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Name that tune in 24

I need your help to get a name for work  of … I guess you’d have to call it classical music. It’s been on my brain for a while.

Just like Wagners Tannhauser Overture (first movement) did, looping around in my head devoid of a name. I suspected it was by Wagner but wasn’t entirely sure. I wondered through hours of classical works trying to find it. Eventually I got my hands on some Wagner and felt the trail getting close and bingo I found it.

On Youtube you can get a few versions of the piece, like the one conducted by Zubin Mehta with the New York Philharmonc, Rene Leibowitz with the Royal Philharmonic from 1962 and even Toscanini apparently from 1948!!!



 But actually it’s use here is pretty damn good too…

and is probably the best use of the somewhat overreated Valkyries.

I cannot leave this out either:

I know, I’m getting carried away, but that guy kinda represents my musical abilities so the only clue I can give as to the identity of the piece I’m looking for is this:   (C, D#, G) * 4, (D, F, G#) * 4…

To me it sounded a bit like Chopan (whether it is or not I don’t know), and so I tried to trial and error (again) my way through Chopan’s works (and he’s got tonnes! of stuff!!) but I couldn’t find it. One thing that I found which knocked me for six was this video posted a couple of weeks ago.

Valerie Kim (11) 2009 May 16th playing Chopin – Fantasie Impromptu.

I mean holy moley! The girl’s 11 years old! Tony Chong on al Jazeera a few months back (at least I think it was TC) said China had 15 million classical violin players and millions (literally) of them are top class vilionists who practice almost every hour in the day. If true, that’s absolutely amazing!

Getting carried away again.

If anyone could suggest a name I’d be grateful. P.S. I think it was also used as the opening theme tune for the computer game “Imperium” which a quick scan on the web reveals it was by Electronic Arts and came out in 1990.

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