Tom Levitt MP for High Peak (East of Manchester)

Tom ‘shoot BEFORE you
see the whites of their eyes’
Levitt MP (Murder Protagonist)

Yesterday I went to the BBC propaganda news site to look up the expenses of Mr. Tom Levitt MP. 


Tom in case you don’t know, is an instigator of mass murder, genocide, crimes against humanity, and advocate of wars of aggression. He’s also a disgusting liar. I have beef with this guy because , 16 months(at most) after the slaughter of over 1 million Iraqi people started, Tom spat this BS out:  

 “Over 2,300 schools have been rebuilt or re-equipped. Over 200 hospitals have been refurbished, with many delivering sophisticated additional services they had not previously provided. Cinemas, courts, markets, shops are all functioning. The Universities continued almost without disruption even during the war. Electricity and water supplies are, in most places, better than before… electricity demand is far higher than it used to be. This is because of a boom in the sale of white goods thanks to the strength of the new currency, 40% stronger than the old dinar. The new Iraqi police force is developing well”– [I blogged about it here]


Yes Tom, like all A1 grade murderers, will say whatever it takes to justify his satanic choice to kill and maim.


Why am I writing about this? Well Tom would prefer that we forget about his flirtation with genocide and a depleted uranium legacy that kill and harm many millions more. but I for one won’t forget.


The person who searched my blog for Tom inspired me to drag the cold blooded murderer into the spotlight again. Hopefully one day Tom will stand infront of the ICC who will stand illustriously like the Nazis of old who were guilty of much of the same crimes. Tom also failed to even whisper that ISrayhells bombardment of Lebanon in the summer of 2006 was illegal – which it most definitely was. Once a supporter of genocide, always a supporter of genocide.


Anyway, here’s a low down on Tom’s expenses for 2007-2008. (Source BBC)

Tom Levitt expenses 2007-2008

2nd home allowance = £22,450

‘office’ = £15,304

Staffing = £86,154 (I think Tom said before he employs his wife)

Central stationary =£2,025

Stationary and postage: =£4,594

IT provision = £930

Staff cover = £1,561

Communications =£17,315

Travel = £14,287

Total (excluding salary) = 164,620



2 Responses to “Tom Levitt MP for High Peak (East of Manchester)”

  1. 1 C Jones May 16, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Thanks for that. I knew old Tom had something to hide, as he was one of those MPs who voted for exemption from FOI on MPs expenses. I look forward to helping vote him out next year (he is my MP). I also will not forgive this apologist for Blair’s illegal war.

  2. 2 lwtc247 May 16, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    Hi. Thanks for that.

    I agree, these MP’s voting to maintain secrecy of their own corruption is a disgrace. I wasn’t aware Levitt voted that way in regards to the FOI submission, but it doesn’t really surprise me. Levitt is a careerist – he does what the rotten party want him to do. Some time back, there was discussion about MP’s employing their own family members as secretaries etc, and I’m sure Levitt said he employed his wife. Wonder what secretarial skills she had, was she ‘secretarially’ accredited? What was her pay? Her holidays? Most secretaries don’t earn that much I think.

    Hey have you checked out Craig Murray’s site? He’s got a petition going calling for the queen to dissolve parliament. You may like to check it out.

    A commentator on that site said the MP who voted to keep the info secret cited ‘risks of terrorism’ What a load of BS. Like exposing the fact you defrauding the public means the terrorists who ever they may be will intensify their efforts to get you.

    And this second home thing. As far as I’ve been able to make out they get to keep the house at the end of it even though the tax payer funded the mortgage. That’s not right.

    Aside from Toms murderous forte, I think Levitt has been a terrible constituency MP. There is a small town called Glossop
    (as you will probably know of) which bears the brunt of traffic from Manchester to Sheffield. Levitt has done NOTHING positive to solve that misery (I have been caught in it on a few occasions over the years). Whats he done for local businesses against the Tesco’s/Asda’s in the region. Diddly squat.

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