Go for it Craig

Craig Murray is standing for Parliament.

This from his blog post.

Muslims like me are in a bit of a dilemma. There will be some policies and things Craig supports and will do as an MP (e.g. swear allegiance to the kween – elizardbeth regina II – a cold blooded killer) which are in opposition to my religious faith.

Should I not support him then?

I used to support George Galloway. However his daft continual conflation of Zionism with Judaism, and his pro-homosexuality stance (with regard to traditional faith based understanding of homosexuality) turned me off George. George has done wonders to help the Palestinian people, but from a faith perspective, his stance on homosexuality is wrong.

Craig murray is a libertarian. I pretty much suspect he too will be of a similar p.o.v. to Galloway. Before tempestuousness gets the better of you, I reject homosexuality because I believe that’s what God has decreed. I ain’t gonna argue against God, and submission to God’s will (despite my painful flaws and weaknesses) is a conclusion I’ve reached from thinking about life for many years already.

So is it wrong to support Murray?

Some Muslims argue that Yuseff (Joseph) worked for the Firaoun(pharaoh) so to engage in a non Islamic system of governship is ok, but people who state that are deadly silent when it comes to something like this “If an MP is elected to power due to our votes, and he then votes to (further) liberalise the gay laws, when aren’t we complicit in that? The same would be true of banking/interest and so on.

So while Mr. Murrary stands shoulders about the utterly appalling  bunch of killers and swine in the commons, is it OK to vote for him.

I bet if I ask some scholars they will say yes, yet if I ask other scholars they will say no. I can’t resolve the issue myself.


2 Responses to “Go for it Craig”

  1. 1 steph June 12, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Galloway can’t be faulted on his anti-Zionist credentials but he is Old Labour trade unionist through and through. He’s anti free speech and in favour of the socialist superstate. What he’s not in favour of is meaningful change and I doubt Murray will be either. What will a handful of independents and fringe party MPs achieve? What would be better is a candidate standing on a non of the above platform given an election commitment not to cast any votes in Parliament.

  2. 2 lwtc247 June 12, 2009 at 11:38 am

    (it worked!)

    Hodo Steph.

    “Galloway can’t be faulted on his anti-Zionist credentials but he is Old Labour trade unionist through and through. He’s anti free speech and in favour of the socialist superstate. What he’s not in favour of is meaningful change” – thats pretty much how I read him, but he has a very nasty habit of transposing peoples converns about Zionism into Judaisn quickly followed by him disishing out accusations of anti-semitism – if the initial anti-Zion angle is different from his.

    Craig I am sure will do all he can to clean up the system, but (as you say) will still leave ‘the system’ in place. Band-aid politics. Like GG I respect the guy and his political honesty is monumental as his valliant quest against torture.

    “handful of independents and fringe party..”. This is a HUGE problem. In a system in which force of numbers counts, Independents and whipless groups surely cannot survive. Plus, the majority of Brits are frankly politically retarded, such is their deep entrenchment in NeoLab, Con and Lib. Even when Lab advances corporatism further than what Thatcher did, and one could argue, ZanuLabour (lol) are generally more right-ist. It’s worse in the states where they don’t even pretend to offer a third choice.

    But tptb would be happy if the ‘none of the above’ constantly abstained. The silly electorate would also not understand or be ready for such a move I think.

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