Update on the case for Blairs War Crimes Prosecution

I admire Chris Coverdale for the effort he and others have done in trying to get Tony Blair to trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Blair has killed millions of people and is the filth that sadly all too often has manefested itself in this world.

Chris revealed Tony Blair had infact violated international treaties. Read about it here on The Antagonists Blog: Anything that Defies My Sense of Reason. The specific article is here:

Sadly, Chris communicated to me that:

“The criminal investigation of Blair, Straw, Brown, Hoon, Goldsmith and others for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes under the International Criminal Court Act 2001 has been finally binned by the DPP and the Met Police without good reason. Unfortunately there are NO uncorrupted law enforcement authorities in Britain willing to uphold and enforce the law. [If anyone can find one please do let me know.] Our next action is to approach the ICC again to get them to start criminal proceedings in The Hague. I have just produced a report ‘Accounting for Genocide’ which can be found on our web-site makewarshistory.org.uk It is an indictment of all our leaders [MPs, Peers, the Queen and all the rest of the genocidal maniacs running Britain] for their part in the genocide of the Iraqi and Afghan people. Please use any of it in any way you can to get one of our leaders into court to answer for their crimes”

So, it’s off the ICC. I told Chris (who probably already knew) about Spanish judge Baltazar Garzon who is chasing Bush and his coven of merciless killers so that hopefully ‘tean Chris’ and ‘Team Baltazar’ can combine forces to jail these ghouls (and possibly give them the death penalty – a sentence BuS and bLair proudly pronounce upon others).

It is immensely disappointing that the establishment hasn’t the integrity to Bring bLiar to book but hopefully(hoping against hope) the ICC will pursue the matter. It shows how live and kicking British Imperialism is, and how rotten the administrations of these countries truly are.

The people of the world have suffered far too long. It’s way past time for us to enter a period of history where we no longer have these ruthless maniacs shedding other peoples blood. Lets try and make an effort to achieve that. What do you say?

Please go to Chris’s site:  http://www.makewarshistory.org.uk/ and try to make wars a thing of the past, even if we fail – It’s the moral thing to do.

Chris has a number of videos on googlevideo and youtube. Search under ‘Chris Coverdale’





2 Responses to “Update on the case for Blairs War Crimes Prosecution”

  1. 1 Edo June 3, 2009 at 6:44 am

    Hi Mate,

    If we’re not surprised that no legal entity will uphold the law (and I am not surprised), maybe the idea of bringing to justice these war criminals is a lot of wasted energy. I know and understand what you mean about it being the moral thing to do, but wonder if giving my energy to such action is worthwhile.

    I really don’t know what will bring forth leadership that has integrity, compassion, understanding and above all empathy. I can’t think of a time, with maybe the exception of the likes of Ghandi and maybe Mandella when a popular leader displayed some of these characteristics.

    We need to get at the infrastructure that’s holding these people in power, in my mind, that isn’t political, or even legal. It’s the brainwashing box in the corner of people’s living rooms. It’s the newspaper in their hands. Take those two things away and people will start, slowly, to see that their reality is actually somewhat different than they imagined. Then there’s scope for real change.

    Look as us. Two people from widely different cultural backgrounds, with lots of differing opinion on lots of things, but through the power of the internet, blogging etc, we have also found lots of common ground too. This is a cause for celebration as:

    a: it’s very real, worthwhile, and positive
    b: hasn’t been brought about the MSM

    Keep influencing, keep positive, make the system work for you by darting in and out of it for YOUR needs, not those of the system.

    Oh, and regarding your last post about fear. I’m sure you know this already, but fear is the greatest manipulator of them all. Humans are born with only two innate fears; that of falling, and that of loud noises. All other types of fears and phobias are instilled by social conditioning. Parental behaviour, schooling, religion, tv, films, peer pressure, propaganda. Some of this is cultural and benign, some of it is isn’t. Fear is a very real negative energy that can empower those responsible for creating it. Not being afraid is a state of mind, but also an excellent defence mechanism.



    • 2 lwtc247 June 4, 2009 at 1:50 am

      @ Edo.

      It appears as if those pursuing BuSh bLiar are wasting energy but we must try if only to discourage other potential bLiars. And also it may just happen one day that they do get prosecuted.

      Pinochet, Taylor, Miloshovich, and to a point Nicolau Chauchescu etc show that Leaders can be subject to trial or justice (albeit summary justice). Yes, international justice/law is heavily politicized but the genie has been let out of the bottle.

      Baltazar Garzon may, just maybe can succeed. If he didn’t simply because he didn’t have popular support then that would be to our eternal shame.

      So please believe me, your energy is VERY worthwhile indeed!

      The Peasants’ Revolt (1381) is always an inspirational showcase of potential, even though the royalists, true to form, the royalist scum kilted Wat Tyler while pretending to negotiate terms of surrender to him. More recent times we can look at Thatcher’s poll tax? too many simply refused to pay. It collapsed.

      A bit like struggle against the NWO (or my pet hate Zionism) we must never surrender (like the Palestinians will never surrender)

      I’d agree the brainwashing element is of the most significance but we must also address the other related issues too, not least because we might lose the internet at any point. I remember when just a few cables were severed a couple fo years ago. The net almost ground to a halt. ‘They’ could easily flood other the remaining open channels if they so desired. That’s also important why resistance groups should also know each other physically and not just over the net.

      “Keep influencing, keep positive, make the system work for you by darting in and out of it for YOUR needs, not those of the system.” – We can say this of the legal system too.

      “Humans are born with only two innate fears; that of falling, and that of loud noises.” – can we add creepy crawlies running towards us and flies/wasps buzzing in front of our faces? social conditioning e.g. Al Quaed bogeyman, yes. I pretty much agree with the rest of what you say about fear.

      It’s not for me to dictate what avenues of resistance anyone should pursue. ALL resistance is good, and the individual diversity of resistance we display is a strength.

      Ok. Must dash now.

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