The whites are sooooo superior

I’ve just come back from a rural part of the Muslim world – the kind of place that traditionally makes its money from agriculture but has in recent times, tried to gain more money from tourism.

There was one white tourist there, British or American (probably British) sporting a T-shirt with a marijuana leaf on it and with the headline words “FUCKIN’ MAGIC” along with some accompanying text similar to “you never feel down when your on a high”.

What a piece of white trash.

I would  hazard a guess that the T-shirt reflected his opinions of the matter, and before anyone’s fingers start to get itchy, this isn’t  about his opinions, to which he is perfectly entitled, but about him shoving those opinions in my face in a very vulgar way. The people there are quite humble and polite – salt of the earth kind of people – the kind of people that put the west to shame.

If I was back home in Manchester, him ramming such crap down my throat would be much less of an issue. After all, western ‘culture’ (for want to of a better word) has been in the gutter for some time now. But in this environment, this society, this culture, the guy was way out of line.

While we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover (a saying I feel is overly and incorrectly applied) but if on that cover there was a picture of the Taj Mahal, it’s a fair bet that the books content is not going to be about the Russian Revolution, astrophysics, or the fraud of Neo-Darwinism!

And so looking at this guy: crew cut cum skinhead, army style trousers, bit on the fat side and earrings, then my guess is that he was pro-narcotic, used drugs or tried to portray himself as ‘cool’ because he was promoting drug culture.

I can imagine his reaction of walking down the suburban streets of Bradford or Bristol if he saw a T-shirt advocating immigrants defraud the benefits system, for the death of Salman Rushdie or for the firebombing of public houses. He wouldn’t be a happy chappie, and if my picture of him is correct, I bet he would not stay quiet about it, but staying quiet was no doubt, exactly what he was expecting from the locals who has little choice other than to see his pro-narcotic and intimidating words.

The guy revealed the imperialist mindset resembling “When abroad, to hell with the locals, their society customs and norms. Chuck them in the bin ‘cos superior whitey is here, he who knows what’s good for you and laughs at your backward ways.”

I have a number of criticisms of the society I live in, and sometimes, but very rarely, I voice them, but my criticisms are usually far removed from societal norms, values and culture (e.g. I have criticisms of locals attitude to litter, transport & infrastructure as well as education) but I don’t shove my views in front of anyone, and only express them when asked first.

The guy kind of summed up whitey’s (and wannabe whitey’s) global attitude.

See this (Note: It is likely to have been shot by a police camera)


Some of this white trash are holding signs up saying things like “Muslim Extremists Go to Hell” – what Muslim extremists??? What it actually means is “Muslims go to hell”. The illogical appearance of the word ‘extremists’ is to try and sanitise their hate of Muslims and Islam. While I think the British police are largely scum,  the people taking part in this demonstration are worse than scum.

I simply dread what would have happened if I had come across that crowd wearing Asian clothes with a ‘muslim hat’ on top of my head with a long beard showing. Read the comment by Pat Riot. You just know what his ‘conversation’ is going to involve.

As for Luton Borough Council (LBC) refusing the planned march, that was a stupid (or purposeful) thing to do. They should have done what they do with all marches these days… allow it and then afterwards, completely ignore it!

I feel so far removed from the white trash in that video. I am so glad that uglyness no longer touches my life. My Hijrah has proven to be good, but my heart aches for those poor people who have to live with such stuff every day. Well, when the majority of people in the UK become Muslim (many if not most of them will be white or mixed :))))  ) then at least they will be lucky enough to see the UK declaring itself to be an Islamic state. InsyaAllah, and the good thing, if the UK is ever to become a Muslim nation, is, I believe, that the huge majority of the people will actually WANT it to happen – so terrible their lives will have become outside Islam.

Another miserable site hosts a comment that says this:

“FINALLY! I’ll keep on praying that european people start to realize that Islam is NOT a religion: it is a political supremacist ideology based on hate! STOP THEM NOW! Congratulations for the brave people of Luton!”

Sadly the mental contortions of the person who wrote it, forgot to say he swapped the word Islam for Zionism. Well “Lionheart” the white trash coward whose site hosts that comment has a shield with a picture of the cross of St. George and the star of David. Funny how he is utterly ignornat of the shameful things the so called Christian west inflicted upon the Jews. You see, Lionheart is a Zionist (‘Christian’ or ‘Jewish’ – excuse the oxymorons, it makes no difference) and will do whatever it takes, including a reinvention of history to try and attack Islam, but he will fail.

lionhearts solidarity pics

lionhearts solidarity pics.jpg



11 Responses to “The whites are sooooo superior”

  1. 1 AkMaR May 28, 2009 at 11:38 pm


    The guy revealed the imperialist mindset resembling “When abroad, to hell with the locals, their society customs and norms. chuck them in the bin ‘cos superior whitey is here, he who knows what’s good for you and laughs at your backward ways.”

    I think what u said is right.
    It is depicted in almost all american films.
    eg Princess Diaries -dunnow whether u watched it-(where the american princess brought her american culture back to “Genovia” and somehow all Genovians accepted her american culture, because turned out it is enjoyable)

    and also there is one more film (couldnt remember the title) where the american girl behaved “american-ly” in a very well-behaved family outside US which eventually turned the whole family into a so-called-very-outgoing-and-free behaviour.

    Btw, this post is “fresh from the oven”.
    haha.. considering the fact that u hv juz come back from
    a rural part of the Muslim world . =)

    • 2 lwtc247 May 29, 2009 at 5:46 pm

      Salam again AkMaR

      Yes, many US Hollywood movies are full of this rubbish. I’ve not seen Princess Diaries, but it seems like you’ve spotted the kind of stuff that ticked me off.

      I’ll watch it only to brief myself as to what’s being passed off into the subconscious of the unawares public out there.

      I have a blog post in waiting about a crap movie ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ whose function was by my appraisal supposed to provide the all too familiar mind-zap.

      Perhaps my annoyance got the better of me in that I should have said there are plenty of good people out there, most of them are more traditional in outlook. But the ‘yobs’ as we call them (young mobs) especially in urban areas, are severely lacking in civility.

      And when it comes to organisations, then in general the more political and financial power they hold the more rotten they become and suck many people into their dark embrace.

      If you can, try and find out the name of that second movie you mentioned.

      Here’s a critical article of “Knocked Up” I read recently. The movie itself is about two years old. It seems like the more sick and perverse something is the ‘better’ it is in terms of ‘‘western-advanced-culture-ness’ it is and of course it will add to the pressure to ‘enjoy’ it, call it ‘good’, laugh at it all to display how ‘open minded’ you are. Jeepers Creepers!

      • 3 AkMaR May 30, 2009 at 12:42 pm

        I cant remember the title of the 2nd movie i watched but it was abt a girl who was left by her father when she was small.
        Turns out the father is the heir of the royal family of britain but of course, not the 2nd or 3rd in rank for the throne.
        So she went to find her father and managed to.
        That was a little bit of the movie that i remembered.
        But of course, if one day i came across the movie again, i’ll remember it back and at that time insyaAllah, i’ll tell it here.

      • 4 AkMaR May 30, 2009 at 12:46 pm

        And oh yeah, i actually watched the movie “Knocked Up”.
        Guess where?
        During one of my English class in my pre-U college. =P
        It was supposed to be an-interactive-english-class-session.
        So the whole class watched the movie. It was during sem 1.
        And of course, most of the stdnts became red-faced when the very-not-good scenes were out, and most of us were trying to close our faces but, still, the sounds are still audible.
        And at that time, i was really convinced that that is the tradition, behavior and the americans’ way of life.

  2. 5 DrM May 29, 2009 at 5:27 am

    Asalam Aliakum,

    Great post. Brits in particular have been in the news a lot recently for bad behavior. As for the idiotic white supremacist calling himself “lionheart,” I wonder if he realizes that he’s named himself after British King who was a failed KKKrusader, a homosexual and was essentially a Frenchman who could barely speak a word of English.
    He wasn’t too nice to Jews either. But hey, who reads history these days right?

    • 6 lwtc247 May 29, 2009 at 5:53 pm


      My ‘great’ post is humbled by your comment which is a billion times better.

      Clearly this Lionheart piece of crap is a Zionist (is there any other kind of Zionist?) He’s obviously pulling the strings of the thicko yobs out there who are too stupid to see they are being used.


      You’re right about his (deliberate) rewriting of istory. Another strong smell that wafts from Zionist filth.

  3. 7 Edo May 29, 2009 at 7:04 am

    Hi Mate,

    I’ve always thought that about people wearing the ganja t-shirts too, both at home and abroad… Despite the fact I like a toke, I think advertising the fact on a T-Shirt is a stupid idea. That said, I do see it as a freedom of expression. He’s free to express the fact he’s a stupid idiot!

    Do you remember the chap that was wearing a “Bush did 9/11” T-shirt whilst boarding a plane in Australia a few years ago, and ended up getting arrested on trumped up charges?

    T-Shirt messages can be creative, thought provoking, funny and charming too…



    • 8 lwtc247 May 29, 2009 at 6:13 pm

      Hi Edo.
      That 9-11/plane thing was at the fore of my mind when writing that post. I think there is a difference. The 9-11 T-shirt was a political statement. The narcotic t-shirt was a finger in the eye of culture, religion and general decency/morality standards of that place.

      W.r.t. political issues, ‘bring it on’ (to use George Jackass BuSh’s intellectualism) but as for being so offensive to C,R&M especially in someone else’s country then one should show some respect and sensitivity. Reciprocate what we would expect.

      I like a thought provoking T-shirt too, but the vulgarity on his as well as the indecency came nowhere close.

      “I do see it as a freedom of expression. He’s free to express the fact he’s a stupid idiot!” LOL.
      I champion freedom of expression too, even that other white trash on the streets of Luton – they should be allowed to have their say. But if the ganja t-shirt dude wanted to promote drug use this was definitely not the way to do it. Freedom of expression to me involves rational thoughtful debate about ANY subject, but is freedom of expression to cover acts of clear and deliberate offense?

  4. 9 lwtc247 May 30, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    @ AkMaR

    I have heard of number of things like this – showing sexually explicit material taking place in so called “English Classes” and other languages/humanities classes. Frankly, I’m disgusted.

    I feel it’s like someone is rubbing pork fat onto your mouths.

    To show sex/nudity is HARAM, and ‘suggestive’/provocative stuff is at least MAKRUK. And to have a teacher do it, well, it’s terrible, Wonder what the “teacher” was thinking then he/she showed this? What was their motive?? So in your estimation, how better was your English after watching it? I haven’t watched it so let me ask you did it show sexual nudity? I can imagine the noises would be horrible to listen to. To me, that “teacher” did the equivalent of wearing that T-shirt I mentioned above.

    Imagine your parents (or even the prophet Muhammad (saw)) walked into the room when the sex scene (or whatever it’s called) was being played. I would guess the “teacher” would be a state of blink panic and shock? and if the teacher were to feel that way (as I am 100% sure they would) then it would show the teacher knows they are doing something wrong.


    Desensitising/normalising people to socially corroding promiscuity and Islamicly bankrupt morality. Welcome to the New World Order. Do enjoy your stay.

  5. 10 Kills_apNy June 10, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    Face it, you are the racist one m. Get a life and stop bashing whitey.

  6. 11 lwtc247 June 11, 2009 at 1:20 am

    I don;t discriminate against whites, so I’m not a racist.

    Pointing out the large, significant and horrible things white people do isn’t racism either.

    ‘Bashing’ is fine, when deserved, and boy is it so often deserved.

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