Is Dr David Kelly still alive?

dr david kelly

Mon Dec 7th 2009: I’m rewriting this (keeping all the same elements) to try and negate some of the extra sloppyness from sleep depravation.

Is Dr David Kelly still alive? Bear with me on this. I would say the question is less nonsensical than the assertion that he killed himself.

The current theories about Kelly is that he committed suicide or he was murdered. Both scenarios have the same outcome – that he is no longer alive on this planet. Of course he could be dead, but maybe you’ll keep an open mind about the possibility – even if slim, that in fact he may still be alive.

Here’s my reasons:

First and foremost and definately the most puzzling thing about Dr. David Kelly, is that of his family. The case for him being murdered is there, and in fact recently, Dec 5th 2009,  The Truthseeker reports under the headline: “Dr Kelly WAS murdered

“Six doctors who believe government scientist David Kelly was murdered have launched a ground-breaking legal action to demand the inquest into his death is reopened.”

You see there are many serious questions that suggest he was murdered. If I was one of Kelly’s family members I’d would never stop lobbying the government to answer all the conspiratorial Q’s raised. Wouldn’t you? Yet his family say absolutely nothing about his death. That is completely unnatural.

His briefing to Andrew Gilligan raises questions too. Why would Kelly feel the need to ‘get it out there’ that Campbell sexed up the dossier? (‘sexed up’ is a kind way of saying the bLiar/Campbell murdering filth deliberately lied). The supposed reasoning behind the ‘sexed up’ claims involves Kelly trying to blow the whistle on the governments lies – the end game was to enable the UK govt to control Iraq’s oil no matter how many innocent Iraqi people or USUK soldiers had to pay for it. But Kelly could have provided actual data with the effect that the UK govt would be able to try and lie their way out of it as they actually did. Remember that scumbag Campbell faking anger in fron to the Commons select committee? Supplying data would have been devistationg. He could have ‘accidentally’ left the documents on a train, or lost a laptop. he could have held them in his hand only to be photographed by eager paparazzi, or had his car or his home ‘burgled’. The ‘sexed up’ claim by Gilligan was rather empty of hard facts even though it was true. He could have taken a voice recorder in with him into any meetings and so on.

And as we know, the true claims that it was sexed up did not result in punitive measures against the murdering trash like bLair, Campbell, Scarlett etc…

Kelly’s briefing to a second female BBC journalist seems rather questionable too. Why do such a thing? Her account of all this seems pretty strange to me. Why would Kelly talk to 2 BBC journo’s? That increases his chance of being ‘sussed out’ and only an idiot wouldn’t realise the BBC is full of government spies.

His outing by the MoD. The story of his outing is peculiar too. Why out him? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a reasonable answer to this question.

If Dr. Kelly is still alive, then was the decision of Norman Baker MP to ‘stand down’ to conduct his investigation merely a act to try and reinforce the ‘fact’ Kelly was dead? It is very very strange that he points the finger primarily to Iraqi opposition groups. Once Kelly’s name was leaked, was there nobody watching him? Keeping tabs on him in case he was going to leak something else or have a dossier of proof stashed away for a rainy day? It seems highly likely to me that he would have been under surveilance. Wouldn’t the government have thought of him as a national security threat – a man of kis knowledge and expertise. Then how did ‘Mr. Bakers’ Iraqi opposition groups get to know where Kelly was. How come there was no intelligence that suggested these opposition groups were out to get Kelly. These groups were being wined and dined by the likes of Bush etc. Their groups would have full of snitches, they were in the pocket of the USUK for pity’s sake.

And what of the complete ineffectualness of Bakers report? Where are the police arrests, or even requests for suspects/key players to submit statements to the police? Nothing! Not one peep!

The strange details of the coroners report of arteries cut which are very rare indeed as having caused death. Then the pathological reports of the pharmalogical involvement in his supposed suicide. One could be forgiven that ‘alarm bells’ such as these are deliberately there to make people think he was murdered and didn’t commit suicide – i.e. you will still think he is dead.

Even if Kelly had genuinely made the ‘sexed up’ claims to Gilligan, it’s not that beyond possibility that they would still have a need for Kelly’s expertise. By many accounts Kelly was a major ‘warfare’ player behind the scenes. Maybe he is too valuable to murder.

Is Dr. David Kelly in fact still alive and that his family know this? Is that why they arn’t persuing things? Was his death was faked? Is it that Coroners didn’t in fact examine the body of Kelly but make up a loak of bunkum as to how Kelly died, or someone elses body was put there instead?

If Kelly is  alive, we need to ask: why was his death faked?

It has already been mentioned that his expertise was highly valuable. There may be operational advantages to people believing Kelly is dead.

I wonder.

5 Responses to “Is Dr David Kelly still alive?”

  1. 1 lagdow October 5, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    i believe balair is responsible killing this man because that time there was iraq war he said something against the government that is why they kill him may be they inject something danger for his life …. i am so sorry to hear that byeeeeeee

    • 2 lwtc247 October 6, 2009 at 10:36 am

      They probably did kill him, and it’s the most popular opinion amongst those that don’t accept the government ‘suicide’ explanation.
      But why do his family accept the rubbish making up the official ‘suicide theory’?

  2. 3 lwtc247 December 13, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    One more thing… didn’t he predict he’d be found dead in the woods. That’s pretty fishy! I believe he was either murdered or is still alive. Of the two, the former is more likely but the chance he’s still alive is still pretty substantial in my eyes.

  3. 4 abcdezzz September 12, 2010 at 12:57 am

    Good points, which nobody asks. Family behaviour very odd, but perhaps shut up with security gag or payment. (all the more reason to protest if they don’t believe the government) What did Hoon tell them?
    Yes, why out Kelly?
    What about the post-2003 careers of Susan Watts and Andrew Gilligan? All the Kelly business forgotten about? Business as usual? Greg Dyke, Gavin Davies Bitter? No,of course not. All quiet from them.
    Yes , why out Kelly? Just to discipline him? Normally that would be done quietly, the world not needing to know.
    Do we know about the idenfication of the body? Did any trustworthy people do it? (cf odd behaviour of the family since)

    Very few people will know the story top to bottom. Campbell is one of the few. Scarlett too. Blair also, but I think it was only for info., like cc.Blair.
    Norman Baker’s conclusion is the weak point of his book. There are still weapons inspectors out there who knew Kelly well. I bet they are keeping mum.

    • 5 lwtc247 September 12, 2010 at 4:22 pm

      Yeah, it’s hard to know for sure what the score is. Too many possibilities – as usual.
      Perhaps all these recent things like 9-11 7-7 Iraq etc are deliberately not investigated properly so that the real story will be buried in the mountains of crap therein.
      I can understand why Gilligans career rebounded somewhat as (entertaining the official story here) he didn’t do anything that far removed from what most other journo’s do and in fact got the scoop right. Susan Watts…. Hummm sounds a bit fishy to me. Greg Dyke an Idiot who seemed only to happy to resign (and God hasn’t the BBC plummeted even further into tripe-journalism since)

      Glad you mention that Campbell tosser. How the hell could a rotbag like him ever manage to hold so much influence (ergo power) over people who were never offered any say over his position. [well voting IS a damn con] Norman bakers conclusion was absolutely stupid. Colonel Mustard in the lounge with the lead piping would be far more accurate.

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