Lets make this $134bn story reach 134bn people.

Update1: Stopress!!! Wise owls on StefZ’s site are drawing attention to the possibility this is a scam. Please follow the link below for details…

Update2: Max Keizer gives it a mention here: GERALD CELENTE 1 OF 4 ON THE EDGE WITH MAX KEISER JUNE 19, 2009   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4f_W9ky014]


Yes, lets make it viral.

“The Italian financial police had two Japanese caught in the false bottom suitcase billion-dollar bonds”source

The number seems rather too high for me (a proverbial sore thumb) but hey, with a financial system created purely for the purpose of scamming people, who’s to say either way. Thanks to anon on “Stef, famous for 15 Megapizels” for this. 

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