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More escapism

The political guff of this wretched world is not lessening. I dont think it ever will. It’s damn depressing at times.

It was with some joy then that in the process of doing something else, I stumbled across some light relief – things that used to crack me up when I was younger. Benny Hill chase scenes, in particular, the car crash bit in the one featured below.

Hungry for more mind numbing escapism, I also stumbled upon the ‘Return of the Saint’. Me and my sister used to be in stitches, laughing at the white stick man doing these things – especially when he knocked that bloke emerging from the door, on to the floor. I more than suspect it was the casual movement of the whitestick man that managed to bring that geezer down that initially sparked out literally ‘rolling on the floor laughing’ sessions.

But sadly rewatching it, it hilarity of it las largely vapourised unlike Benny Hill.

Oh that innocence, with its  illusory comfort.

Benny Hill (RIP)

Return of the Saint


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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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