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We’ll track down song singers say British police.

Atheonews ( reports a celebration in scotland to honour its dirty murderers, sanitizingly known as the British armed forces.

June 28, 2009
Republican protesters disrupt soldiers’ parade
By Mark Townsend
The Observer, Sunday 28 June 2009

Violent protests that disrupted a parade in Glasgow to acknowledge the courage of the country’s troops were last night condemned as “sickening” by Scottish secretary Jim Murphy. Murphy however failed to even think of a word to describe the deaths of thousands upon thousnds killed by British forces in almost 8 years of illigitimate war, but who cares – there Afghani’s after all.

Trouble flared when the march was hijacked by an Irish republican group chanting sectarian songs. Scotland’s inaugural Armed Forces Day parade was being led by veterans’ associations and was conceived in part to pay tribute to soldiers of the Black Watch, who last night were embroiled in a dangerous operation to recapture Taliban-held territory in Helmand province. Not that the British news corporate news informed us that the Brits had actually lost that terrority in the first place! Never mind, Ignorance is strength as they say.

The protestors are understood to have started chanting while a service was taking place in George Square yesterday afternoon. As fighting broke out shortly after midday, police took 12 men and a woman, all aged between 20 and 30, into custody. None of which were the ones who attacked and violently assaulted the singing protestors, but so what, GBH and ABH are legitimate responses if you decide so when people sing. A 24-year-old man received a head injury in the fighting and was last night receiving treatment in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The city’s George Street was later closed off following exchanges between parade supporters and protestors. The street would have been left open to celebrate and drink the simulated blood of Afghani kids if only it wasn’t for those damn protestors.

Police promised a “thorough investigation” into those suspected of organising the protest. Yeah. We’ll even call in out child porn implant team and our specialist fingerprint team. Strathclyde assistant chief constable George Hamilton said the behaviour of protestors was “despicable and completely unacceptable” and vowed to track down all those involved. Yes, how dare people sing, and how dare they protest against the gloroious British Imperial army illuminating the  primitive savage s in the dark corners of the world.

Murphy said: “These people may be able to make minor disruptions to a significant and serious event such as Armed Forces Day, but my message to them today is that they cannot win. Hurrah!!!

“They stand against every value the veterans we celebrated today fought – and died – for [Exactly, veterans have almost always fought illigitimate wars amd massacred countless numbers of meek and frail people. How dare these singers challenge our Britihs tradition]  and must know that the majority of Scotland has no time or patience for their vile views. Sectarianism has no place in a modern and confident Scottish society.” He said shortly before driving off to Ibrox.

Glasgow city council leader Steven Purcell also criticised the protests, saying: “This event honoured thousands of men and women who risked and gave their lives in defence of democracy in this country. Yes! Those terrible Afghani kids, I’m sick of them attacking our way of life and corroding our British civic society. Support our troops who do such a good job killing them. Disrupting that is beneath contempt and anyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.” Exactly! We must be allowd to kill without cause reason or conscience, anything else just isn’t cricket, rugby and haggis tossing.

About 200 events, from parades to concerts, took place around the country. The Queen and the Prince of Wales sent messages highlighting the UK’s “deep and enduring gratitude” to its past and present soldiers, sailors and airmen. The Queen met members of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in Edinburgh. God bless you maam. Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves… Doesn’t she do a marvellous job?

About 30,000 people turned out in Chatham, Kent for a national event marking the day. The official party included Gordon Brown and his wife, Sarah, the Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, and Defence Minister Kevan Jones. Hurrah and hip hip hurray, how the villiant rise!

“I think the courage of our forces in Afghanistan and the courage shown by the veterans here today … is something of which we are extremely proud,” the prime minister said. “Their service will never be forgotten.” Yes. Those savage Afghani husbands wives and kids will long remember the excruciating pain of proudly British made ordiance piercing their way through their bodies and seeing their familes bodies in pieces before their eyes. That will certainly never forget that.

Orifa, an Afghani lady talking about a US bombing of her mud house which killed 8 of her family:

 “I saw his head was covered… his chest was broken and his hand was in pieces. One daughters flesh was stuck to the door, we collected the flesh in plastic bags. Anothers head was bandaged and you could see her face but her back was missing. One daughters neck was broken. She was almost headless.”

kween elizardbeth

Breaking The Silence – Truth and Lies in the War on Terror (HQ) – 51m 50s.flv



British idiot.

David Miliband, who has nothing whatsoever to do with Zionism and has no anti-Iran feelings at all, has “demanded” Iran release staff at its Tehran embassy, who were arrested on Saturday.


he’ll get the BBC to write bad stories about Iran, put sanctions on Iran, not interfere aganst an initial Israyhelli strike against Iran, send British seamen into Iranian waters for propaganda, work with US intelligence in it’s efforts to make propaganda against Iran and advise the US on how to make use of its hundred million dollar budget to destablisise Iran.


David 'four fours are' Miliband

David 'will they ask us to spell foreign secretary the GCSE's this year' Miliband

David 'wishful thinker' Miliband

Dave 'I've finally found the cheapest lay in town' Miliband

David blah blah Miliband

David 'peaoww peaoww' Miliband

David just you wait till the sun goes down Miliband

a horses penis looking a bit like a banana






Jokes about dead people or events involving the death of people.

Yes I’m guilty, as recent blog posts (used to) tell. Generally I feel a range of emotions from dislike to strong disgust, when jokes are made about people passing away or events involving the death of people. The tsunami jokes I felt were sick. But over the last few days I didn’t feel the same way about Michael Jackson. Perhaps ‘cos somehow I’m prone to believing he wasn’t on the whole a nice person. The child abuse allegations are already mentioned a million times, but he seemed to revel in people ‘worshiping’ him – certainly he didn’t discourage it.

Millions of people around the world got well suckered into consumerism and distraction from things that really matter and Jacksons affair with the media went as far as doing something as utterly stupid as dangling ‘his’ baby boy over a hotel balcony.

Back to jokes…

15 mins ago I was going to put up a MJ joke here that made me laugh. But in composing this post, I’ve realised it was wrong in respect of my own moral standard to make fun of his death.

So Instead, I’ll put some neutral jokes instead.

A friend of mine in the parachute regiment has been stationed in Switzerland for the last 2 years. He has recently married a local girl who can wash up with 1 hand, cook with the other, dust with a foot while massaging his shoulders. She opens a beer with her teeth – she’s a Swiss army wife!

An Welshmen, Irishman and a Scotsman are mugging an Englishman. The Englishman puts up one hell of a fight, but eventually get pinned down by the Scotsman and Irishman. The Welshman goes through the Englishmans pocket finding only 40p. “You put that that fight over just 40p” said the Welshman. “No” said the Englishman, “I thought you were after the the £500 hidden in my shoe”.



Loons of a third kind.

Do de do da daaaa.

(one of the most diappointing movies ever. Whadya expect, it’s Spielberg, but it could and should have been so good)

There’s loons, loons, and now, loons of third kind.

Fear not fellow loons, the conspiracy theorists under watch in loonwatch are of the Islamophobe kind.

Michael Jackson – the Inside Story

I’m deleting this post as I’m feeling I did something wrong.

The MP Expenses Song

“The MP Expenses Song” a Song by the Corrigan Brothers

The official campaign song of Mr. Craig Murray, parliamentary candidate for the Norwich North seat.

At last, proof of global warming!

I’m also deleting this post. On reflection, it’s not my place to make light of certain things. Sorry for any offence caused.

Last night I had the strangest dream

by John Denver

Freedom of thought and speech on Iran

A researcher friend of mine asked me of the current Iran situation. I passed on my thoughts and I asked him for his.

This is what he said:

There is an authentic hadith that states the antichrist will fight alongside the Kharijites against Muslims. I have authentic proof that todays Shi’ites are decendants of the Kharijites. You can surf I believe Ahmadinejad won by fraud and by hidden hand of the antichrist.

 The landslide victory of Ahmadinejad has been planned carefully by those behind the scene to pave the way for the antichrist to emerge on the iranian scene and later globally. Our prophet (Muhammad s.a.w.)  said that the antichrist will appear in Isfahan, Iran with 70 thousand Jews wearing persian shawls.

I believe many of Mousavi’s supporters are sincere people seeking some freedom and justice albeit being Shi’ites.

Prof Ratford in analyzing predicions of Nostradamus predicted that the antichrist will first take over iran after the occurance of a civil war and assassination of the iranian president loyal to the ayatollah. Ratford stated that Nostradamus came across Muslim scripts, in my view probably hadiths, during his travel to Muslim lands.


My current belief is that the world will be in perpetual pain, turmoil and war. Imam Mahdi(Mehdi) will come from Mecca, the antichrist will  emerge,  sitting in Jerusalem (ethnically cleansed of Palestinians by Zionists with smidgeons of  genocide) eventually declaring himself to be God. The Mahdi will militarily oppose the antichrist. The antichrist will try and hunt down the Mahdi. Then Jesus(Isa) will descend to earth and kill the antichrist. Gog and Magog, previously undefeatable, will perish.  Jesus once again preaches Gods message and leads an Islamic(Islam=the religion of peaceful) world full of Muslims(those who submit to the will of God).

Given that belief, which is fascinating, I’m on the look out for such things. And I know people have long looked at their times and decided the end times were upon them, but I hold that view of now for the reasons listed below:


  1. One can say the world has truly interconnected. In military terms, huge numbers of troops from one side of the world can reach the other side in about a day. Huge powerful equipment can arrive after a month or two from virtually anywhere, ICBM’s can strike anywhere on the planet in less than an hour.
  2. There are US military bases all over the world.
  3. True global power is concentrated in the hands of a few.
  4. The bizarre appearance of the Zionist entity known as Israyhell and the obliteration of peoples consciousness to oppose this.
  5. The global media support the War OF Terror (differences between countries on other issues are fairly trivial).
  6. The global financial system is interconnected (dollar, and perhaps soon SDR’s) with fraudulent money.
  7. The radioactive pollution and other pollution (CO2 is largely irrelevant!) accumulation is far too much and dangerous.
  8. GM food seems unstoppable, and other dangerous genetic developments are being thrown upon the masses.
  9. Western society is increasingly departing from benevolence via Divine scripture.
  10. Western law is bankrupt and up for sale.
  11. Peak oil is a dawning reality.
  12. The earths magnetic field is weakening (may cause terrible suffering when the Sun reaches a peak of activity)
  13. NeoDarwinism is rampant.
  14. Land ownership is not in the hands of the people.
  15. Homosexuality is freely proselytized and increasingly practiced.
  16. Islam is increasingly infected with what is surely riba based financial fraud.
  17. Muslims are silent on the murder, torture and oppression of their fellow Muslims.
  18. Traditional Muslim teaching is under attack to reformists, essentially re-scripters.
  19. The Hijaz is essentially controlled by a USUKZ puppet.
  20. Godlessness and lawlessness is endemic in human society.
  21. Mass “vaccinations” are commonplace.
  22. What I suspect are Human engineered virus’s (even if only misguided attempts to try and make a quick buck)

These issues simply didn’t exist say 100 years ago.

But Iran… Well if the interpretation of my friend is correct i.e. the Iranian element  of the antichrist,  then of course I can’t argue {if he’s correct remember, Jews in persian shawls could mean many things}. However, I must study the interpretation properly however before accepting it as I don’t see the NEED for Iran to play a necessary part in the end times.

The USUKZ is already in a position to herald the arrival of the antichrist. As for thermo nuclear weaponry, to me it increasingly seems like states with nuclear weapons is a ‘badge’ signifying NWO compliancy. US, UK, Russia, France, China, IndiaPak, Israyhell. The purported Pakistani ‘Muslim bomb’ is so laughable and displays an level of ignorance of Pakistani power elite and the history of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons development program that really I’d advise you don’t read this blog ever again. Nuclear weapon proliferation is to maintain the geopolitical status quo in terms of supporting the conditions necessary to bring about the emergence of the antichrist. All countries which have these weapons will NEVER under radical structural/societal change. Only when the antichrist is defeated will these countries have populations ruled by those who submit to God.

Iran Falls to US ops and PSYOPS

It’s hard to count a country that uses fiat riba based money as a Muslim country. As such I have difficulty in calling most countries including Iran “Islamic”. Islamish is perhaps a more valid term. It seems to me the religious leaders in Iran Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei and the Guardian Council/Expediency council as well to some degree the Majlis, believe they are a very Islamic country.

If they feel under threat, as they ARE, then one is hard pressed to disagree with them stopping their country, like Venezuela, being hijacked by a dirty elite, against the interests of the majority of (poor)people in the country.

However shooting people is NOT the answer – especially as it appreas these people were in essence doing nothing. In fact what happened is just as atrocious as what Dirty old Sam or buggery Britannia would do – state killing and summary (in)justice. The shooters doing these crimes should be punished according to the shariah for what they have done . Such murderous actions by the fascist regeime on my own streets in the UK enrages me, it cannot be allowed to have a different effect in this case – where ordinary civilians are being killed.

Shame. The USUKZ Ziofreaks must be dancing for joy. – Warning! Extemely graphic!  Murder On The Streets Of Tehran – At 19:05 June 20th

I’ll leave this post now with a link to an other article that appears on ICH:

Iran Falls to US PSYOPS

By Paul Craig Roberts

President Obama called on the Iranian government to allow protesters to control the streets in Tehran. Would Obama or any US president allow protesters to control the streets in Washington, D.C.? Continue

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