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Lets make this $134bn story reach 134bn people.

Update1: Stopress!!! Wise owls on StefZ’s site are drawing attention to the possibility this is a scam. Please follow the link below for details…

Update2: Max Keizer gives it a mention here: GERALD CELENTE 1 OF 4 ON THE EDGE WITH MAX KEISER JUNE 19, 2009]


Yes, lets make it viral.

“The Italian financial police had two Japanese caught in the false bottom suitcase billion-dollar bonds”source

The number seems rather too high for me (a proverbial sore thumb) but hey, with a financial system created purely for the purpose of scamming people, who’s to say either way. Thanks to anon on “Stef, famous for 15 Megapizels” for this. 

Den and Maggie

Dennis ‘the eye(brow)s have it” Healey and Maggie Snatcher are good friends now.

Dennis Healey and Margaret Thatcher on a particularly bad hair day

“He said his personal relationship with Lady Thatcher, who is being treated for a broken arm, had been transformed: “It has changed very much because she has changed.”source

Yeah Den, she’s lost her mind. Not hard to like her now huh. Den continues

“I thought she was frankly appalling as prime minister, because she wouldn’t listen to anybody who didn’t share her views.”

So bLiar’s emulation of Mrs. T was deeper than thought.



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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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