A question of conspiraloonacy

The land of the loon is often one filled with hills and valleys. Take these hills:

  • If Bush and Kerry were both Skull and Bones / NWO, then why the need to rig the votes?
  • If in anti-AGW discourse, CO2 was dismissed as being responsible for global warning, citing NASA data saying the other planets also warmed (therefore pointing the index finger to the Sun) then why now are anti-AGW’s saying the Sun’s unusual lack of ativity is causing terrestrial global cooling?
  • If the elite want 500m global population, why did they let it get so big in the first place?
  • Why are NWO conspiracies raised only when famous people die (e.g David Carradine) and not when some the old biddy down the street passes away?
  • If boom and bust is NWO driven, why give us the boom in the first place only to take it away from us later?
  • Why are GM crops being allowed to contaminate the worlds natural flora when the elite are ultimately likely to end up eating it?
  • If the moon landings were fake, why bother in creating a race to the moon in the first place.

If you were a key player in a global conspiracy, what would you do to keep your tracks covered?

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