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Zionists in the guise of Muslims

Zionism is religious lycanthropy, an inner disease that metamorphoses something otherwise beautiful, into a wild savage killer. It’s origins are found in the Hebrew religion but the choices of men have led to it appearing as variants in Christianity and Islam.

If you doubt what I say Check out the disgraceful self declared Muslim leaders we have these days. What a miserable collection of nasty thugs, thieves, torturers and murderers. Former UK Ambassador to the Uzbekistan, came across one such case of Muslim Zionists when he was given information about people who were boiled alive under the Russian friendly barbarian, the “President” of Uzbekistan, the ironically named Islam Karimov.

Cream off with one night stand BuSh
Cream off with one night stand George dubya BuSh.

Uzbekistan map from Mad Cow Morning News

Cream-off is infatuated with money. So much so he ended his relationship with the Russian lead commonwealth of independent states (CIS) and pimped out parts of his land to the United States, principally in the form of military bases. But the tub of lard’s appetite for money (amongst other things) wasn’t satisfied and so he turned coat and reformed his association with the CIS (perhaps having threatened in no uncertain terms from his Russian neighbours)

He has presided over massacres of Hiz’b-ut tahrir members, who from my experience tend to be very knowledgeable about the religion of Islam, and his tyrannical regime is loathed by the fearful people he mutilates as casually as he defecates.

Here is a picture purportedly of one of Cream-off victims. Viscously beaten and boiled to death.

 Muzaffar Avazov - boiled alive by the Uzbek regime 

Reject this Zionist filth no matter what faith it’s cloaked in.


Seconds away from dying while resisting arrest.

It’s funny how people become rather prone to death when they are being arrested.

Bit like this man, seconds away from dying ‘while resisting arrest’

Tony knocks on my door.

Knock knock.

 Seconds later the door opens. I look to my right. At first I don’t recognise who it is. A second later I realise it’s Tony Blair.

 My mind and heart goes into a tailspin. Amazed and shocked that he’s at my door, disgusted yet I feel the grip of needing to pay respect to a man known around the corporate media world. Confusion follows. Which emotion do I squash. Which emotion can I squash?  The conscience begins to make it’s presence felt. The ‘respect’ gets decimated and the utter hatred envelopes my whole being. The heart is beating at nearly 10 to the second, the adrenalin makes my limbs spasm, my voice would tremble if I was able to speak. The mind empties except for one thought. The legs become jelly yet ridged enough to allow me to begin a lunge which takes hours to get towards him.

 I immediately go for his face and try to strangle him. Bad move – he’s still strong enough to try and fend me off, exhausted already, muscles cramping with adrenalin triggered lactic acid I do my best to start punching him.

 I cannot stop. I MUST not stop.

 Finally I’m getting the upper hand, he’s feeling the effects of my attack. Now I go for his throat. With a grip whose signature is death, I push on this throat with my stiffened thumbs, push for all I’m worth. But he, bastard, is getting off lightly, he’s not suffering enough! He isn’t seeing pieces of his childs body still burning from an exploded shell just moments ago, no, but I cannot make him endure the horrors he’s inflicted upon the world.

 His throat makes some cracking noises as I continue to push. At least if he survives he’s going to be permanently injured, but I do not relent. My thumbs now feel as though they are at his neck bone. My thumbs are warm. He’s going limp. YES, I’m doing it. He’s paying for it now. I’m doing what the world should have done ages ago yet was too cowardly to do so, having never felt the pain of depleted uranium lung cancer only allowing the shallowest of breaths lest one enjoys excruciating pain.

 I’ve done it. Blair isn’t responding, but I maintain the strangle for an number of seconds after, dispensing the justice of a millions souls and tens of millions of bereaving people which channels through my body.

 I get start kicking his cadaver, over and over again, more, more. ‘You fing bastard’ I repeat with each kick.

 Finally I collapse, utterly exhausted. I feel an overwhelming sense of relief and satisfaction at doing what it was only right to do.

I stand on top of the world.

 I did it – you cowards. Are you watching world? I did what YOU should have done. Me. Nobody.

 The euphoria is on a par with ‘on’ing of the big bang. That and the satisfaction from believing I made a chill run down the spine of each and every other bLiar out there ,never leaves, remaining until my dying day. 





Is Dr David Kelly still alive?

dr david kelly

Mon Dec 7th 2009: I’m rewriting this (keeping all the same elements) to try and negate some of the extra sloppyness from sleep depravation.

Is Dr David Kelly still alive? Bear with me on this. I would say the question is less nonsensical than the assertion that he killed himself.

The current theories about Kelly is that he committed suicide or he was murdered. Both scenarios have the same outcome – that he is no longer alive on this planet. Of course he could be dead, but maybe you’ll keep an open mind about the possibility – even if slim, that in fact he may still be alive.

Here’s my reasons:

First and foremost and definately the most puzzling thing about Dr. David Kelly, is that of his family. The case for him being murdered is there, and in fact recently, Dec 5th 2009,  The Truthseeker reports under the headline: “Dr Kelly WAS murdered

“Six doctors who believe government scientist David Kelly was murdered have launched a ground-breaking legal action to demand the inquest into his death is reopened.”

You see there are many serious questions that suggest he was murdered. If I was one of Kelly’s family members I’d would never stop lobbying the government to answer all the conspiratorial Q’s raised. Wouldn’t you? Yet his family say absolutely nothing about his death. That is completely unnatural.

His briefing to Andrew Gilligan raises questions too. Why would Kelly feel the need to ‘get it out there’ that Campbell sexed up the dossier? (‘sexed up’ is a kind way of saying the bLiar/Campbell murdering filth deliberately lied). The supposed reasoning behind the ‘sexed up’ claims involves Kelly trying to blow the whistle on the governments lies – the end game was to enable the UK govt to control Iraq’s oil no matter how many innocent Iraqi people or USUK soldiers had to pay for it. But Kelly could have provided actual data with the effect that the UK govt would be able to try and lie their way out of it as they actually did. Remember that scumbag Campbell faking anger in fron to the Commons select committee? Supplying data would have been devistationg. He could have ‘accidentally’ left the documents on a train, or lost a laptop. he could have held them in his hand only to be photographed by eager paparazzi, or had his car or his home ‘burgled’. The ‘sexed up’ claim by Gilligan was rather empty of hard facts even though it was true. He could have taken a voice recorder in with him into any meetings and so on.

And as we know, the true claims that it was sexed up did not result in punitive measures against the murdering trash like bLair, Campbell, Scarlett etc…

Kelly’s briefing to a second female BBC journalist seems rather questionable too. Why do such a thing? Her account of all this seems pretty strange to me. Why would Kelly talk to 2 BBC journo’s? That increases his chance of being ‘sussed out’ and only an idiot wouldn’t realise the BBC is full of government spies.

His outing by the MoD. The story of his outing is peculiar too. Why out him? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a reasonable answer to this question.

If Dr. Kelly is still alive, then was the decision of Norman Baker MP to ‘stand down’ to conduct his investigation merely a act to try and reinforce the ‘fact’ Kelly was dead? It is very very strange that he points the finger primarily to Iraqi opposition groups. Once Kelly’s name was leaked, was there nobody watching him? Keeping tabs on him in case he was going to leak something else or have a dossier of proof stashed away for a rainy day? It seems highly likely to me that he would have been under surveilance. Wouldn’t the government have thought of him as a national security threat – a man of kis knowledge and expertise. Then how did ‘Mr. Bakers’ Iraqi opposition groups get to know where Kelly was. How come there was no intelligence that suggested these opposition groups were out to get Kelly. These groups were being wined and dined by the likes of Bush etc. Their groups would have full of snitches, they were in the pocket of the USUK for pity’s sake.

And what of the complete ineffectualness of Bakers report? Where are the police arrests, or even requests for suspects/key players to submit statements to the police? Nothing! Not one peep!

The strange details of the coroners report of arteries cut which are very rare indeed as having caused death. Then the pathological reports of the pharmalogical involvement in his supposed suicide. One could be forgiven that ‘alarm bells’ such as these are deliberately there to make people think he was murdered and didn’t commit suicide – i.e. you will still think he is dead.

Even if Kelly had genuinely made the ‘sexed up’ claims to Gilligan, it’s not that beyond possibility that they would still have a need for Kelly’s expertise. By many accounts Kelly was a major ‘warfare’ player behind the scenes. Maybe he is too valuable to murder.

Is Dr. David Kelly in fact still alive and that his family know this? Is that why they arn’t persuing things? Was his death was faked? Is it that Coroners didn’t in fact examine the body of Kelly but make up a loak of bunkum as to how Kelly died, or someone elses body was put there instead?

If Kelly is  alive, we need to ask: why was his death faked?

It has already been mentioned that his expertise was highly valuable. There may be operational advantages to people believing Kelly is dead.

I wonder.

A Doctor Speaks – The Zionist corruption of Medicine, and the Science and Politics of Cancer


Long title I know, but necessary.

It comes from the blog of Dr. Maxtor please read it on his site. There’s even a brief talk by G. Edward Griffin (wiki), founder of the Cancer Cure Foundation, bout the Science and Poltics of Cancer (2005). Dr. M also gives you a link to download an e-book “Murder by Injection”

Cheers Dr. M

Commentary: A number of people in my lifetime (before scepticism of the official world around us became as large as it is today), have commented on the near total drug based nature of the western health system. Yes the body functions via chemical soup, but the overwhelming emphasis is on cure, NOT prevention. Why? It’s simple, and it’s what G. Edward Griffin identified: That far greater amounts of money are made from ‘cure’, not prevention. After all, who when healthy actually thinks much about their health?

 pushers of pharmacological dominance within western medicine

Do you remember watching some Hollywood production (e.g. cowboy movie) where some ‘quack’ was selling medicine from a bottle. Do you remember that person being ridiculed, portrayed as a drunk perhaps or a simple con man. Why is that I wonder? Is it because there probably were people selling rubbish as a cure?, or was it a deliberate attempt to take the opportunity to steer people away from taking independent medical treatments? When you look at who ‘owns Hollywood’ and the significant  players in the pharmaceutical industry, then you may think like me; that it was indeed a pot-shot at non-establishment medical pactitioning. Not convinced? May I remind you that they place sexual imagery in children’s cartoons, so why wouldn’t they do something more subtle and less serious?  Also these days, they prolifically employ a host of ‘subconscious’ advertisings in movies. In fact, calling a movie ‘an extended commercial’ is probably pretty close to the mark.


Critics of the medical establishment (such as anti-vaccine campaigners) have identified something rotten within the health/pharma system without ever talking about Zionism. Now that the suggestion has been made that Zionism has touched upon the medical profession for a LONG time now, (Read Dr. Maxtors blog) it comes as no surprise as to why it has a foul smell about it. If you understand what Zionism is, you understand why.


Zionism originated in Hebrew history, when man twisted theological teachings to gain earthly power for himself. It rooted itself in Judaism but branched out into Christianity and Islam, communism, secularism and even I would argue to a degree, in formal ‘liberalism’.


The essence of Zionism is SUPREMACY. The Talmud is said to contain a number of examples of this in which it can be put into practice. Many ways are horrific. All this from the false belief that God’s favouritism to the Hebrews at the time, meant they have carte blanche to do what they like, and that favour will never be revoked. How damn wrong. Damn damn wrong!


According to the perverted belief, Goym are there to be exploited, like animals. poisoned, cheated, lied to, killed and raped. For those who listen to the rotten Talmudic teachings (the writings of men, not God) which distorts and contorts the beautiful religion of Judaism, and a number of dear brother Jews know of these perversions and fiercely reject them.


So vaccines, pharmaceuticals, are merely an extension of usury (Riba) to exploit and reap the fruits the Goym produce. Natural compounds are trashed as there is little or no exploit potential inherent in them. And the system is rigged to disallow for the possibility of a non-profit making solution to health (or anything else for that matter!) to become established.


Supremacists who look at others as on par with animals feel no qualms about any deterioration in you heath from consuming their poison, in fact they probably get a kick out of it – especially if you glorify Jesus (Isa) or understand God through the teachings of Muhammad (saw). Both of prophets the Zionists intensely hate, because Jesus and Muhammad (saw) knew very well the corruption the monotheistic faith. Jesus and Muhammad(saw) both fiercely rejected Zionist traits.


Much of the food we eat today is rubbish. Some of the food I eat is rubbish – I know that!, but find it v. difficult to resist it. But internally, I am confident that healthy eating (inc clean water) and pollution avoidance is perhaps THE secret to health.


I think the Chinese have an excellent approach to health. Chinese medicine has grown over thousands of years. (many other cultures have lost their particular knowledge about natural treatments) I would say modernisation has corrupted Chinese medicine to a small degree, but I believe there is a strong basis pertaining to benefical medicinal practice with Chinese medicine.

Western concepts of medicine are far too commercialised.


Please watch ALL the parts of the talk by G. Edward Griffin. I’ve posted the URL’s to the videos in the comments section of Dr. Maxtors blog.



I will end now, wishing to address one more point: In a quotation by Samuel Epstein, M.D., Professor emeritus of Environmental Medicine, U. of Illinois in the documentary ‘The Corporation’ {about which I am currently editing a draughting – it reveals a disgraceful $cience ethic by Monsanto}, he said 50% of people get cancer in their lifetime. I want to point out a chemical deficiency in the body is only one potential source of cancer. Sadly the millions of tones of radio active fallout containing hazardous radio nuclear isotopes from nuclear weapons tests and nuclear accidents (actual accidents as well as deliberate discharges) I imagine (no stats, sorry boys) contributes very much to the cancer rates we see today in people and also from the effects of man made pollution. The protein enzyme that releases the cyano group from Amygdalin seem likely to me NOT to address these cancers. Maybe I’m wrong; I’m speaking from intuition.





I’d be an MP for minimum wage. Beat that you greedy pigs!

It seems like you blog is only good if you start discussing or referencing some newspaper like the Guardian, Independent or blah blah blah is going on about. Nafeez Ahmads ‘The London Bombings’ book did that spectacularly. Using newspaper articles and British Intelligence ‘sources’ as unquestionable veracity, to push the some weird line that somehow the 7/7 narrative is true and that the security services allowed some people with terrorist intent to go unchecked because they wanted to gain intelligence about them.


No. I’m not trying to become a ‘noticed political blogger’ – I don’t care about the horse-crap that goes on tinkering a rotten system, but I did leave a comment on TheTimesOnline concerning an article about MP’s pay.

Bloggers prone to sneering, will look at the title of this blog and nod with Daniel Finkelstein’s argument. That I wouldn’t agree to pledge allegiance to the nasty kween, or follow a party agenda or enter politics for personal gain won’t matter to them. They just want a wee tinker of the system Imagining that somehow all will be rosy in the filth pool British politics has become.

If you want better secualr politics (which will ALWAYS be problematical) Parties should be banned, and ‘ordinary’ people should be encouraged into the commons.


Here’s my comment.

I disagree with your argument. One reason is that with expenses, they already earn a very tidy sum, indeed – perhaps more than a head teacher, depending on what level of expense manipulation they partake of.

Secondly, in jumping to the cabinet from the backbenches, which involves a hefty jump in salary. This would, when in application of the logic of your argument, produce the best ministers in the cabinet, but it seems quite the opposite. The cabinet seems to be the ‘Big Top’ of parliament with clowns and strange animals and ‘midget bearded ladies’. On rare occasions where an MP is brought into cabinet for their passion/expertise, (Frank Field? – Social Sector) does it last? Or does ‘party agenda’ as well as PM, CoE, FM interferences mean if those concerns/loyalties are not catered for, the minister – no matter their skill, knowledge and passion have their job made impossible.

I don’t actually believe in the current political system, but if I had to change the remuneration aspect of it, I would make MP’s get minimum wage, be disallowed from having a second job, be given (temporary) government owned housing of a reasonable standard provided, kids schooling, travel provided and secretarial services provided by a commons pool of professionals. They should also be scrutinized after they leave Parliament if they take up a job at a firm which benefited from them previously being an MP.

The voters can see perfectly well if a candidate will be ‘professional enough’ or have a specific passionate interest to decide whether they should be sent to parliament or not. You don’t say it, but you imply it that any old riff-raff will get in if the pay is low.



Just now I could hear the sound of some drums banging away on the TV, and hey presto, the old classic Tarzan featuring Johnny Weismuller (the BEST ever Tarzan) came into my mind.

The BEST Tarzan - Johnny Weissmuller c1942

And it happened yesterday as well when I was looking at some tree with vines dangling from it. Irresistibly, I grabbed a hold of it and imagined myself swinging through the jungle just like Johnny did, and even though this vine was only about 4mm thick, it didn’t snap off when I increased my pull on it. Damn tough those vines!

The BEST Tarzan - Johnny Weissmuller pic2 c1942

Who can forget the all encompassing word ‘Ungawa’ which Tarzan uttered to every animal. Who can forget the fights with the gigantic crocodiles, or the huge lions, or Cheeta’s antics. Even Jane and ‘boy’ when introduced added superbly to the programs.

But I wonder if it displayed racism? The tarzan programs and movies were made in pre-Rosa Parks America. The jungle tribes people were often portrayed as ‘savages’ with no particular respect for human life, On the other hand the white explorers who came into the jungle were correctly portrayed as imperialists who killed the natives with ease also. The whites also were occasionally in the jungle for plunder. e.g. Ivory from the elephants graveyard. Interesting how in 1940’s America the elements of the conservation movement can be seen.

These days in regards to TV programs and movies, you get a lot of people pointing out various embedded symbolology and ‘hidden codes’, but it seems to me these things are put in deliberately because they want people to spot it to generate some controversy for the sake of publicity. The Matrix was clever in this respect. But if you look back at older movies and programs pre-internet, when things like the illuminati were largely unknown and freemasonry was looked upon as some kind of weird adult ‘schoolboy’ private club thing, then it’s doubtful if any such ‘secret society’ symbols were included deliberately. This is definitely the case for sexual imagery embedded in kiddies cartoons etc.

It would be interesting to see if the programs I adored as a kid contained these images. Now that I’m aware of then they should be quite easy to spot. the racism one in Tarzan seems rather neutral, but I wonder if there is any other symbology. I don’t think there was in Tarzan. It seems from memory to be a wholly innocent entertainment program.

Must get a copy of them.


Man, just remembered Google… Found this:

Tarzan The Ape Man – Original Trailer 1932:


Those stunts and acrobatics! – Bloody hell! There amazing! Perfect examples of the usefullness of the excalmation mark! And that aeroplane crash – this was before remote control. Some dude must hae been piloting that plane and crashing it. Holy smoke!

– enjoy

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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