, war and globalisation, politics.

Funny that.

2 Responses to “Comfortable self-containment of the fearful mind”

  1. 1 Anonymous April 27, 2012 at 4:04 am

    could you kindly remove my image and the link to my name and website from your blog — thanks
    Chuck Gumpert

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