BBC pimps tamiflu YET AGAIN

Aaagh. To many things to say/point out/complain about/do and read, but no where near enough time to to them all.

I want to say this however:

The dirty BBC once again is pushing people to use Tamiflu. It is obxoxious behaviour. I will update this post later about tamiflu and swine of AH1N1 influenza later, quoting a Doctor about Tamiflu in ‘treatment’ of Mexican swine fever.

The BBC Newz and Current Affairz should be closed down, or even better have all it presstitutes sacked and given to independent journalists who will do a DAMN better job then the ooze that pumps this crap out.

 BBC pimps tamiflu yet again

BBC Newz – so dirty you can grow tatties in it.

1 Response to “BBC pimps tamiflu YET AGAIN”

  1. 1 lwtc247 November 13, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    LONDON (AP) — A leading British medical journal is asking the drug maker Roche to release all its data on Tamiflu, claiming there is no evidence the drug can actually stop the flu.

    The drug has been stockpiled by dozens of governments worldwide in case of a global flu outbreak and was widely used during the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

    On Monday, one of the researchers linked to the BMJ journal called for European governments to sue Roche

    Full Story:


    Tamiflu scrutinised as BMJ calls on pharmaceutical giant to release data

    Roche says it has complied with all legal requirements after medical journal claims there is no evidence drug can prevent flu

    Full Story:

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